Storey County Lincoln Day Breakfast – Featuring AG Adam Laxalt

Virginia City 2015 Lincoln Day2 Read more ›

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Commentary – Color me gray

Nevada state flag 1


While I may disagree on some details relating to some issues, I really am not having any major problems with the Republican legislative agenda and the unusually efficient manner Republicans are addressing them in this session (Construction defect reform, Prevailing wage; Voter ID, et al); however, when it comes to any and all actions and debate relating to budget issues,  I am having a terrible time trying to figure where I stand in this moderate vs conservative, name-calling, threat filled, no compromise Republican legislative budget debate Read more ›

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Letter – Mine influences Silver City resident to move business from Lyon County

Mining - Lucerne pit Elston

I have held a business license in Lyon County since 1983 and have been a proud Lyon County resident since 1972. I find that I must now cancel my business license in Lyon County and relocate to Carson City. Read more ›

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Lyon County Manager Report – February 19, 2015



Jeff Page, County Manager



February 20 & 23, 2015 the Comptroller and I will be meeting with each elected and appointed department head to discuss their respective budget requests. I do not anticipate a significant change in revenues to allow for an increase in staffing. Read more ›

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Spasm at the Chasm

Mining - Lucerne pit Elston

“Very little information has been forthcoming from either CMI or NDOT about the situation, so on Tuesday, Feb 11, I decided to take a walk up State Highway 342 from Devil’s Gate to look at and document what I could see of the crumbling highway and the adjacent Lucerne Pit, and see what steps were being taken to mitigate the problem.” Read more ›

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