Question posed to all Lyon County Commission candidates

The following “Essay Question” is being submitted via email to each of the six candidates for County Commissioner.

The unedited responses will be published in NewsDesk beginning October 17. No responses will be published until the deadline has passed and those who wish to participate have submitted their reply. All responses will be published prior to October 20 – the first day of Early Voting.

Responses must be submitted on or before October 16 – giving the candidates two weeks to respond..

Specifically, why should the voters select you to serve as Lyon County Commissioner over your opponent? If you are the incumbent, what have you done to warrant re-election over your challenger? If you are the challenger, what would you do differently/What has your opponent done wrong? The following issues were noted by the candidates during the primary. Please be specific regarding the issues you consider relevant/important, possibly including:

• Dealing with the projected/continuing budget shortfall, including priorities in balancing the budget
• Improving Lyon County’s economic climate, unemployment rate
• Unfunded mandates from the State
• Improvements to operation of the planning department/zoning codes
• Dealing with the County labor associations
• Protecting the County’s public lands, water rights
• Accessibility of elected official, improving communication between the County officials and residents
• Any other issues you feel are of importance

Please specify the source of funding for suggested new programs/hires/et al you might suggest.

Respond via Email to:

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