John Hambrick – Republican Incumbent Assembly District 2


Las Vegas – Summerlin area

2016 - Hambrick, John


 There are 2 Republican candidates in the AD 2 Primary. Clayton Hurst did not respond to this online interview. 

  1. Give a brief summation of your political and professional background.

I am currently the Speaker of the Nevada Assembly. I am in my 4th term and represent Nevada Assembly District 2. I retired from a 30 year career in Federal law enforcement in March of 2000. I am a former chairman of the Clark County Republican Party. I currently serve on the Nevada Juvenile Justice Commission and the Nevada Supreme Court Commission of Juvenile Justice Reform.

2. Define   your   district   –   general   geographic   boundaries,   demographic   make-up   and political balance.

Assembly District 2 encompasses the majority of Summerlin which is a community in Northwest Clark County and is entirely within the City of Las Vegas. The District has 33,338 registered voters of which 41% are Republicans, 34% are Democrat and 35% are all others.

3. Why are you running for this position? What makes you more qualified than your Republican opponent(s) to serve in this position?

I know I have made a difference in Nevada – with my support of school construction in Southern Nevada, my continued fight against human trafficking and juvenile justice issues.

I have lived in the District for over 16 years and have been involved with the community. I am a former president of Summerlin Little League and served on the Las Vegas Citizens Review Board. I know the issues that challenge the community.

4. There is a well noted and ongoing split among many in the Nevada Republican Party. Define your philosophy in regards to this ‘moderate conservative’ versus ‘tea party’ divisiveness.

The “moderate conservative” realizes that at some point you need to address issues that affect the entire community, such as economic development, health and safety. These issues cost money and need to be addressed now. Others believe all increased funding for any issues is bad.

5. What are the three most important issues relating to your district and/or the state? How will you legislatively address them?

  • From my perspective I believe human trafficking is still a blight on the community. I am working with local law enforcement and local government agencies to further fight this scourge.
  • Education also continues to be a concern of those I have spoken with. School construction will ease this situation, but it will take time.
  • Continued economic development such as Summerlin Center will also be a benefit to the District. Now the possibility of a National Football League team coming to Las Vegas will be a HUGH benefit.

6. What   is   your   position   in   regards   to   the   current   initiatives? (Question   1 addresses firearms and would require that an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person conduct the transfer through a licensed gun dealer who runs a back ground check. Question 2 addresses marijuana. If approved by voters, the measure would legalize the drug for adults   and   put   the   tax   revenue   from   the   sale   of   the   drug   toward   education funding.)

#1 – I am against any effort that would curtail private transactions between individual sellers.

#2 – I am against any effort to legalize the sale of marijuana other than medical marijuana with a prescription from a  licensed physician.

7. What is your position in regards to increasing the minimum wage in Nevada?

I would hope market pressure would address this issue. For example, the possible new stadium in Las Vegas will draw construction companies from around the region to bid on various aspects of the project. They will need both skilled and unskilled workers. That demand will have a direct impact on the minimum wage.

8. Define your position on fracking and other means of oil exploration in Nevada. Do you support coal fired energy plants?

I have only a basic knowledge of “fracking” for oil exploration. I need to speak with an expert or experts in the field.

Until we can incorporate new technology into the power grid there is little choice but to use coal fired power plants.

9. If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

Yes, although I have mentioned it previously. I believe human trafficking continues to be a scourge that has not been addressed adequately. As with so many other issues it boils down to a lack of funding.

EDITOR: This is one in a series of online interviews with Republican candidates. All Republican candidates with Primary races were contacted – US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Carson City Mayor and Lyon County Commissioner. The responses are posted as the candidates presented them to me – no editing.  These interviews will be posted in no particular order and, obviously, all races are not of interest in everyone’s particular district; however, NewsDesk readership ( is spread throughout the state so all responses will be posted. You are welcome to repost any of the interviews as long as proper credit is given to NewsDesk.

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. If the candidates in a particular Primary all belong to the same party, the winner will be determined in the Primary and go to the General Election ballot unopposed.

Dates to remember:

  • May 14 – Last day to register to vote by mail
  • May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
  • May 28-June 19 – Early voting
  • June 14 – Primary Election

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