U.S. Congressional District 3 – Andy Matthews

The 3rd Congressional district lies south of Las Vegas, including Henderson, and most of unincorporated Clark County



There are seven Republican candidates for this Congressional seat. Five candidates responded to this interview: Andy Matthews, Sami Kahl, Michele Fiore, Danny Tarkanian and Dr. Annette Teijeiro. Michael Roberson and Kerry Bowers did not respond.  There are also 3 Democrats, one IAP and one ‘no party’.

1. Please post a short personal resume:

For the past four years I served as president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a think tank that promotes policy solutions rooted in the principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets.

2. You and your Primary opponents are running for the open U.S. Congressional District 3 seat. Several of you are well experienced in the political world, while a few are not. Define your strengths and why you would better serve in this position than your Republican opponents.

I am a political outsider, and not a part of our current (often corrupt) political establishment, but as a former think tank president I am also uniquely positioned to promote the policy solutions our country needs.

3. Would you consider your political ideology different than that of your opponents? Explain.

I am a constitutional conservative, and I believe I have a professional background that demonstrates my ironclad commitment to America’s founding principles.

4. Explain your position in regards to:

  • National immigration issues – and how these issues relate to Nevada:

We must a)secure the border; b) oppose amnesty for those who have come here illegally; c) prevent those who have come here illegally from ever applying for U.S. citizenship; d) crack down on sanctuary cities; and e) strengthen e-Verify laws. Illegal immigration is detrimental to the citizens of all states, but the impact on Nevadans is more severe than it is for citizens in the majority of the other states. Read more at

  • Public lands issues as related to Nevada:

We need to rein in the BLM, and work to break the stranglehold the federal government has on lands in Western states, a situation that harms Nevada more than any other state.

  • Obamacare:

We should repeal and replace Obamacare with market-based health care solutions that empower individuals to choose the health care and health insurance that is best for them. Read more at

  • The minimum wage issue – from a national perspective and potential effects on Nevada:

Minimum wage laws kill jobs, and I believe the states should be able to determine whether (and at what level) to set a minimum wage.

5. As a U.S. Congressman, what do you believe will be your greatest challenges? How will you address them?

Our most important challenge is convincing other members of Congress to promote the principles of limited government, often in the face of special-interest demands for more government largesse. I will make it clear from day one that I am a principled conservative who is beholden only to the U.S. Constitution and to the people of Nevada’s Third District.

6. During a campaign season, many accusations/assertions are made by your opponents. Have there been any thus far that you feel are inaccurate or unfair that you would like to respond to?  No response

7. Please use this space to elaborate on any issue not covered above:  No response

EDITOR: This is one in a series of online interviews with Republican candidates. All Republican candidates with Primary races were contacted – US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Carson City Mayor and Lyon County Commissioner. The responses are posted as the candidates presented them to me – no editing.  These interviews will be posted in no particular order and, obviously, all races are not of interest in everyone’s particular district; however, NewsDesk readership ( is spread throughout the state so all responses will be posted. You are welcome to repost any of the interviews as long as proper credit is given to NewsDesk.

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. If the candidates in a particular Primary all belong to the same party, the winner will be determined in the Primary and go to the General Election ballot unopposed.

Dates to remember:

  • May 14 – Last day to register to vote by mail
  • May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
  • May 28-June 19 – Early voting
  • June 14 – Primary Election

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