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NewsDesk is endorsing a candidate in each of the three Lyon County Commissioncommission races.  This is the third of those endorsements – Chuck Roberts vs Bob Hastings.  Please feel free to submit your own opinion to the Letter to the Editor.  Please include your name and a verifiable phone number and address.  Only your name will be published with your submittal to


NewsDesk endorses incumbent Commissioner Chuck Roberts.

This particular endorsement is the easiest of all.  In the course of his first term, Commissioner Roberts has shown himself to be a strong, astute and well-spoken leader.  He has also shown the ability to bring all parties/shareholders to the table; and, during his tenure there has been a noticeable improvement in Commissioner-Staff relations.

Roberts does not play games and does not appear to have any special agenda – other than to work through issues in an honest and straightforward manner for the best interests of Lyon County and its residents.  He does his homework!

I strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, you read Commissioner Roberts’ response to the NewsDesk question posed to all candidates.

Challenger Hastings, however, leaves me with a very uncomfortable taste in my mouth.  He has not responded to any interview questions from NewsDesk.  (An explanation to NewsDesk banning Mr. Hastings and his wife from posting comments on NewsDesk is in a previous article relating to his failure to respond.)

Hastings has made various and ever changing claims in regards to County functions and Commission actions – with no basis of fact in regards to why the Commission or staff acted as they did.  Disagreement is one thing – baseless charges are something else. (The primary reason he and his wife are no longer welcome to post general comments on NewsDesk)

I watched/listened as Mr. Hastings ranted and raved in front of the Commissioners during the reapportionment process – making false and baseless accusations in regards to the process.  One has to wonder how he would act as a commissioner when faced with being a minority vote on the board.

I was absolutely astounded with Mr. Hastings accepting an upfront $10,000 contribution from Comstock Mining.  Accepting contributions from special interests is not unusual or illegal.  You will find special interest contributions in the vast majority of candidate filings throughout the state and country……but a $10,000 contribution to one candidate here in Lyon County?  It does not take much of an imagination to guess what Mr. Hastings will do when Comstock Mining appears before the Lyon County Commission in the coming year.

Commission Roberts is not against mining.  I do not believe any of the sitting commissioners or challengers are.  But I do believe that you can trust Commissioner Roberts to make a valued and studied judgment in regards to whatever is brought before him.  Can you do the same for a candidate who is the recipient of a $10,000 contribution from Comstock Mining?  (And there is the missing answer as to who funded the ‘push-poll’ in regards to Commissioner Roberts…)

One might wonder why Comstock Mining apparently fears Commissioner Roberts to such a degree.

A couple of facts – in response to some false rumors:

  • The new Justice Complex is on or ahead of schedule today and below budget;
  • The building of the new Justice Complex took no money away from any other County agency. The money could only be borrowed and must be spent under specific guidelines per NRS and may not be used to support other departments;
  • The money the commission has requested to be borrowed from the Utilities is not a taking. In reality, the Utilities will make money; And, it would be paid back when the cash flow from PILT and other revenue comes forward in the next few months.


3 comments on “NewsDesk endorsement – Commission District I
  1. Melinda Cash says:

    Nancy, As a resident of Mound House and a person who lives next door to an open pit mine I can assure you that Chuck Roberts has always been there for any of my concerns. He came to my house to inspect fly rock that landed on my property as a result of blasting from the mine. He listened to resident complaints about the odors coming from the prill plant at the mine and worked with the mine to reduce the odors. He was on Linehan Rd. at 6 AM to speak to truckers going to the mine who were blocking the road for local traffic including school buses and he worked with the mine to move the trucks off of Linehan. So far Chuck seems to be the only one who shows real interest in the residents of Mound House. As a business man he understands the cause of the noise the residents experience from the prill plant at the mine and hopefully will work with the mine to eliminate this noise which has been an ongoing complaint for years from the residents. I also hope he will continue to look at the need to pass regulations which will protect the resident from blasting too close to homes and would give the County power to shut down a mine should they risk the safety of the residents. These regulations currently don’t exist and there is nothing in current law to protect residents from these type of activities. And as someone who has closely worked with the residents of this community and the mine I’m sure Chuck Roberts will keep that history in mind when approving additional special use permits for mining from this mine and other mines who plan to set up operations in Lyon County.

  2. Dear Nancy,

    Thank you for your well-reasoned endorsement of Chuck Roberts. Comstock Mining Inc plans to put an open pit in Silver City and the Lyon County Board of Commissioners is the last wall in the defense of our property rights and quality of life. A Board of honest and rational members is essential for making decisions about CMI’s proposal: 1) whether to issue a special use permit for mining in Silver City township on land zoned residential within 300 feet of current residents, and 2) if mining is allowed in some form, making sure the special use permit minimizes impacts to residents and their property. I’m confident that Mr. Roberts would make reasoned decisions on the basis of the facts, and I’m afraid that Mr. Hastings would not act in the same way, even without the corrupting influence of the $10,000 dollar CMI campaign contribution.

  3. R. Harina says:

    I applaud your endorsement Nancy. Roberts has done for Lyon County what no sitting commissioner has been able to do for a very, very long time. He brought honesty and integrity to the commission and much of the staff. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he tells it like it is, states the facts and moves forward to the natural conclusion regardless of the consequences. Someone who is unwilling to give in to special interests, gives honest and straight forward answers and proudly represents ALL of the people usually has a hard time getting re-elected. But those are just the people that should be allowed to go forward and continue to care and work hard for us. I hope the voters of Lyon County are able to wade through the deep do do that some candidates are spreading and re-elect Roberts. If they don’t, they will have only themselves to blame for their future.

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