Commentary – A VERY Bad Idea

Nancy 6The Lyon County Commissioners on Thursday, July 3 will reconsider a proposal to create an advisory committee to ‘assist’ the County with the updating of Title 15 – the County Land Use & Development Codes.

(With one commissioner absent, the proposal died 2-2 at the June 19 meeting.)

This idea was proposed by Commissioners Bob Hastings and Vida Keller; and, with apparently no one in favor of such a committee except Commissioners Hastings and Keller (Comstock Mining’s legislative dynamic duo), one has to wonder what the purpose of such a proposal could be.


Dealing with the updating and amending of any County Code is a huge task.  Title 15 is probably one of the most difficult and complex.  It deals with all aspects of county land use and private property regulations, inevitably creating many controversial and contentious issues.  It is more important than the Land Use Master Plan in that an ordinance creates laws to be followed, while a Master Plan creates philosophical and recommended future land use guidelines.

But, just like a Land Use Master Plan, a county ordinance dealing with land use attracts various political interest groups and the interest of private citizens – whether it be developer, mining, agricultural or general private property interests.

If the outcry of various individuals is any indication, there are already some very contentious issues in regards to proposed amendments to Title 15…..and there will continue to be controversy right through and after the day it is finally approved; however, the formation of an advisory committee will not change that fact.  An advisory committee will not smooth the process – or make the development of a final document any more open or transparent

There is a regulated public hearing process in place, and the Planning Commission and Planning Department are doing their part in following it.  There has been proper public notice of meetings and ample opportunity for public input – from private citizens and various land use ‘experts’.  It is the responsibility of the public to partake of these opportunities – and an ‘advisory committee’ will not increase those opportunities.  In reality, an ‘advisory committee’ could create a shadow effect over the current public awareness of meetings and subsequent participation.

One thing is certain – the creation of an advisory committee will further delay and overcomplicate the process – and offer an increased opportunity for politically motivated special interest influence.

In listening to the June 19 testimony and commissioner input – it sounded as if Commissioners Hastings and Keller have themselves ready to be the ‘suggested’ commissioner representatives on their proposed committee, with ideas of a rather large (15-20) representation (of public volunteers? or appointees?).

There being no rational reason for the creation of such a committee, I would guess it is simply a political ploy by the Comstock Mining legislative dynamic duo to enable creation of an ordinance to someone’s political benefit.

Think about it.

(See history of process below…)

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher



The Planning Department went to the Board of Commissioners on June 20, 2013, to obtain authorization to conduct a public involvement program to gather public and community comment on the working draft of the Land use and development code.  The Planning Department proposed a public involvement program that included the Community Advisory Boards, community workshops, special interest group workshops, Planning Commission review and joint meetings of the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners.

The Planning Director attended the meetings of most of the Advisory Boards to orient them to the working draft and request public comment.  The Planning Commission reviewed the working draft at each regular monthly Planning Commission meeting and special Planning Commission workshops ( all of these meetings were/are public meetings).  The Planning Commission started to review the draft Land Use and Development Code at their June meeting.

The bulk of the public involvement program has not yet been initiated. It has been intended that the public involvement program would begin when the completed draft code was available.





3 comments on “Commentary – A VERY Bad Idea
  1. politicalphd says:

    What was seen last Commissioner’s meeting was the end of any and all true freedom in Lyon County, with Comstock Mining, and the Smith Valley Political “Mafia” taking power.

    Comstock is running the whole show now, and the Smith people are forcibly taking back the power they lost last election back.

    Get ready for more laws, more intrusion into EVERYONE’s lives, the complete and total loss of say in what YOU want to/can actually do with YOUR properties, and, the real possibility of extreme population/manufacturing/retail/business over-development, just like other areas that have been turned from being nice little residential areas, into disasters with all sorts of people pushed into them. And, welcome to “if your neighbor doesn’t like the color of your house, he/she/they can whine and moan, and the county will FORCE you to paint it a color THEY want”.

    Then, there is the “telephone poll” paid for and done by Comstock Mining, against the incumbent District 5 commissioner, simply because he opposed one of their actions for complete takeover of Silver City for Comstock’s own mining interests.

    Then, in Title 15’s new board, most of the participants are “stakeholders”, which are from business, mining, development, and other areas that are so totally biased, the county will not survive it all when they are done building Title 15 even stronger for them, instead of the real “stakeholders”, whom are actually EVERY CURRENT RESIDENT OF LYON COUNTY.

    Now, do not blame anyone but yourselves in all this, for it is YOU that blindly believed all the misleading info, and, intended lies, outright fabrications. Those that conspired to steal the power back, got you to vote for the people that care not one iota about you, your rights, your lives, nor your concerns, fixes, needs, wants and/or anything else they do not want to force you to live by.

    Now, what can be done right now? Well, you are all sickeningly apathetic as to government, with most of you taking the attitude that “nothing can be done” against Comstock, the Smith Mafia, and you continue to sit on your duff’s, whine, moan, complain, and, do nothing. Well, get up, get active, get to every meeting you possibly can, from citizen’s advisory boards in your individual areas, planning commission, and Board of County Commissioner’s board meetings.

    And, alleged hijinks in the Sheriff’s, and other primary’s, too.

    Take the time to get up, get active, get your word out, and be heard. Get informed, NOT by listening to the people that are pushing one agenda, but, look for yourselves, get the whole picture, bothy sides, all facets, and make your own decisions on things, don’t simply blindly believe when someone feeds you erroneous “truth”, like “there were two Sheriff candidates that sued the county, and one that was fired”. The truth of it IS, only ONE deputy sued the county, which is through the court system. The other candidate did not sue the county, he filed a ‘grievance”, which is internal, NOT through the courts, it is through an internal Lyon County ‘arbitrator’ (GIANT difference from a suit/court action, and, arbitrators are NOT usually judges. this is FACT), and, that former candidate was NOT fired, he retired from the Sheriff’s De4partment, with honors, some years later. GET THE TRUTH, DON’T BELIEVE THE FALSEHOODS INTENDED TO CONFUSE YOU TO THE REAL FACTS, SEARCH FOR YOURSELVES, IT IS JUST THAT IMPORTANT.

    If you really want Comstock Mining to end up literally mining in your front and back yards, or, build that 900 room hotel directly across the street from you in Silver Springs, or, the giant manufacturing facility 100 feet from you, in what used to be a residential area, because they are “the stakeholder” with all the “say”, then, sit quietly, and do nothing.

    As to what you have done, it is clear, you, the general voting public, have listened to those that are intent on stealing the old power ways back, and, you have been set up to lose freedoms big time, and you were to apathetic to get to figuring it out for yourselves. If you do the same regarding Title 15 NOW, and/or, in the elections coming up in November, then, you deserve exactly what you will be forced to live by. Only giant problem is, you will be dragging the rest of us that do pay attention, and, know what is actually going on, down with you.



    So, is this Title 15 new board a good idea, HECK, NO, IT IS AN EXTREMELY BAD IDEA, as it does not speak to the population, only to ‘stakeholders’, NOT the public. It may well be the very worst idea that has been thought up in any county close by, and especially in Lyon County.

  2. Kathleen Sliter says:

    I suggest a complete Lyon County discontinue all efforts with respect to Draft Land Use & Development Ordinance because it far exceeds its statutory requirements. The LU&DO addresses between 200 & 600 topics & therefore is in violation of the NRS 244.095 single topic requirement,
    The July 3rd meeting should have been postponed. I would be there if I could but due to the Holiday other obligations have come upon me & I strongly suspect the same is true of many other interested parties.

  3. Jim Dunlap says:


    I have attended most of the meetings on this plan to strip us of our choice of the use of the fruits of our labor. The planning department and commission only wanted to hear of more restrictions and regulations to hamper the citizens. At the meetings I attended there was not one citizen asking for this atrocity. The only ones for this Title were those directly involved in the government.

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