Commentary: Local interviews completed – but no Vida Keller

Nancy Dallas

Nancy Dallas

Of all the candidates in the local Carson City & Lyon County races, Primary and General Election, ONLY ONE CANDIDATE REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE – VIDA KELLER, INCUMBENT LYON COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 2.

During the past 2-1/2 months, I, as Editor/Publisher of NewsDesk, conducted online interviews of Republican General Election candidates. (Similar interviews of Republican candidates were conducted during the Primary campaign season.) These recent interviews were supported by the state Republican Party.  Interview responses were published as submitted, with no editorial comment.

If a particular race had Republican opponents, the interviews were not published until both were submitted to me.

If you do not see an interview posted on NewsDesk from a particular candidate, that candidate simply refused to participate.

All Republican Congressional, State Constitutional and Legislative candidates with viable contact addresses were invited to participate. In addition, Republican candidates in selected Lyon County and Carson City races were invited to participate.

With very few exceptions, the candidates in the contested local races are Republicans. This is not uncommon in rural Nevada.

Of all the candidates in the local Carson City & Lyon County races, Primary and General Election, ONLY ONE CANDIDATE REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE – VIDA KELLER, INCUMBENT LYON COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 2. Vida Keller is a Republican, as is her opponent Don Alt.

However, I understand Ms. Keller, afraid to post her independent views on NewsDesk, had no problem responding after the fact to Mr. Alt’s posted response. You won’t find this cowardly action posted in the NewsDesk files!

It is no secret to regular readers of NewsDesk that I do not hold Ms. Keller in particularly high esteem. I personally have found her integrity to be questionable; she is evasive and partial to special interests; and, her positions and votes are often based on illogical rationale….in order to support her personal agenda.

Her refusal to respond to this interview – waiting to read her opponent’s positions before making her positions known, is an arrogant slap in the face and disregard for the interests of the voters of Lyon County, and simply reinforces my continuing lack of respect for her.

Voters, be forewarned – those who fear putting their independent views up for public scrutiny should themselves be feared!

Think about it.

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher    NewsDesk (Est. January 2003)


Lyon County:

  • 3rd Judicial District Court Judge, Department 1 – John Schlegelmilch vs Jack Kennedy (Both participated)
  • Sheriff – Albert Torres vs Al McNeill (Both participated)
  • Commissioner District 2 – Don Alt vs Vida Keller (Alt participated, Keller did not)
  • Commissioner District 5 – Greg Hunewill vs an IAP candidate (Hunewill participated)

Carson City:

  • District Attorney – Mark Krueger vs Jason Woodbury (Both participated)
  • Supervisor Ward 1 – Lisa Helget vs Democrat (Helget participated)
  • Supervisor Ward 3 – Lori Bagwell vs John McKenna (Both participated)

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14 comments on “Commentary: Local interviews completed – but no Vida Keller
  1. admin says:

    Thanks for staying on top of the elections. Your coverage of all things ‘Nevada’ has been helpful.

  2. politicalphd says:

    Oh, I get it, from the ‘Dr. Hooey’ inference, you must be the former, and still useless “Milton”. Maybe you couldn’t post under your pseudonym because you were finally banned, hopefully.

  3. politicalphd says:

    I am just about done with checking out Theresa’s allegations. Quite extensive, and I will post what I am still finding out, soon.

  4. Jeff Foxworthy says:

    Wow, looks like Vida is taking quite a beating lately on this site. What’s up with that? She isn’t doing anything wrong. At least not anything that the rest of the flock isn’t already doing. Why isn’t the beating being spread around? Hastings has his grubby mit in the cookie jar, and it is no secret who is greasing Greg’s wheels. This is really unfair to Vida to single her out.

    BTW is Hunewill the new “Golden Boy” of this site? I notice that I am not allowed to post comments on his new and improved interview. Jeez, his first interview was sure lame. Also, I notice that Greg’s opponent is never mentioned on this site. He is always referred to as “an IAP candidate.” Do all IAP candidates just run as nameless IAP candidates, or do they have real names? This site isn’t biased, is it? Hey Dr. Hooey, feel free to jump in here any time.

  5. Theresa says:

    Vida Keller and Bob Hastings decimated the Library Board after Mrs. Hastings was not recommended for appointment to the Library Board. If that were not enough, Vida insisted on appointing a liaison to the Board to “improve transparency”. She VOLUNTEERED herself for this appointment. Her appointment was for one year. It is curious then to find that Board agendas have not been posted on the website from November, 2013 until now, one year later. At least the previous Board and Director posted the agendas (and minutes) for everyone in the County to see and read instead of having to visit a brick and mortar building for the agendas and a copy of the minutes will now cost you. ACCUSATION: lack of transparency. PROOF: Appointed as liaison to Library Board to improve transparency yet there have been NO agendas posted from November, 2013 until Sept, 2014 and NO minutes posted from June, 2013 (the last time there was a functioning Board before Vida and Bob decimated it) until ….. never. If she does this bang up of a job in her other duties, we are all in serious trouble.

    As for the Commissioners, I have been watching the Commissioner Agendas and see that in January when the assignments were shuffled, the Library Board liaison was not included. Nor has it been included one year from the date of the appointment, what was it, July? So ….. was that harassment or not? Get your act together and do the right thing. Although I’d be careful to state that the Library Board no longer needs a liaison. Clearly, transparency has not improved. But I will agree, you do have a better puppet Board now.

  6. politicalphd says:


    I do heartily agree with you on one factor in all this, Comstock Mining has way, way too much influence on the operations of Lyon County overall, and in Carson City.

    If you take a look at the banners that scroll on the Nevada Appeal web sirte, news section, there is a Dayton artist that painted a picture of the law makers the day Nevada became a state, with current officials like Sandoval, Amodei and Heller in place as heads on other bodies that were there. deGasperis is also one of those 9 depicted as an 1861 Nevada state official.

    Now, why would he be a part of that painting”, or any part of the 1861 proceedings? For what reason? He, nor his Comstock Mining businesses has, or should have ABSOLUTELY NO ‘INSIDER INFLUENCE’ on local/state politics. Of course, we know he is deeply buried in state politics, please, put the parts together, and lets get that info out to the people voting THIS November.

    Facts like this are what I am asking for, tangible stuff that tells the true facts. More, please.

  7. politicalphd says:

    CCNv, thank you for the insight, and I would ask, what direct measures has Commissioner Keller enacted that have directly adversely impacted residents in her area? This isn’t pushing the same question down the lane, I would like to know specifics, etc.

    And, please expound on McNeill, I’d like to know just why not to vote for him as well, please.

    Simply sharing a booth at Dayton Valley Days doesn’t make either candidate good, nor bad. My overall intent is to get the facts out, what did the candidate(s) do to make things worse in the entire county, and in their respective areas, not by hear-say, but, by hard facts??

  8. CCNv says:

    Well here’s a few facts for you… Keller takes money from the hard working tax payers of Lyon county in the form of a salary for being county commissioner while not paying her own property taxes, county or state business licenses. It doesn’t seem right for someone to review and approve or deney business license applications while thumbing your nose at the same county you are representing by not paying your own fees.

    The large Vida Kelller poster at the Comstock Mining booth at Dayton Valley Days this weekend just underscores the appearance of her inability to be impartial and the grease CMI has been applying to the Lyon County political process.

    Another interesting observation at Dayton Valley Days was Vida Keller and sheriff candidate Al McNeil sharing a booth.

  9. politicalphd says:

    Sandy, thank you for the interaction. I will share that ALL campaign signs over a certain size, which I think is 12 x 12 inches, MUST have a disclaimer as to just whom/what group paid for the sign. Such as “Paid for by the committee to elect/re-elect (fill in the blank)”, or “Paid for by Comstock Mining, Inc”, etc. On those larger signs, if the4 disclaimer/origin are NOT listed, it is a clear election violation, one count per sign.

    As we are all aware, in elections, we have an element of persons, usually Democrats, that spin and twist just about every facet of a candidate’s platform, simply to get their candidate elected, for what ever reason. Now, that is just politics, but, it sure doesn’t help get a qualified, best candidate elected, as we saw last election for President, we got the DUD re-elected, instead of the good guy. That made it way too late to do what should have been done, put the Republican into the office,

    I also believe we should hear every issue, from all sources, posted for discussion, and/or qualification about any and all candidates. This is why I asked for positive proof of wrong doing. Anyone can say just about anything they wish about others, and in most case4s, it is innuendo, not fact, as in EVERY Democratic candidate spinning, twisting and obstructing the truth.

    I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS WHAT IS OCCURRING WITH KELLER, I SIMPLY WANT BACKUP FOR THE ACCUSATIONS, AND IF PROVEN, THEY WILL INSTANTLY BECOME FACT WITH MYSELF. Ronald Reagan once said we need to “TRUST, BUT VERIFY”. Well, I need to know the reason(s) behind the accusations, so they become truth with me. That is what I am asking, the FACTS behind the events, issues, whatever with Keller, please. Without all the facts, one cannot make a qualified, sensible, accurate discussion on any and all candidates, and vote accordingly.

    We are all aware of those voters cor our useless President, in both elections he has been elected in, that some voters voted for him simply because they liked the way he looks (I don’t), or, the way he orates, or, whatever non-political, instead of voting for the best qualified candidate to lead and fix.

    Now, I am NOT saying any of this is personal, all I am asking for is the truthful issues adverse, created by candidate Keller. If they are well founded, and truthful, there should be NO problem posting them, as the truth is verifiable. Nor am I blindly believing any candidate, I want the full “skinny” on all of ’em, so I can make the correct decision on their election, or not.

    Thank you, all, but, please be specific on the things we really do need to know about this candidate, without personal bias.

  10. Sandy Marshall says:

    You also won’t see Hastings give an interview when he is up for election. Both Keller and Hastings have been bought by Comstock Mining. Keller has a lot of new signs, let’s see where the contributions came from in the October SOS candidate report. Since she couldn’t pay her taxes, I doubt she has put her own money into the campaign.

  11. politicalphd says:

    I would have liked to see Keller’s platform, and I am really interested in the problems, adverse issues, and, other negatives she has directly caused the residents in her district, along with those same areas she has caused trouble in the county. NOT just Patty’s “Vida Keller is NOT OK”.

    The good Republican people running in the last national election got completely slaughtered throughout this country, by a bunch of Democrats that only put forth innuendo, outright lies, and, spin, I would like to hear what the real problems are against Keller. I do not know the woman, nor Don Alt, so, I have NO vested interest in this fight, simply curiosity.

  12. Patty says:

    Thanks Nancy. Vida Keller is NOT OK.

  13. Nancy Dallas says:

    I will not give her another opportunity. She did not acknowledge either interview invitation (Primary & General). I gave all candidates ample time to reply – if they asked for an extension of time, they got it.

  14. politicalphd says:

    “Refused”…or, had incidents occur that kept her from responding and being interviewed? I know for a fact that Commissioner Keller is very busy with things in her district. I think I’d try her again, and see if her schedule would be open for an interview.

    What is more pressing to EVERY Lyon County resident is part of the new Development Codes, ESPECIALLY TITLE 15, which is far worse than the previously proposed “Nuisance Bill” If you think the first ‘go ’round’ was bad, think far, far greater disaster in Title 15. EVERY Lyon County resident, especially those that own private property, should get to reading the entire bill, which isn’t done yet, it is now about 700 PAGES, with a proposed 350 MORE, and then, make time to get to the Lyon County Planning, commissioner’s and local advisory board meetings, and get your feelings, ideas, revisions and opinions heard. If you don’t, the whole mess will be installed as is, and most of us ain’t gonna be happy, one little bit.

    If you do not participate in your local government, you will be forced to live the way others are proposing for you, nd you will not like Title 15 at all.

    Nancy, please ask Vida for the interview again.

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