Commissioner Agenda – Thursday, July 3, 2014



***27 S. MAIN STREET***


THURSDAY, July 3, 2014



For full agenda and backup materials:

10:00 A.M. – Public Hearing – Bill No. 14-01 An ordinance amending Lyon County Code Title 9, Chapter 3, Water Service, and Title 9, Chapter 5, Sewer Service to authorize the County to charge a groundwater impact fee; to authorize billing, administrative and language changes to the ordinance; and to require a title report and title information with the dedication or provision of any water rights to Lyon County; and other matters properly related thereto
1.         Public participation

2.          For Possible Action: Review and adoption of agenda

3.          Presentation of awards and/or recognition of accomplishments

4.          Commissioners/County Manager comments

5.          Elected Official’s report

6.         Appointed Officials comments

7.         Advisory Board reports


8.          For Possible Action: Approval of changes on Assessor’s tax roll due to corrections in assessments and review of tax roll changes

9.          For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of business license applications:

a.   Harig, Russell; Battle Born Landscape Maintenance; 365 Comstock Rd., Dayton, NV; Landscape Maintenance

b.   Dieneman, David P.; Dieneman, Sandi E; Dave’s Mobile Detail Service; 34 Falcon Way, Yerington, NV; Mobile Detail Service

c.   Denton, Jeff M.; Denton, Cathy M.; Denton Cabinet Company, Inc.; 10250 Hwy 50 E., Mound House, NV; Change Location

d.   Conner, Daniel; DLC Construction, LLC; 3580 Hillsboro Blvd., Fallon, NV; Residential & Commercial Contractor and Concrete Contractor

e.   Gates, William P.; Gates Plumbing, Inc.; 30 Strawberry Ln., Reno, NV; Plumbing & Heating Contractor

f.   Gilbane, Thomas; Gilbane, William Jr.; Gilbane Building Company; 250 Bell St., Reno, NV; Construction Management/General Building Contractor

g.   Hanson, Jennelle E.; Hanson Technology Inc.; 2 Newcombe Ave., Yerington, NV; Change Ownership

h.   Johnson, Dennis; Johnco Enterprises; 2875 N. Escondido Ct., Reno, NV; General Engineering & Building Contractor

i.    Jarving, Jurgo; Jurgo Jarving; 3516 Mashie Dr., Sparks, NV; Door to Door Educational Book & Software Sales

j.   Ornelas, Robert Jr., Ornelas, Holly G.; Nevada Rock N Falls; 3601 Deodar St., Silver Springs, NV; Handyman

k.   Greenlee, Carol; Pic-N-Save Auto Recyclers, Inc.; 34 Newman Ln., Mound House, NV; Change Corporate Officers

l.    Neal, David D., Wheeler, Barbara J.; Speedhawk Services LLC; 3265 Hwy 95A, Silver Springs, NV; Small Engine Repair

m.  Dunning, William E.; High Sierra Business Systems; 2814 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV; Change Corporate Officers

10.        For Possible Action: Approve the annual resolution of the Lyon County Board of Commissioners to designate the number of cents on each one hundred dollars of property tax levied for each fund and authorize the levy of the tax required for FY 2014-2015 (requested by Comptroller)

11.        For Possible Action: Approve contract for tractor pull and other services at the Lyon County Fair & Rodeo with WGAS Motorsports (requested by Comptroller)

12.        For Possible Action:  Approve contract for entertainment services at the Lyon County Fair & Rodeo with Joseph Greco (requested by Comptroller)

13.        For Possible Action:  Approve contract between Lyon County, Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley and Manual Souza for bull-riding at the Night in the Country event (requested by Comptroller)

14.        For Possible Action: Approval of Agreement between Lyon County and Washoe Legal Services for Washoe Legal Services to provide legal services and guardian ad litem services in child abuse and neglect cases and guardianship cases (requested by Judge Aberasturi)

15.        For Possible Action:  Approve an amendment to existing Joint Use Agreement with Lyon County School District transferring ownership and operation of the Sutro Park back to the School District (requested by Public Works Director)

16.       For Possible Action: Review and accept travel claims

17.       For Possible Action: Review and accept County claims and financial report



18.      Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)

19.      For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of temporary liquor license application:

a.   Pizen Switch Shrine Club; Lyon County Fair and Rodeo; Lyon County Fairgrounds; Temporary Liquor Permit for: August 14 – 17, 2014

20.      Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)



21.  For Possible Action:  Approve/authorize a letter of acknowledgement/support to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for Zloop, Incorporated’s application for economic incentives, including sales and use tax abatements, modified business tax abatements, sales & use tax deferral, personal property tax abatement and recycling real property tax abatement for their expansion planned in Lyon County (requested by Governor’s Office of Economic Development/NNDA)

22.   For Possible Action: Advisement by the Board of County Commissioners regarding supporting the submission of the Final Nevada Land Management Task Force Report to the Legislative Committee on Public Lands (requested by Commissioner Arellano)

23.   For Possible Action: To approve a resolution to create the Title 15, draft Land Use and Development Code Advisory Board (requested by County Manager)

24.  For Possible Action: To provide the County Manager and staff direction on how to proceed with the draft Title 15, Land Use and Development Code (requested by County Manager)

25.  For Possible Action: To provide the County Manager and staff with direction on the functions and operations of the reorganized Community Development Department (Requested by Commissioner Keller and County Manager Page)

26.  Commissioner Comments

27.  For Possible Action:Approve Minutes of June 18 & June 19, 2014

28.  Public participation

29.  Closed Labor Session as allowed under NRS 288.220

30.  Adjourn


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