Commissioner Hastings & Keller’s disclosure statements


At this time I would like to disclose the following items:

  1. In November 2013 my wife, Nadine, was hired by Comstock Mining Inc. to assist with an event held at the Dayton Community Center.  She was hired on a one time basis to assist with the set-up and clean-up of the event and was paid $225. 
  2. My daughter’s boyfriend currently works for Comstock Mining Inc.  I in no way assisted in getting him the position nor do I receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from his position.  His hire was based in his prior experience in the Industrial excavation field.  

In addition, though it s not required under NRS 281A.420 subsection 2A, I will disclose that my campaign in 2012 did receive campaign contributions from Comstock Mining Inc. and companies associated with its shareholders.  These donations have been on the public record since before my election in November of 2012.

In these matters I have sought counsel from both the Director Nevada Commission on Ethics and the Lyon District Attorney and believe myself to be fully disclosed and legal under the law.

Commissioner Keller’s disclosure – Click on the following link:

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2 comments on “Commissioner Hastings & Keller’s disclosure statements
  1. Malala says:

    It looks to me from the first para. of the statute, that public officials are allowed to accept gifts,loans, and pecuniary interests from “private individuals”. CMI is a public corporation, not a private individual– but perhaps I’ve misread the text. In any event, her premise is a red herring.

  2. Sandy Marshall says:

    Might be a stretch Priceless Construction is owned by Keller’s brother in-law, here is a listing from the NNDA site,

    There is also a judgment in recorded documents that list Vida and Scott Keller as owner of Priceless Realty and Priceless Construction.

    Also before Vida runs this year for re-election, she might want to disclose she has not paid property taxes in Lyon County for 2012 and 2013 and owes $8,338.88. Maybe the construction work her husband is doing for Comstock will pay the back taxes.

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