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Keller, Vida

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Commissioner Vida D. Keller Responds to Complaint

Silver Springs, Nevada September 25, 2014: On Wednesday of this week I was notified via mail that I and my activities are the subject of a newly filed Ethics Complaint. I am happy for this opportunity to defend myself and prove that I am innocent of all erroneous charges.

The complaint was filed by former Lyon County School Board member,  Theo McCormick. Mr. McCormick has insinuated that the vote I took in regards to the Comstock Mining Inc. rezoning of property in Silver City was inappropriate. Mr. McCormick fails to recognize that all laws were followed and that all required notifications and disclosures were made prior to the vote.  In addition, not now nor ever, have I promised any vote to Comstock Mining Inc. or any other individual or company.

To show my resolve in getting this issue cleared up, I myself approached the Nevada Ethics Commission in February of this year and asked for a hearing on this matter. A date for me to appear before the Ethics Commission was set for April 16, 2014. One week prior to the hearing the Ethics Commission contacted me to cancel the hearing as the Comstock Residents Association (CRA )was in the process of suing Lyon County. They did not feel it appropriate to post a decision during litigation. I was not happy with the decision by the Ethics Commission but I did understand their reasoning.  Mr. McCormick s complaint has only allowed the process that I desired, to move forward and I look forward to my day before the Commission.

Please contact me should you have any questions.

Vida D. Keller – Lyon County Commissioner–District2





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