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As Assistant District Attorney, Krueger has been second in command at the Carson City District Attorney’s Office since 2012 and leads a team of 22 professional and support staff. 

Prior to joining the Carson City District Attorney’s Office, Krueger was the Assistant District Attorney for Lyon County; a Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Attorney General’s Office; and a law clerk to the former judges Michael E. Fondi, William A. Maddox, and former Supreme Court Justice William A. Maupin. 

In his 15 year career, Krueger has conducted over 35 criminal jury trials and has handled complex civil litigation.  He has argued before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Nevada Supreme Court, and federal and state district courts throughout the state.

Krueger, 44, lives in Carson City with his family.

1. This is an open position.  Define your strengths and why you would better serve Carson City in this position than your opponent.

As your Assistant District Attorney, I have the experience to be your District Attorney, including experience as a prosecutor, civil litigator and team leader.  Over my 15 year career as a legal professional, I have handled thousands of cases including having taken over 38 jury trials to verdict (as opposed to my opponent’s less than 5) which is more jury trial experience than most attorney’s in Northern Nevada.  The cases I have prosecuted include murder, elder abuse, sexual assault and child abuse cases.  I have handled complex civil litigation and have provided legal counsel for city government and department heads.  I have argued before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Nevada Supreme Court and federal and state courts.  As Chief of Staff, I have managed a 2.4 million dollar budget in difficult times and I currently lead a staff of 21 employees.

I am passionate about victims’ rights and have seen how the victim services program is critical in the effective prosecution of cases in addition to assisting victims of violent crimes.  I am focused on community awareness and education for the prevention of crime and promotion of public safety.  I am dedicated to the people of Carson City and to making the District Attorney’s Office an innovative office by implementing proven trial procedures, reducing costs and saving taxpayer money without jeopardizing public safety.

2. Under what circumstances, if ever, do you believe a plea bargain is appropriate?

The Criminal Division of the District Attorney’s Office exists to protect victims of past crimes and to prevent future crime.  In some cases, a plea bargain serves these interests because it secures a conviction where there might be an unsuccessful result if the case is taken to trial.  In other cases, a plea bargain saves the victim the emotional hardship of having to endure the rigors of trial.  Plea bargains, in every case, conserve Carson City’s resources and taxpayers’ money.  However, plea bargains must not be used to simply push cases through the system, circumventing the interests of justice and leaving victims feeling helpless, discouraged and frustrated.  I have tried more cases to jury verdict than almost any other attorney in Northern Nevada.  This unmatched experience allows me to better determine when a plea agreement is in the best interests of this community.

3. As the Carson City District Attorney, what do you believe would be your three or four greatest challenges and how would you address them?

The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes over 3,000 criminal cases each year, in addition to handling complex civil litigation and providing legal advice to the Board of Supervisors, City Manager, elected officials and all department heads.  Resources are tight, and a prosecutor’s office must modernize and use technology to most efficiently serve its community.  Implementing electronic documentation, revising inefficient trial procedures, and increasing hands-on training are necessary steps to making the office a more streamlined, effective unit.

Every crime, especially violent crime, affects the community as a whole, not just the victim.  While our office has an important victim services division, it must be expanded to ensure that victims and our community are fully supported.  Our victim services program has specialized training in handling violent crimes.  It has been proven that service dogs can play an important and effective role in helping victims recover from the trauma of violent crimes, especially abused young children.  We are currently expanding our victim services program using service dogs.  This addition is being made with little to no cost to taxpayers.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  While we try to heal the damage caused by criminal acts, it is much better to prevent crimes through an increased focus on community awareness and education.  I will expand and develop worthy programs such as the Business Protection Program and the Stop Abuse of the Elderly and Vulnerable program to protect community members before they become victims.

To best protect our community, out office must hire the best attorneys as its prosecutors, and must also make sure we keep them.  Out prosecutors must have a career path inside the office.  Prosecutors need the training and support to handle the difficult cases encountered day after day, particularly child sexual abuse and other crimes against basic human decency.

Out fast-paced office requires an efficient and organized team led by an experienced prosecutor, civil litigator and team leader.  I bring those critical skills to the table.  I have already implemented substantial changes as a member of the team to improve the office.  As the leader of the team, I will do the above, and more, to ensure that this community receives the protection, support, and justice it deserves.

4. It is a long campaign season.  Many accusations and assertions are made by candidates.  Are there any specific charges or assertions made by your opponent, or others, that you feel are inaccurate or unfair that you would like to answer to?

My opponent’s web site infers that the Carson City District Attorney’s Office does not appropriately handle cases involving child sexual assault.  This could not be further from the truth.  Since I have been at the Carson City District Attorney’s Office I have personally reviewed numerous cases involving allegations of sexual abuse and I have filed charges on over 80% of those cases.  Many of those cases have child victims.  Moreover, I have become an expert in prosecuting crimes of sexual misconduct, having successfully prosecuted numerous of these types of cases through trial.  Additionally, I routinely teach police officers how to properly conduct forensic examinations on victims of sex crimes, how to identify and collect evidence in these crimes, and I routinely lecture on the topic of prosecuting these crimes.  I work closely with advocates, promote treatment, and seek ways to find funding to improve treatment options for victims.  Finally, I have implemented the use of a service dog which I plan to use in the courthouse to comfort victims while testifying, and aid them in facing their perpetrators through the judicial process which can be extremely emotional and difficult, especially for children.

The second assertion my opponent makes is that the Carson City District Attorney’s Office has high turnover.  The office has changed since I have been here, and those positive changes will continue.  Since I have been at the Carson City District Attorney’s Office, I have fostered a team atmosphere and a team approach to prosecution.  I have developed a training program and a career path for prosecutors.  While our attorneys are underpaid in comparison to surrounding jurisdictions, our team of prosecutors has dedicated themselves to the protection of the people of Carson City and the promotion of the interest of justice.  Once elected, the changes I have outlined above to training procedures and career advancement will further encourage and reward our team, ensuring that the quality people we have brought onto our team will stay here.

5. Please use this space to elaborate on any specific issue(s) of concern.

The people of Carson City need a prosecutor that will look out for their safety, not the interests of defense attorneys.  While I have spent the last few years putting dangerous criminals in jail, my opponent is actively supported by defense attorneys, through campaign contributions, endorsements, and by the Nevada Public Defender’s Office actively handing out his literature at public events.  Carson City needs a District Attorney on the side of victims.

Editor’s Note:

I have asked Republican candidates in the Carson City District Attorney and Supervisor races & the Lyon County Sheriff’s and Commissioner races to participate in an online interview

The interview responses will be posted in full, unedited as submitted on NewsDesk (, the CCRW website ( and the Carson City Central Committee website (, and all other GOP associated websites that wish to do so.   The responses will be emailed to the membership of each organization, with reposting of any interview by interested parties strongly encouraged.

The purpose of these interviews is to allow our Republican candidates the opportunity to state their positions in their own words, describe how they differ from their opponent’s positions and why they would better serve their local government better than their opponent.

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One comment on “Interview – Mark Krueger, Candidate Carson City District Attorney
  1. Ty Robben says:

    Mark Krueger schold not be elected DA for Carson City because he will be a continuation of the previous DA Neil Rombardo. Just google Neil Rombardo scandal and corruption to read about that. Google Mark Krueger corrupt, scandal and see the web site Krueger and Rombardo wasted $100,000’s of thousands of dollars andput Carson City into a Federal lawsuit because of malicious prosecution claims by me Ty Robben.

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