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Commentary – The spin has begun

The spin has begun “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is the right thing to do.”

The Republican quagmire

The Republican quagmire “The award for the most disgusting performance goes to the Governor and the 17 State Senators grandly thumbing their noses at the will of 80-percent of the voters (Democrats, Republicans, and anyone else amongst the 80-percent who

Will the Governor get his $1.3 Billion in tax hikes?

“Whether Gov. Brian Sandoval gets to impose the largest tax increase in state history on Nevadans is going to come down to whether he can induce a handful of lawmakers, who are currently on the fence, to go with him.”


THE BURIED VOTER ID ISSUE Where oh where has the Voter ID issue gone? Stronger voter identification policies, one of the basic and most prominent elements of the Republican Party agenda for years, appears to have been assigned the status

Gross Receipts Tax a death tax to Nevada businesses

SB252 – GROSS RECEIPTS TAX “………no other issue has the actual proof of the desire of the people of this state than the Gross Receipts tax.  If a 4-1 margin of public opinion against such a tax (or any issue)

Commentary – Oppose Gross Revenue Tax

                                                           Business License Fee on Gross Revenue (SB252) (At the end of this commentary is a summary of SB252 and a listing of fees per a business’ gross revenue) I am not writing this commentary to express a pro

Reality – Stronger Voter ID legislation will not happen

Reality – Stronger Voter ID legislation will not happen Support of stronger identification requirements in order to vote has long been one of the most vocal issues of the Republican Party. With Democrats controlling at least one legislative house, if

Letter to Editor – Reject AB 427

To the editor: I’m writing to urge readers to ask your representatives in the State Senate and Assembly to reject Nevada Assembly Bill 427. This bill essentially takes away local government’s power to regulate use or work on patented mining

Commentary – School Boards must be elective

Regardless of the outcome of the hearing on AB339 – the thought of allowing the State Board of Education (at the request of the local board) to appoint local school board members puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Commentary – Color me gray

COLOR ME GRAY While I may disagree on some details relating to some issues, I really am not having any major problems with the Republican legislative agenda and the unusually efficient manner Republicans are addressing them in this session (Construction