Election – Commissioner District 1 – Bob Hastings

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Total Contributions: $29,559.37

Largest Contribution: $17,5000 (Comstock Mining)

Mr. Hastings did not respond to the NewsDesk question submitted to all candidates running for Lyon County Commissioner.  He is the only candidate to not do so.  He also failed to submit a response to the NewsDesk questions during the Primary.

A clarification from the NewsDesk editor:

I, as Editor/Publisher of NewsDesk, several months ago banned Mr. Hastings and his wife (Nadine Solvadini) from posting in “Reader Comments” on Newsdesk.  They are the only individuals I have blessed with this honor – following submittal of several unfounded charges against the County and, in particular, Commissioner Chuck Roberts.  Differences of opinion are welcome – but slanderous accusations are not.

This issue has no bearing on the willingness of NewsDesk to publish any and all responses from Mr. Hastings to questions submitted to him by NewsDesk.

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher

NewsDesk (Est. January 2003)

One comment on “Election – Commissioner District 1 – Bob Hastings
  1. Sandy Marshall says:

    I now know why Bob Hastings changed his campaign tag line from “Governing for all of Lyon County”. With the release of his third quarter Contribution and Expense report to the Secretary of State, it shows he has received $10,000 from Comstock Mining. When Comstock Mining held the community appreciation BBQ in Dayton, I thought at that time it was an event for Bob Hastings, and now with the contribution, there is no doubt who Comstock Mining’s man is.

    Comstock obviously has plans for Lyon County; I believe their website said something about 2014. They seem to be looking for a Commission that will give them a free pass, and getting Bob Hastings elected will help. During the recent candidate’s night in Dayton, Mr. Hastings chastised the Commission for putting 34 conditions or stipulations on their approval of Walker River Meat Processing’s application, saying they weren’t “business friendly”. So, it appears, he will try to limit any conditions that residents might want to apply on their project.

    If Bob Hastings gets elected, they will have two advocates on the Commission, which now includes Vida Keller. Mrs. Keller is also on Mr. Hastings Contribution and Expense report for providing $350 of in-kind-contribution through Keller Rebuilders. All that will be need is one more Commissioner to be swayed, and Comstock Mining is assured to get whatever they want. We need a Commission that will listen to applicants fairly, judge them within the bounds of the law, and take into consideration resident concerns, not rubber stamp something based on amount of campaign contributions.

    “Governing for all of Lyon County” has now been replaced with “Governing for Special Interests” which is not good for all of Lyon County.

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