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I believe I am the most qualified candidate for the position of Lyon County Commissioner in District 3.  I started out at the grassroots level and worked my way up.  I spent my first years on the Dayton Regional Advisory Council (DRAC), then completed over eight years on the Lyon County Planning Commission and have almost now completed two years on the Board of Commissioners.  I have kept active in my community by volunteering with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, the Historic Society of Dayton Valley and most recently working with 4-H.

During my time as Planning Commissioner I supported the wishes of the public.  I was able to push through a Dark Sky Ordinance that requires Night Sky Friendly lighting fixtures that focuses light down instead of out in all directions, allowing for better viewing of the starry nights, providing for better security to buildings and saving on energy costs.  It was passed by the Commissioners and had the backing of the Builders of Western Nevada (BAWN).  I was also involved in the creation of a new Master Plan for land use.  This updated Master Plan had a lot of public participation in the process of creating it and lays the framework for the wishes of the different communities in Lyon County.

As a County Commissioner I have listened to the concerns of the citizens and have worked hard with my fellow Commissioners to come up with solutions.  I voted to approve the Master Plan and now I support updating the Development Codes and Standards so that we can implement the new Master Plan and work on the inclusion of the Community Plans.  To improve the communication between the public and Board of Commissioners I proposed that Lyon County create a Facebook page.  The County’s Facebook page was started in January 2011 and now has an average of 900 viewers per week and has the potential of reaching 74,000 users from people who “like” our page.  This Facebook page has allowed Lyon County to announce important information during emergencies, post links to upcoming agendas and let community organizations advertise their events so more people can find out about them.  For improving Lyon County’s economy I supported funding Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) to act as our Economic Development Authority as opposed to hiring our own.  Since the beginning of this year NNDA has helped to bring in Rice Lake Weighing Systems to Fernley; they make industrial scales, Carboline in Dayton; they do specialty coatings for bridges, skyscrapers and oil rigs, DP Industries in Mound House; they manufacture high impact doors and windows for military facilities, and they are assisting Nevada Copper, Comstock Mining and Walker River Meats to bring more jobs into the area.  I also backed and continue to support the Strategic Planning process which identified problem areas and strives to come up with solutions for the near-, mid-, and long-term as it relates to the different departments in the county and how to budget for the future.

Going forward I will strive to listen to people’s concerns and make decisions that are beneficial for the entire county.  I support partnering with the cities of Fernley and Yerington, the Lyon County School District and the four Lyon County Fire Districts to improve communication and cooperation in services to achieve cost savings.  I want to reduce the hurdles for business and development by updating our codes and/or eliminating unnecessary ones.  I would like to see improvements to NRS 288 – Relations between Governments and Public Employees so that the collective bargaining process is completed before the county has to submit the final budget to the State of Nevada.  I maintain support for the USA Parkway project for connecting I-80 with U.S. Hwy 50.  I stand committed to protecting the rights of farmers and ranchers so they can continue their operations by keeping water in the originating basins and defending grazing rights.  I desire to see our Public Lands available for many different uses and to preserve the current uses of those lands.

I would appreciate you selecting Ray Fierro for County Commissioner, District 3, when you cast your vote.

2 comments on “Election – Commissioner District III – Ray Fierro
  1. Sandy Marshall says:

    He may have been appointed, and has appeared to have learned a lot while in office. His debate answers in Dayton were good, and seems to have a firm grasp on what the commission can and can’t do. Mr. Fierro is a native, and I believe understands Lyon County far better than his opponent.

  2. L McPherson says:

    He may be the incumbent but he was not elected to the office.
    L McPherson

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