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Jill Dickman

(vs Richard “Skip” Daley, Incumbent)



Please post a short personal resume:

I was born and raised in a small town in Upper Michigan. After graduating from L’Anse High School, I attended Michigan Technological University, studying Business Administration. I’ve worked in and managed family businesses from a clothing store to a marina to a large-scale logging operation. My husband, Tom and I moved to Reno in 1989. We moved to Sparks in 1994 and started our manufacturing business in 1999.

I’ve been involved with music performance since grade school and currently play the harp semi-professionally.

I’ve been involved in politics since I was a small child when my mother took me with her campaigning for Barry Goldwater. I’ve been involved in Washoe County and Nevada politics for 15 years as a member of the county and state central committees, county and state convention delegate, and served as 1st Vice Chairman of the Washoe County Republican Party. I’ve worked as a volunteer for campaigns for State Assembly, State Senate, State Supreme Court, U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.

1. You are running against the Assembly District 31 Democrat incumbent. Define your strengths and why you would better serve Nevada than your Democrat opponent.

I have 30+ years of private sector job-creating business experience.

As a lifelong conservative Republican, I believe in and will fight for the traditional Republican principles of lower taxes, smaller/less intrusive/limited government and more personal freedom and responsibility for all of us.

As a small business owner, I know first-hand the detrimental effects of ever-growing taxes and fees. With each successive session, we see the legislature become more and more hostile to business.

As a common sense conservative woman with experience managing business and family budgets, I will be a responsible steward of your tax dollars.

Our citizen legislature has been taken over by politicians whose careers come before their constituents. I do not intend to make this my career as I already have one I love. I am completely independent and accountable only to my constituents. I’m not an insider nor part of the establishment beholden to lobbyists. I am able to interact well with those holding opposing viewpoints and will listen to all sides of every issue. Serving the people is my only goal and I’ll always be available to constituents.

2. Explain how you differ from your opponents in regards to:

  • Nevada health care issues – With all the problems surrounding Nevada Health Link, and the future uncertainty for all who signed up, this is sure to be a serious issue in the upcoming session. Re-enrollment in will be challenging, to say the least. A larger problem is that, with raising the ceiling on eligibility requirements for Medicaid, it has become the fastest growing expenditure in the state budget. Enrollment is ballooning due to the individual mandate. For two more years, the cost will be borne by federal taxpayers. After that, the federal contribution is scheduled to fall and Nevada taxpayers will be forced to make up the shortfall. The real solution is to address the ever-growing cost of healthcare and the shortage of medical personnel brought on by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Unfortunately, these issues are never addressed.
  • The Education Tax initiative – I am opposed to the Education Tax initiative, or as it should be called, the Margins Tax, even more accurately, the Gross Receipts Tax. This is a job-killer. If passed, it will drive business out of Nevada and prevent new business from locating here, leading to less funding for our schools. It will effectively create a 15% business tax rate, higher than California. There is no guarantee in the initiative that education spending will increase, or for how the money will be spent. It will increase state bureaucracy which will be very costly to taxpayers. As with all business tax increases, the cost will be passed on to consumers. There is also nothing in the initiative to address raising standards, providing better education for our children. We all want schools to improve, but this is not the solution.
  • Nevada mining and gaming tax issues – including efforts to increase both and the initiative to amend the state constitution and remove the mining tax cap – The gaming and mining industries currently pay huge sums in taxes, in addition to donating large sums of money to schools, for scholarships, to charities, etc. Gaming and mining already pay the lion’s share of taxes in Nevada. Also, there has never been anyone who could define what “fair share” is. I do not believe there is a sound argument for increasing their tax burden.


  • Nevada’s minimum wage – First, we need to stop calling it the “minimum wage” and call it what it is: an entry-level wage. It is generally for unskilled, entry-level positions, to be filled mainly by first time workers who will gain valuable experience and move into higher-skilled, higher-paying positions. Increases will never alleviate poverty, but will increase employer costs and decrease the number of entry-level positions.

           Secondly, it is not a proper role of government to tell a private, willing employer how much he MUST pay a    private,  willing employee.  And any employee not satisfied with the wages he or she is being paid has the freedom to improve his or her skills and seek higher-paying employment elsewhere. This is the essence of freedom in free country.

  • Immigration issues – I am completely supportive of legal immigration. In fact, were it not for legal immigration, I would very likely have been born in the Soviet Union or, perhaps, Ireland or Denmark. My family emigrated from these countries. However, illegal immigration is a net drain on our economy. We must pay to provide services for illegal immigrants which, in some cases, we cannot afford for ourselves. Illegal immigration drives down wages and takes jobs away from American workers and those here legally. I don’t believe the immigration system is totally broken, but it does need to be refined and streamlined. We must simply enforce our existing immigration laws.

3. As a new State Assemblyman, what do you feel would be your greatest challenges?

Learning the legislative process, with which I will have plenty of help from a number of Assemblymen and Senators who are friends and mentors.

4. It is a long campaign season. Many accusations/assertions are made by one candidate about another. Are there any such accusations/assertions made by your opponent you consider untrue or unfair? Explain.

There are none that I am aware of, however it is early in the campaign. Hopefully, it will remain so.

5. Please use this space to address any issues not previously covered.

I am a staunch Second Amendment supporter. As a CCW permit holder for over 10 years, you can be assured preserving the Second Amendment right of individuals to keep and bear arms is one of my top priorities.

I will fight any new taxes and fees or any increase of existing taxes and fees. I’m opposed to extending the “temporary” taxes that we were promised would expire 4 years ago.

I will promote a multi-pronged approach to our failing public school system, including all forms of school choice, i.e. vouchers, charter schools, parental triggers, cyber charter schools, private scholarships and home schooling. This will promote parental involvement which is lacking with our current system that tends to discourage parental participation. We must eliminate the Common Core Curriculum in all schools. Simply throwing more money at the school system will not make any difference. I believe we should promote vocational schools, such as the ACE Charter School, which has proven to be very successful for those who wish to learn a highly skilled trade. We need competition as an incentive for public schools to improve.

I’ve seen far too many politicians campaign on conservative principles and, when elected, vote the opposite. I pledge to you that I will not betray these principles. I will be your voice for a greater Nevada and I’m asking for your vote in Assembly District 31.

Editor’s Note:

All Republican candidates with a viable opponent and contact information were asked to participate in an online interview – Congressional, Statewide & Legislative General Election races. 

The interview responses will be posted in full, unedited as submitted on NewsDesk by Nancy Dallas (, the NvFRW website ( and the State Republican Party (; and, when relevant, the Carson City Central Committee website (, the CCRW website ( and all other GOP associated websites that wish to do so.   Hopefully, the responses will be emailed to the membership of each organization, with reposting of any interview by interested parties strongly encouraged. 

The purpose of these interviews is to allow our Republican candidates the opportunity to state their positions in their own words, describe how they differ from their opponent’s positions and why they would better serve Nevada than their opponent. The Primaries are over.  Our ultimate goal must now be to elect or re-elect Republicans. 

Not all candidates chose to respond.  Following the General election a participation summary will be posted.

Nancy Dallas, NewsDesk Editor/Publisher (Est. January 2003)


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