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 Crouch, Rex

Rex Crouch

(vs Teresa Benitez-Thompson, Incumbent)



Please post a short personal resume:

Rex earned his Eagle Scout award at age 14 and graduated from the Covenant Christian Academy high school at age 16.  Rex then served about 20 years as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and was medically retired as a disabled combat veteran.   Rex then worked for the federal government in the Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management while concurrently running his own geologic consulting practice.   Seeing how the federal government was mismanaging our public lands, Rex resigned from federal government service to run for public office and stop what the federal government is doing with our state.


  • Master’s Degree in Business Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Communication
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Geology


  • Fiscal Law
  • Government Contracting

1. You are running against the Assembly District 27 Democrat incumbent. Define your strengths and why you would better serve Nevada than your Democrat opponent.My strengths are based on my life’s work and education. 

  • Veteran’s Affairs – As a career soldier and a disabled veteran, I fully understand the trials Nevada veterans are going through with the VA and have learned to effectively navigate the obstacles. After some extensive reviews, I have found that the Nevada Department of Veteran’s Services can be better equipped, with no additional funding, to guide veterans through the VA maze. I’ve seen no solutions suggested by the Incumbent.
  • Nevada Natural Resources – As a former federal employee, I have a strong understanding of our natural resources from minerals to geothermal and from sage grouse to wild horses. Coming from the BLM, I know that the BLM has granted a “Right of Way” to the Southern Nevada Water Authority to build a pipeline into Northeastern Nevada and take their ground water—I know that it’s immoral and unethical and will be very harmful to the environment, but as long as it’s legal, they’re going to do it; I also know how to stop it. The Incumbent has been in office long enough to stop this water grab too, but she’s strongly funded by the same organizations in Las Vegas who have written letters to the BLM endorsing the Water Pipeline. I would suggest that she’s representing the people who funded her rather than the people of Nevada who voted for her. As ~87% of Nevada is controlled by the federal government, I have an inside view of how the federal government uses and exploits our state’s natural resources and in turn, the people of our state. I understand how we can better control our state’s lands and resources at the state level. My opponent has demonstrated by word and deed that she will tow Harry Reid’s agenda on everything, including Nevada’s Natural Resources. When we see the BLM lead by a former Harry Reid Aid, selling our public lands to Chinese companies, in violation of our U.S. Constitution, through deals brokered by Harry Reid’s son, we have to ask if we can trust the Incumbent to actually serve the people who voted for her. I will serve as a steward of our natural resources while working to take our lands from the federal government and achieve full statehood.
  • Jobs – I was raised in a self-employed household and grew-up with the work ethic necessary to successfully run a business. As an entrepreneur with a master’s degree in business management, I understand what it takes to make a business successful; and what it takes to make jobs in Nevada. The most important thing to know about jobs is that when people are working, the children and seniors are cared for the best, the Government reaps more in revenues, and spends less on programs to help the unemployed. Having lived around the world, I know people live and die with their families. Here in the United States, we live with American Exceptionalism which includes Hospices as part of that “Exceptionalism.” My opponent is a social worker in a hospice. Simply being honest, I don’t understand how taking people’s money right up to their dying day gives you the credentials necessary to understand job creation. I will fight for jobs in Nevada so we are no longer 50th in employment and I won’t rely on the Chamber of Economic Development. The Chamber of Economic Development needs to be investigated for potentially playing favorites and possibly entering into illegal contracts or otherwise committing taxpayers’ monies to unbacked business ventures without Constitutional authorization.   The first step in creating jobs is to get the Government out of the way.
  • Education – In 1979, President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. This is a tax parasite which created a one-size-fits all education system which has totally failed Nevada as demonstrated by our graduation rates. Before Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education, we created the scientists and engineers necessary to put Americans on the Moon. We were better off without federal education standards. Recently, Indiana disposed of the federal education standards, now known as “Common Core” and created its own state level education standard. Idaho is following suit. Once again, the incumbent tows the party line which includes Common Core education standards. We can follow Indiana’s lead and create an “Exceptional Core” education system which teaches the American Values which made our nation exceptional, not common. And within our Exceptional Core education system we can make public vouchers available to the parents allowing them to choose the school their children will attend. In turn, this type of free-market system in education will weed out the poor performing teachers giving our students only the best teachers available.
  • Latino Affairs – Today, about 25% of the voting population in Nevada is Latino. I have lived with the people in Central and South America for over eight years and speak Spanish. I have experienced first-hand the corrupt police and judges, unreliable utilities, and grocery stores with flies covering the meat and produce. I understand why people want to come to the U.S., but I explain to them- don’t come here and vote for the same type of Government which made your home country the way it is; you’re not helping. The Democratic Party is pushing the same Socialist values which have destroyed most of Latin America. I understand that Latinos have become part of the fabric of our society; given that my son is half Bolivian, I’m part of that quilt work and attend many of the Latino functions. Now that it’s an election season, the Incumbent is showing up to some Latino functions too. I’m at these Latino functions all the time throughout the year and never see her there. I would ask, can you trust a person who only shows up to your Hispanic functions when they are looking for your vote, then forgets about you until the next election season? She even voted for AB 74 which makes it more difficult and expensive for Latinos to process immigration forms. Unlike the incumbent who touts an Hispanic name and expects the votes of the Hispanic community, I lived life with Latinos as part of the Hispanic communities throughout Central and South America; I’m someone you can trust to understand Latino Affairs.
  • Illegal Immigration – Legal Hispanic Immigrants on job sites are maltreated by Illegal Hispanic Immigrants throughout Nevada. A strange dynamic, but it’s happening. These legal immigrants are resentful of the illegals and we are doing the legal immigrants a disservice by tolerating illegal immigration. We can’t make the lawless federal government comply with the Law of the Land, but we can deal with illegal immigration on our own at the State Level. Simply require proof of citizenship or legal residency to use programs intended for needy Nevadans. If we simply take away the sugar bowl, the illegals, some who carry up to five EBT cards with different names, they will self-deport, perhaps to California or Washington D.C.. The incumbent voted to give illegals drivers licenses. Her action of giving illegals IDs undermines federal laws which endangers national security and encourages people to make the dangerous trek across the desert resulting in the deaths of numerous men, women, and children; her actions also results in illegals bringing contagious diseases to the U.S., diseases like TB and leprosy.
  • Representing the People – If elected, I will represent the people of the Assembly District and the State, not the Party Line or Harry Reid’s agenda. I will work to bring jobs to Nevada, fight for full statehood, work to create a Nevada education system which works for our children, and help the Nevada Department of Veteran’s Services become a guide for veterans entering the VA. Some of my best campaign donors are Democrats who feel betrayed by the Incumbent and her failure to represent them. One Democrat business owner says she’s on the wrong side of all the issues, another Democrat even called the incumbent asking for help with a government agency and was blown off by the incumbent. I will be present for duty to represent everyone in the Assembly District.
  • Commitment – The incumbent missed part of the last Legislative session having her third baby and she just had a fourth baby. Is she actually representing the people if she is missing Legislative Sessions because of her busy personal life? Is she doing a disservice to the entire Legislative Body as well as the people of all of Nevada if she has to bring her babies into committee meetings and disturb elected officials who are trying to accomplish the work of the people?   I have no other life obligations which may prevent me from giving 100% of my time and effort to the job of representing the people if elected; I am committed to representing the people of Nevada.

2. Explain how you differ from your opponents in regards to:

  • Nevada health care issues 

Having read the Constitution, I understand that healthcare is a responsibility, not a right. One of the best things we can do to make healthcare more affordable is comprehensive Tort Reform which my opponent will probably never even speak of out-loud. The Incumbent voted for the failed Silver State Exchange imposing ObamaCare on all of us with an added level of bureaucracy which prevented some Nevadans from actually getting healthcare and dying. I would never support any mechanism which allows the Government to force people to buy something they don’t want, or allows the Government to control and ration our healthcare.

  • The Education Tax initiative:

The Education Initiative is a very deceptive name for the Margins Tax which is a job killer and economy destroyer. For those who have actually taken the time to read it, there’s nothing in the measure which mandates that the revenue from this tax go to Education; the revenues will go into the general fund to be spent however… Only a person who has never run a business may think that taxing a business 2% on its gross is a good idea when in reality many businesses don’t even realize a 2% gross. Yes, this was modeled off of a Margins Tax done in Texas and now even the Democrats in Texas are trying to get rid of it.

  • Nevada mining and gaming tax issues – including efforts to increase both and the initiative to amend the state constitution and remove the mining tax cap 

Any effort to increase taxes to create more revenue will always be the wrong approach; it will always kill business and result in less revenue. A better question to ask is why do Liberals want tax our base industries out of Nevada?

  • Nevada’s minimum wage 

President Obama has been pushing the topic of “Income Inequality.” This from the man who has $34,000.00 per plate fund raisers, and billionaire contributors who will never share their wealth with the poor of this country. The topic of “Income Inequality” is discussed a lot by Karl Marx, it’s best that the reader bone up on the subject historically so they understand what this is really about. The Incumbent has to support an increase in minimum wage if President Obama or Senator Harry Reid tells her too; there’s no room for individual thought under Liberalism. If you increase the minimum wage, it’s still minimum wage. The cost of everything will go up commensurate with the increase in wages; it always does. The only winner will be the Government who will get more in federal income tax, social security, and the state will see more in sales tax at the register, but for the people at the bottom rung of the ladder, it will still be earning Minimum Wage. The people who will be hurt the most by an increase in Minimum Wage will be those on fixed incomes such as retirement systems and social security. If you are on PERS, FERS, or Social Security or will be at any future date in your life, don’t vote Democrat.

  • Immigration issues:

I support legal immigration, I don’t support illegal immigration. We need to take away the sugar bowl as explained above. The incumbent voted for illegals to have IDs. This undermines federal laws, encourages illegals to come here, results in the deaths of these people and their children as they try to cross the desert, and endangers the Nevadans as some of these illegals are carrying TB to leprosy or may be felons in their own countries.


3. As a new State Assemblyman, what do you feel would be your greatest challenges?

Achieving full statehood. This should be the focus of every elected official to see full statehood and the transfer of the federal lands within our borders, including Yucca Mountain, into the hands of the state government. Everything, with the exception of the test site, they can keep that.


4. It is a long campaign season. Many accusations/assertions are made by one candidate about another. Are there any such accusations/assertions made by your opponent you consider untrue or unfair? Explain.

The Liberals who are taking over the Democratic Party are not Democrats; they have a tried and proven approach to politics and that is: ‘Tell a simple Lie. Keep repeating the Lie. Eventually people will believe the Lie.” I don’t expect the Incumbent to say anything about me, if she does, her handlers have failed, but I do expect 3rd party attacks under the direction of the incumbent’s campaign using the ‘Simple Lie’ approach which is outlined in the book “Mein Kampf.”


5. Please use this space to address any issues not previously covered.

Senator Harry Reid came to Reno in December 2013 and gave the Incumbent and award. Judicial Watch has named Harry Reid as one of the ten most corrupt politicians in the U.S. If Harry Reid respects and trusts the Incumbent as much as he does, can we trust her? I see this election as being very simple: A vote for Benitez-Thompson is an affirmation vote for Harry Reid. A vote for Rex Crouch is a vote against Harry Reid.

Editor’s Note:

All Republican candidates with a viable opponent and contact information were asked to participate in an online interview – Congressional, Statewide & Legislative General Election races. 

The interview responses will be posted in full, unedited as submitted on NewsDesk by Nancy Dallas (, the NvFRW website ( and the State Republican Party (; and, when relevant, the Carson City Central Committee website (, the CCRW website ( and all other GOP associated websites that wish to do so.   Hopefully, the responses will be emailed to the membership of each organization, with reposting of any interview by interested parties strongly encouraged. 

The purpose of these interviews is to allow our Republican candidates the opportunity to state their positions in their own words, describe how they differ from their opponent’s positions and why they would better serve Nevada than their opponent. The Primaries are over.  Our ultimate goal must now be to elect or re-elect Republicans. 

Not all candidates chose to respond.  Following the General election a participation summary will be posted.

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