Interview – Robin Reedy, Republican Assembly District 39

Robin Reedy

Robin Reedy


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Assembly District 39 includes all of Storey County, all of Douglas County and western Lyon County. There are two candidates in this Primary race, Robin Reedy and incumbent Jim Wheeler. Both responded to this interview.

Robin Reedy




1. Give a brief summation of your professional and political background.

I have a BS in Business Administration. I have ten years of experience in tourism and restaurant management, ten years in banking and over 20 years in State Government, Legislation, Finance and Budgeting. My objective over the last couple of decades is to create good government for the long term benefit of the Taxpayer.

I have been Chief of Staff to Governor Gibbons, Deputy Director to the Department of Business and Industry and had positions ranging from Account Clerk to Chief Deputy Treasurer within the State Treasury under 4 different Treasurers of both parties.

I have held numerous positions within the Nevada Republican Party, Nevada Federation of Republican Women (NvFRW) and been appointed by Republican Elected Officials. (Chief of Staff to Governor Gibbons; Deputy Director to Department of Business and Industry; Deputy of Debt Management to 4 different State Treasurers; Past Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Central Committee (DCRCC); Past Chairman of the Bush Re-election Douglas County with a 92% turnout; Past President of the Sierra Nevada Republican Party (SNRW), Past Treasurer for both the DCRCC and the SNRW, Developed the first website for the NvFRW; Past Member at large for the DCRCC; Past Five Star Chairman for the DCRCC and Past Chairman of the Douglas County Parks And Recreation Commission).

2. Define your district – geographic boundaries, demographic makeup, and political balance.

The district consists of the entire counties of Douglas and Storey, and the western most portion of Lyon County. As in most of the country, the District has a majority of age 50 and over. It is 51% Republican and 27% Democrat

3. If this is your first time running for office (or this position), why are you running for this position? If you are an incumbent, what have been your top accomplishments as a legislator?

I want effective representation for this District. We are fighting a cultural war; for our children and grandchildren. We are all in the same boat. We don’t have time to deal with elected officials shooting holes in the bottom of that boat.

4. What makes you more qualified to serve in this position than your opponent?

I have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of State Budgets, State human resources, Legislative research and implementation and the Political process including the balance between Judicial, Executive and Legislative Branches of government. I believe that this knowledge gives me a better ability to successfully pass legislation as well as block legislation. I will be more effective than the incumbent. The incumbent had 5 bills on which he was the first primary sponsor. That means he proposed the bill himself. Of those, NONE moved out of committee. NONE ever reached the full Assembly for a floor vote. Three had a hearing, two did not. The three that had hearings were AB157 (the water bill), AB196 compelling the AG to bring action, AB271 (veteran’s bill concerning spousal support for service-disabled vets). The two that didn’t even get a hearing were AB368 (provides an exemption for home based businesses) and AB387 (local government bonding).

5. There is a well-publicized, on-going philosophical split among many in the Republican Party. Describe your political philosophy in relation to this ‘moderate’ conservative versus ‘tea party’ conservative divide.

Republicanism means small, limited government. Government closest to the people as opposed to the Federal level of government. Government limited to Health, Safety and Welfare (with the most restrictive definition of welfare). The tenth amendment is there for a reason. If you agree with that you are republican. It does not mean no government and it does not mean expanding government, it means the people choose the policies pursued by the government within the constraints of the Constitution. The Republican Party should, in my opinion, encourage Republican registration, encourage Republican GOTV, provide a positive environment which encourages participation in Republican activities and get Republicans elected.

6. What do you see as the three most important issues related to your district?

  • Improve education without throwing money at it.

  • Improve the financial stability of the state by utilizing existing assets and improving the small business environment.
  • Create a team environment amongst Republicans to better sell Republican ideals across the entire State and better represent the District, the North and the rurals.

7. As a legislator, you are allowed to present a specific number of bills during the legislative session. Do you have any specific bills in mind?

No, I would work in conjunction with the Citizenry, the municipalities within the District and the District Senator to coordinate Bills in order to maximize the representation of the District.

8. What is your position in regards to the taxes imposed in 2009 that were to ‘sunset’ in 2011, but were re-approved by the 2011 and 2013 legislature?

Sunsets should actually, sunset.

9. How would you address improving the performance of Nevada’s public schools?

I would attempt to remove as many collective bargaining statutes as possible from the education statutes. I would also require that the “Last in, First Out (LIFO) method be changed so that the best teachers can continue teaching and lastly I want to change the paradigm where good teachers must be promoted to administrators and cause our kids to lose good teachers. Lay-offs and other reductions in workforce should first be within the administration and should be based on skills and measured achievement rather than just on seniority.

The education Bill I supported in the 77th Regular Session of the Nevada State Legislature was SB311. This Bill was a Republican Dream. It allowed parents, whose children were enrolled in consistently under performing schools, to petition to convert the public school to an empowerment school or a charter school. The incumbent voted against it.

10. To what degree should the State support Charter Schools and those students opting to attend a school outside their district? Do you support universal school vouchers, providing the money goes to the student/parent and not to any particular school?

I strongly support Charter Schools and parental choice in finding the best education for their children. Vouchers are an integral piece of that choice.

11. The State Legislature has found innovative ways to circumvent the state law banning the passing down of unfunded mandates to local governing entities. What is your position in regards to using such actions to fund state needs?

When you represent the District your represent the municipal entities in that district as well. All interests must be taken into consideration, because those municipalities will pass it on to the voters.

12. What is your position in regards to increasing Nevada’s minimum wage?

I think wages should be market driven.

13. Do you believe the gaming and mining industries pay ‘their fair share’ in contributing to the state’s economy? Explain.

Just because Gaming, Mining and Tourism have been the major industries does not mean they will continue to be. Taxing tourists and business will only hurt these industries.

The economic lifeblood of every community is small businesses. I would reduce regulations, eliminate boards where necessary and try to make our state attractive for business, citizens and visitors. There is a thriving underground economy that has been created because people who are looking to start a small business can’t come up with the money for the business tax. If that tax was more modest, it would be an incentive for more folks to register and be recognized by the state thus increasing revenue. It’s nothing more than a great example of the Laffer curve.

The legislature is the ultimate author of unintended consequences. They have no grasp at all of behavioral economics. A perfect example of this was two sessions ago when the legislature increased the license fees for mining claims in order to balance the budget. Thousands of claim holders walked away from their claims because the cost of tax made it not worth owning a claim. Of course this resulted in a significant shortfall in the projected revenues from this tax. Then they raided the water funds that the resorts had to pay into, and ended up getting sued. Then they used that as an excuse to once again extend the sunset taxes.

There are communities in the east coast and central states that had been built around one industry, like the automotive industry. Over the years tens of billions of dollars were invested into these industrial campuses. Over the last 25 years when the automotive industry left, they left behind valuable assets that many communities used as launching pads for economic diversity and reinvented themselves. Nevada has some of these same assets in the Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain. The State should aggressively push to secure these assets and use them to pull in private industries from around the globe.

Diversification will help our economy during down economic cycles. We need to be more aggressive in developing our natural resources; oil, natural gas, and minerals. I have been told that the oil currently being drilled in Utah is actually from Nevada. We should be at the forefront of development and stewardship of these resources.

14. With annual approval by Congress required, the Federal government pays state and local governments for the public lands (exempt from local taxation) within their jurisdiction (P.I.L.T.). Approximately 87-percent of Nevada is owned by Federal entities. Define your position in regards to states taking control of (Federal government relinquishing ownership to) all or a portion of these lands.

Our greatest potential revenue sources are tied to things we don’t own and don’t have control over. An aggressive bipartisan effort to return federal land to the State or to individual buyers is necessary. In principal, that land, or huge chunks of that land, should belong to the State of Nevada. The State should then work with the municipalities to utilize those assets. Government does not create jobs, not in the private sector. It is my belief that economic climate is inversely proportional to the amount of government interference in capitalism. The more intervention by government, the less robust is our economy. In fact, government is only healthy if the private sector is healthy

15. In 1979 Nevada passed a bill legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. It was repealed eight years later (1987). What is your position in regards to Nevada once again legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes? Legalizing the sale of marijuana, period?

I am not in favor of the current legislation regarding Medical Marijuana. I feel that there have been numerous examples of how NOT to legalize Marijuana, but we are not learning from it. The agricultural aspects and its effect on the environment without any oversight have proven damaging in California. The management of driving under the influence, and it use by employees in critical industries have not been addressed.

16. It appears that millions of acres of Nevada lands are destined to have the sage grouse (among other species) listed as a protected species. What is your position in regards to this issue? Explain.

I believe that the consequences of any decision should be included in the any environmental decision, and that the Federal Government should work with, not against, the state government.

17. Define your position on fracking and other means of oil exploration in Nevada. Do you support coal fired plants?

I am not a science expert, but I do think that technology within these industries has greatly decreased the negative environmental effects We need to recognize these scientific gains and remove the bias associated with these energy methodologies

18. In efforts to bring new businesses to Nevada, the Catalyst Fund was established. This is funded by state tax dollars. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development receives and then votes on applications from businesses and, through local governmental entities, subsidizes those selected. What is your position in regards to the Catalyst Fund? Do you have other ideas to encourage new businesses to locate in Nevada?

Moving a business is just about the largest expenditure an institution can make. Most of these costs are not directly related to the profit of the business. Our tax structure is so low that we cannot always compete with other states in helping the business overcome this cash flow deficit. I believe that this was an attempt to take that aspect into consideration. I also believe that is the main reason this state does not have a flood of businesses coming over the border. As with any decision, one must do a cost benefit analysis; an opportunity loss consideration and then overlay the policy effects. Time will tell if this proves profitable for the taxpayers.

19. Do you support “campus carry” legislation allowing licensed CCW permit holders over the age of 21 to carry their weapons on Nevada college and university campuses? Would you extend the same right to secondary school campuses?

All law-abiding citizens, including visitors, faculty, staff and students should legally be allowed to carry a concealed handgun on state college and university campuses.

20. If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

I would not support any bill that diminishes our freedoms and I would fight those that may be proposed at any level. IE: As Chief of Staff to Governor Gibbons, I proposed a lawsuit against the Federal Government because of Obamacare, an act that grossly violated the sovereignty of our State (10th Amendment).

I believe that where there is a will there is a way. When the Attorney General refused the Governor’s request we innovatively worked within the rules and joined the multistate lawsuit. The law said that the AG was the attorney and that we could not “hire” an outside attorney so we did not pay an attorney but we did appoint one.

The 4th Amendment is one of the reasons our country has been stable for over 200 years. The premise that our home is our castle and we can protect it from aggressors even if those aggressors are the government. Watching the history of so many civilizations that ultimately fall when government begins to take away the rights of citizens begins and ends with the 2nd and 4th amendments to our constitution. I am a gun owner, a lifetime member of the NRA and have a Concealed Weapon Permit. I would fight any effort to diminish this right.


One comment on “Interview – Robin Reedy, Republican Assembly District 39
  1. politicalphd says:

    This is not a favorable review.

    It appears item 4 is the beginning of the attack tactics, as this candidate goes directly after her opponent, and not the real issues causing problems within our state and local governments.

    I did not see any place in this interview where this candidate affirms that she will ask ALL her constituents their wants, wishes, fears, ideas, fixes, nor that she has any intention of including the general public of her ‘elected district’, no matter their political beliefs, in any decisions she would make, on her own, in the legislature.

    Most residents don’t speak “politics”, they speak ‘it’s hard enough just to keep it all working these days’, and I just don’t see this candidate speaking the same as those residents. She speaks “government, by me”. That is the type of situation that has caused us to arrive at “it’s hard enough just to keep it all working these days”.

    At a recent Lyon County Republican Central Committee meeting, the candidate addressed the members and visitors, and progressively seemed to get more and more angry. She also went into attack mode as well. That doesn’t sit well with many others, including myself.

    I am not inclined to vote for this candidate.

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