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Seaman, Victoria 2

Victoria Seaman

(vs Meghan Smith)

Open seat held by William Horn (D)



Please post a short personal resume:

Victoria Seaman has 25-years plus in business and community. As an entrepreneur, she created and managed Day Spa’s and designed and manufactured a high-end Esthetician product line. Victoria oversaw the daily operations of both companies, and after growing both companies successfully, she sold them in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

She has donated her time to the auction committee for the Los Angeles Master Chorale and various other schools and organizations, volunteering to help them with fundraising. In 2007 she was elected and volunteered one year as a voting delegate for Summerlin South. She spent two years as a volunteer for Central Christian, Summerlin Campus in children’s ministry. She has currently joined ICLV as a greeter. In 2012 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation for her efforts to reconnect the descendants of Jose de la Guerra and preserve the legacy of one of Santa Barbara and California’s most influential figures.

Her interest in politics was ignited while earning her degree in Political Science. She is currently working on a degree in Marriage Family Therapy. Since 2009, Victoria has been very active within the local political community. She served on the committee for ARW Community Outreach and is a member of the Conservative Alliance for Community Growth. She was elected in 2011 and served one year on the Board of Directors for the Nevada Republican Men’s Club before she was elected 2nd Vice President in 2012. In 2013 she was invited to sit on the steering committee for the bi-partisan group, New America.

She is currently working as a State Licensed Realtor and always has time for community outreach and joined the Red Rock Search and Rescue team in November 2013. Victoria is the proud mother of Tatiana who graduated Santa Monica College, and will be attending UCLA in the fall. Victoria and her husband love animals, and share their home with their three dogs Pierre, Coco and Jacque.

1. You are running for the open District 34 seat, vacated by Democrat William Horn. Define your strengths and why you would better serve Nevada than your opponent.

I have more than 25 years of experience owning and running business. I know the importance of a balanced budget and good customer service, and I know how to create jobs. I have been an active member of our community for many years and will be a voice for the residents of District 34 in Carson City.

Unlike my opponent, I have shown time and time again that I am committed to our community, and I will represent the people and not the special interests. My opponent will only be a voice for unions and has shown that she only moved to the district to run for office.

2. Explain how you differ from your opponents in regards to:

My opponent has not made all of her positions clear, but we have consistently disagreed on many of the most important issues facing the state.

    • Nevada health care issues – I am opposed to the Affordable Care act mandate; it has been a regular topic of conversation when I’m out talking to voters. Concerns have been raised about the flaws in the website, the increase in costs, challenges ensuring current doctors are covered and more government control in our daily lives. I will work to make sure health care is available to Nevadans because of the free market, not government intervention
    • The Education Tax initiative – I oppose the Margin Tax, and my opponent has said publically that she supports it. As a businesswoman and a job creator, we cannot increase taxes on businesses and expect them to grow and invest. The deeply flawed Margin Tax will cause businesses to leave Nevada, especially businesses with small profit margins.
    • Nevada mining and gaming tax issues – including efforts to increase both and the initiative to amend the state constitution and remove the mining tax cap – While my opponent has stated in the Review Journal that the mining industry can sustain a small tax increase to support education, I oppose taxes that unfairly burden one industry over another. Nevada mining is thriving, creating jobs and supporting our economy. If we make a habit of turning our attention to the thriving industry of the day, those businesses will look elsewhere. In the case of gaming, with increased competition in neighboring states and around the world, our gaming is finally beginning to recover and put people back to work. If we continue to increase the tax burden on gaming, those businesses will begin to look elsewhere for opportunities.
    • Nevada’s minimum wage – I believe the free market is the best tool for setting minimum wage because when the government forces an increase in minimum wage, the cost of living rises accordingly. Nevada needs to work with businesses to create an environment where there are opportunities to grow and invest, and when that happens higher salaries will be the result.
    • Immigration issues – I believe that our immigrants need to follow the process to gain citizenship, just as my ancestors did just a couple generations ago. Illegal immigrants pose a huge expense to Nevada taxpayers, and solutions such as driver ID cards, which was passed during the last legislature, are only a Band-Aid on a bigger problem. Our elected leaders need to work with national leaders and leaders of Border States to find real solutions that get to the core of illegal immigration.

3. As a new State Assemblyman, what do you feel will be your greatest challenges?

The biggest challenge I see in Carson City is the increasing partisanship that is creating gridlock here in Nevada. I find it disheartening to hear about legislation that is passed by one party without one vote from the other. We all represent our constituents, and we need to work together to pass legislation that helps all Nevadans, not just one group or another.

4. It is a long campaign season. Many accusations/assertions are made by one candidate abut another. Are there any such accusations/assertions made by your opponent you consider untrue or unfair? Explain.

My opponent hasn’t said anything negative yet; however, I have been rumored to have sent the anonymous mailers attacking one of the democratic candidates during their four way primary. Not only is that completely untrue, it has set a horrible tone for this race. I hope that Secretary of State Ross Miller conducts an exhaustive investigation to hold the violators accountable to uphold the law.

5. Please use this space to address any issues not previously covered.

I am in this race to win it because this is our opportunity to elect a representative of the people to this open seat. I am working with voters of all parties to build relationships within our district and to make sure we address the issues that are affecting our district and our state.

Editor’s Note:

All Republican candidates with a viable opponent and contact information were asked to participate in an online interview – Congressional, Statewide & Legislative General Election races. 

The interview responses will be posted in full, unedited as submitted on NewsDesk by Nancy Dallas (, the NvFRW website ( and the State Republican Party (; and, when relevant, the Carson City Central Committee website (, the CCRW website ( and all other GOP associated websites that wish to do so.   Hopefully, the responses will be emailed to the membership of each organization, with reposting of any interview by interested parties strongly encouraged. 

The purpose of these interviews is to allow our Republican candidates the opportunity to state their positions in their own words, describe how they differ from their opponent’s positions and why they would better serve Nevada than their opponent. The Primaries are over.  Our ultimate goal must now be to elect or re-elect Republicans. 

Not all candidates chose to respond.  Following the General election a participation summary will be posted.

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