Interview – Virgil Arellano, Incumbent Candidate Lyon County Commissioner District 5

Virgil Arellano

Virgil Arellano


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There are four Republican candidates in this race. The candidate receiving the most votes in the Primary will advance to the General Election. Edward Lupori and Clifford Thompson did not reply to the interview.

District 5 encompasses the southern portion of Lyon County, including Smith Valley and the Mason Valley. A commissioner candidate must live within the boundaries of their district, but are voted upon countywide.

Virgil Arellano




1. Give a brief summation of your professional and political background.

I am a third generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno. I am a retired firefighter and a small business owner. Although my background was in agriculture, including veterinary studies and ranch management, most of my adult life has been dedicated to public and community service. I also pursued college studies in political science, management, government, philosophy and psychology. I have always been a registered Republican. I was a delegate to the 2008 and 2010 Nevada State Republican Conventions.

I served as a Lyon County Planning Commissioner for four years prior to my being elected County Commissioner in November of 2010. I currently serve on the following committees as a liaison or representative for Lyon County and its citizens:

• Nevada State Land Use and Planning Advisory Council (Current Chairman)

• Nevada Lands Management Task Force (As created by AB227)

• Nevada Association of Counties Public Lands and Natural Resources

• Walker River Irrigation District

• Mason Valley Conservation District

• Smith Valley Conservation District

• Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest Resource Advisory Committee

• Northern Nevada Development Authority Agriculture Committee (Founding Member)

• BLM Cooperating Agency Representative for Lyon County

Outside Committees

• South Lyon Medical Center Governing Board 2010 to present

• Lyon County Republican Central Committee

• Lyon County Republican Womens Committee (associate member)

• Fernley Republican Womens Committee (associate member)

2. Why are you running for this position?

To finish the job I started and fulfill the pledge I made to the residents of Lyon County. In 2010 when I was running for office I asked many residents from throughout Lyon County what their concerns and issues were. From those comments and concerns I developed “our” platform and I pledged to work hard towards the following items:

• Revitalize our economy, facilitate job growth and support new business.

• Accountability and responsible management of our tax dollars.

• Support our agricultural industry.

• Encourage balanced growth between residential, commercial and industrial projects.

• Increase local government accountability and transparency.

• Support and protect our public lands for multiple uses.

For the first time since 2008 Lyon County is “in the black.” We have made tremendous progress with the items listed above, but there is still much work to do. That is where experience and leadership comes into play. It is imperative that we use the lessons learned from the past in going forward, as well as identifying areas of concern before they become critical issues as our economy improves. As I mentioned, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do and it is my intent with the support of Lyon County residents to continue the work and finish the job I started. That’s who and what I am – a hard worker . The voters elected me to do a job and placed their faith and trust in me to work for them and achieve successful results for the short, mid and long-term future of our county.

3. What makes you more qualified to serve in this position than your opponents?

With all due respect to my opponents, my experience, hard work, and proven leadership through some very challenging times as your Lyon County Commissioner from District Five, qualifies me to serve another term.

My experience and involvement in balancing three successive county budgets with revenue deficits was the culmination of hard work and collaboration by our County’s elected officials, departments, citizen advisory boards, employees and a wide range of other stakeholders. Over the past three years, and faced with revenue deficits, Lyon County took difficult steps to insure that we continued to provide services to our residents. Eliminating positions was extremely difficult. With reduced spending as well as reorganization in several departments, these difficult steps allowed us to basically survive and function at a bare bones minimum.

In 2011, for the first time ever in Lyon County we undertook developing a strategic plan for the county. The strategic plan was not only developed to assist and guide us through a depressed economy but also to address and plan for the future. This plan assists with identifying and developing solutions in order to facilitate economic growth. It also addresses areas of concerns and issues throughout the county, such as those related to public lands and natural resources, as well as supporting existing businesses and industries, maintaining infrastructure and roads in a downturned economy. How do we measure or gauge if the strategic plan is working or has worked? Just take a look at the 2014/15 budget. We are in the black this budget year we finally see signs that our economy is improving and that revenues are increasing. To insure that our economy continues to improve we must apply the lessons learned from the hard times, and focus on using those lessons for long term financial health. We must develop, follow and adhere to disciplined financial policies and practices.

Leadership is not necessarily standing up in front of a group and saying “Follow me!” Individual leadership begins with listening and understanding the situation or problem. Effective, efficient leaders ask questions, gather information, utilize available resources, and make decisions that can be managed, monitored and measured for success. Leadership includes admitting mistakes and adjusting the plan or decision to achieve success. Recognizing one’s own leadership skills and management styles is crucial in building working relationships with others in order to find and implement solutions, build consensus and develop compromise when necessary. Dynamic leaders are always open to new ideas and methods to improve situations as well as managing problems. Responsible leaders take the initiative and welcome responsibility and accountability .I have used these leadership skills on behalf of Lyon County and its residents since taking office in January of 2011.

I will share one brief example of where I applied my leadership skills. The Lyon County Public Lands Policy that had been adopted in 1993 had not been reviewed or updated for 19 years. I was aware that there were many new policies and actions being undertaken by federal agencies in the management and administration of public lands within Lyon County. My concern was with potential threats to multiple users and historical usage of our public lands. Additionally with a depressed economy, actions by federal agencies could have a negative impact on economic revenues generated from public lands critical to Lyon County. I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to draft a new public lands policy. Since the county did not have funds to pay for a consultant to develop this policy and by me drafting the policy, I saved the taxpayers fifty to seventy thousand dollars. Eventually, with all the current issues we face regarding public lands, I believe that funding would have needed to be identified and appropriated.

In drafting the public lands policy I reached out to several counties, their commissioners, their staff as well as natural resource consultants. Our Lyon County Public Lands Advisory Management Board as well as our county planning staff also played a significant role in developing and reviewing the draft policy.

The relationships I had built during this process have been valuable in serving our county and residents. Additionally I incorporated an annual review for the policy so that it can be updated every year or as need be. This is the kind of leadership I have brought to Lyon County as a commissioner; Recognizing the potential problem and its impacts, identifying the solution, asking questions, listening, utilizing available resources, and taking the initiative and responsibility to accomplish the task or solution and achieve a positive result. I am your County Commissioner from District Five and the candidate with Qualified Proven Experienced Leadership!

4. What do you expect to spend on this campaign? Do you intend to spend your own money? To what degree?

I loaned funds from my own personal account to my campaign account to get started. Before filing for the primary election I budgeted $7500.00 based on potential contributions, as well as what I raised and spent during the 2010 primary. As of April 23, 2014 I have spent $ 5316.83. With three opponents in the primary, campaign costs will increase. The majority of my campaign funds are coming from contributions.

5. A. What do you see as the three most important issues of concern in Lyon County?

Water, water, and water! Seriously, there are many issues that are of critical importance and concern. These are three current, critical and important issues of concern in Lyon County that I am currently working on that demand immediate attention:

• Our Economy,

• Public Lands, and

• Water

5. B. Please explain your proposals to resolve these concerns.

My proposals to resolve these concerns are underway. Here are some current examples.


The Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act ( Pumpkin Hollow Copper Mine )will bring much needed jobs to Lyon County. I was directly involved in the development of this legislation. The bill has been passed out of both House and Senate Committees and is waiting for floor action in both houses. Currently, local citizens as well as local leadership and I are reaching out to House Leadership in support of our Nevada Congressional Delegation for immediate action and passage of this legislation. Passage of the bill will create over 2500 jobs, implement educational initiatives, and generate much significant long term revenues for our county which also benefit our schools, fire districts and local hospital district.

Agriculture is critical to our counties economic health. Along with mining it is part of our states heritage. Agriculture is our states third largest industry. Lyon County leads the state in revenues generated from crops and livestock production. In the summer of 2012, Mason and Smith Valleys experienced unprecedented power outages. Not only did these outages affect residential and commercial customers but our agricultural industry was severely affected. The problem was not something new but a chronic issue. After receiving many complaints within a one week period, I facilitated a meeting between local leadership and NVEnergy. Agriculture was also represented at that meeting which was held in July of 2012. I agendized and outlined the issues and presented copies of complaints to NVEnergy. From that meeting NVEnergy made several presentations to the public during Board of Commissioner Meetings. Citizens also became involved by taking their concerns to the public utilities commission. In December of 2013, NVEnergy came to the Lyon County Board of Commissioners and presented their plans for the construction of a new substation in Smith Valley and a complete rebuild of the Bridge Street substation in Yerington. This will greatly assist with having reliable power delivery for the long term. In March of 2014, knowing that there would be a significant amount of water being pumped by our ag producers during this drought, I arranged for a tour of Lyon County with the new president of NVEnergy. I wanted to emphasize the importance of having reliable power delivery. I was pleased with the outcome of the tour and that we had the opportunity to visit with local ag producers to address their issues. I will continue to work on this issue and insure that long term solutions are implemented in a timely manner.


I currently serve on three committees dealing with public lands issues. (See number one)

Our historical multiple usage on public lands is currently threatened by federal agencies and special interest groups. Whether its grazing, mining, recreation or public access, all of these factors play a part in our economy, not only at the county, level but at the state level as well. Currently I am working with our county manager per our public lands policy to address concerns and submit comments on the BLM Resource Management Plan as to impacts on our county and citizens. The final plan will be released this fall for public review and comment.

The proposed listing of sage grouse species will have a dreadful economic effect on our county and state. I continue to work on the local Bi-State Sage Grouse issue to prevent any listing. Currently I am working with other county leaders to draft a statewide joint county resolution in support of stakeholders and the Governors Sagebrush Eco-System Council regarding the sage grouse issue at the local and state levels.

The Nevada Lands Management Task Force has been meeting since June of 2013. I have been actively engaged as Lyon County’s representative. The report to the State Legislative Committee is almost complete and undergoing minor language changes. The transfer of public lands to the state of Nevada will address many issues and give us long term solutions and opportunities to insure our state’s economic growth as well as securing and enhancing historical multiple usage of our public lands for Nevadans. (See number 13


Without water we have no economy. Whether its agriculture, commercial, residential, industrial or recreation, water is critical. In the next year I will be reviewing the natural resources component in our master plan. We have measures in place to address water sources for residential, commercial and industrial development but we need to address how to support water resources in other areas. With a new natural resources policy we can address watershed issues, support agriculture and recreational uses. If the transfer of public lands to the state of Nevada occurs, the natural resource policy as well as the public lands policy will be key elements of the master plan. The county master plan will be the guiding document in administering the county’s interests in regards to state managed public lands.

Regardless of the outcome of the public lands transfer, I will be reaching out to local stakeholders and working with local and state leadership to develop a natural resources policy to address water issues.

6.  Lyon County’s tentative budget was recently approved. As the county’s revenue projections slowly improve, what will be your spending priorities in the coming years?

• Obviously road maintenance and improvements is a priority, along with maintaining current buildings and grounds.

• Advancing technology is critical in order to streamline county operations and reduce costs to the taxpayers.

• Complete the implementation of community plans within the master plan.

• Reducing and paying off county debt is also a priority.

• Continue to look at privatization and outsourcing. We have made strides in centralizing services and eliminating rents and leases for facilities. This should continue to be in the forefront.

• More importantly, rather than spending money, I would pursue examining property taxes and sales tax for tiered reductions.

• I would also reassess business license fees and look at reducing those as well. I do not believe in the old adage “Once a tax is imposed, it never goes away” Our taxpayers deserve a break in coming out of our economic recession.

• With a new sheriff taking office in 2015, public safety will be very important. We will have to wait and see what the new sheriffs plans are for providing services within the public safety budget.

• Increased staffing should be based on absolute necessity based on increased revenues and potential improvement or sustainability of providing services.

7.  Define your position in regards to following the guidelines as stated within the land use master plan.

Without guidelines it’s a free for all. We could just do away with the planning commission and planning staff when guidelines, policies and objectives within the master plan aren’t followed or adhered to. How can you have desirable intelligent well balanced growth if policies and guidelines within the master plan are not adhered to? During the strategic planning process we identified that the master plan was critical in growing our economy for the long term. If we are serious about attracting investors to Lyon County, whether its residential, commercial or industrial, I offer that there is a reasonable expectation for future investors as well as existing property owners that the existing master plan would be adhered to.

8.  Do you have any opinions in regards to the privatization of particular aspects of County operations?

I support privatization and outsourcing, based on the type of service and the cost. I would not support any measures that would negatively impact customer service and interaction during regular business hours. I would be hesitant to privatize certain aspects of public works. For example, repair crews.

Our existing public works staff can go to work fixing a broken water line almost immediately 24/7. With a private contractor we would be at their mercy, especially on weekends and holidays.

9.  The maintenance of Lyon County roads is a perpetual source of concern. What ideas could you offer to help resolve/improve these issues?

We are implementing some outsourcing in regards to crack sealing and chip sealing throughout the county. Partnerships with the cities of Yerington and Fernley should not be overlooked. Time will tell as far as cost savings and effectiveness. We have approximately 540 miles of roads that are maintained by Lyon County. Public works is doing a tremendous job with current staff and equipment. As far as specific ideas….continue to pursue state and federal funding in the form of grants. Obviously the solution would be the passage of the Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act. (Nevada Copper Project) With revenues to Lyon County from net proceeds averaging 10-15 million dollars a year for approximately 20 years we could make some significant strides for the long term with maintaining and improving roads.

10.  The State Legislature has found innovative ways to circumvent the state law banning the passing down of unfunded mandates to local governing entities. What is your position in regards to using such actions to fund state needs?

I am adamantly opposed to unfunded mandates. We had approximately $700,000 dollars in unfunded mandates come down at us from the state during the 2011/2012 budget. Those unfunded mandates are still in place and must be funded annually. It was not reasonable for the state to burden a county with a significant depressed economy with additional costs in order to develop a state budget.

11.  What, if anything, do you think could be done to offer greater transparency within Lyon County government?

I believe we have improved as far as having a transparent county government. It is better than what it has been in the past. Is there room for improvement? Yes! When we reach the time and point where we have a steady reliable increasing revenue stream, I would like to see live webcasts available in the mid to long-term. As technology improves and fiber optics become more available, perhaps we could record video and have those available on the county website for designated periods of time.

12. With annual approval by Congress required, the Federal government pays state and local governments for the public lands (exempt from local taxation) within their jurisdiction (P.I.L.T.). Approximately 87-percent of Nevada is owned by Federal entities. Define your position in regards to states & local entities taking control of (Federal government relinquishing ownership to) all or a portion of these lands.

I represent Lyon County on the Nevada Lands Management Task Force as created by AB227 during the last session of the state legislature. We have been holding meetings since June of 2013. The committee is tasked with looking at the transfer of federally managed and administered lands to the State of Nevada. PILT funding to states is approximately $425 million. Nevada’s share is $23 million, with $1.9 million going to Lyon County. PILT Funding will be addressed at our next Task Force Meeting on April 25, 2014.

There are so many dynamics in play that addressing all of them would overload your website Nancy!

I do support the transfer of certain public lands to the state of Nevada. At the same time, at our last meeting we took action and identified lands we would not want designated for transfer to the state. They include the following:

• Current Congressionally designated wilderness areas

• National Conservation Areas

• Lands currently administered by:

• Department of Energy

• Department of Defense

• Department of Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs

• Department of the Interior – U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

• Department of the Interior – National Park Service

We are getting very close to finalizing the economic study/report of transferring federally managed public lands to the state and drafting our final report to the State Legislative Committee on Public Lands. Because of the depth and volume of our work here is the link that residents can use to follow our activities and progress.

13. It appears that millions of acres of Nevada lands are destined to have the sage grouse (among other species) listed as a protected species. What is your position in regards to this issue? Explain.

I am opposed to the listing of threatened or endangered species in regards to the Bi-State and Greater Sage Grouse populations. I spent countless hours reviewing the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) and the proposed federal rule in regards to the Bi-State sage grouse population here in Lyon County. The federal agencies studies and findings are flawed and are based on prejudicial science. They failed to recognize predatory threats to the species, but yet they admit the populations of the main predator, ravens, have increased. Their plan for habitat improvement, namely fuel reduction, is minimal and the federal agencies will not commit to funding fuel reduction.

This is nothing but a land and watershed grab by Federal agencies and special interest groups to restrict and or eliminate multiple uses on public lands, such as grazing, recreation and mining. Have the sage grouse numbers decreased in our area…yes. Have numbers increased in other areas …yes. Lyon County is fully aware of this issue.

I worked with a consultant from October of 2013 through December 2013 in developing our official comments for submission in regards to the DEIS and the Proposed Federal Rule for listing. At the same time we were also developing comments for the BLM Resource Management Plan. Isn’t it ironic how the federal agencies hit us with three comment periods on three different issues at the same time? I was also relieved that we had a new public lands policy to work from and reference.

Our local working groups and conservation groups have done an outstanding job of habitat improvement here locally. I have attended statewide meetings in regards to the sage grouse. As the new chair of the Nevada State Lands Use Planning Advisory Council, my first order of business was to seek approval from the committee to draft a statewide joint county resolution in regards to opposing any listing of sage grouse. This was approved and I will be drafting the resolution in support of the Governor’s task force dealing with the sage grouse.

14.  Define your position on fracking and possible use of this technology in Lyon County.

I support the development and utilization of our natural resources for economic growth. Of course, sound conservation plans must be in place. Fracking requires a substantial amount of water. With the current drought, and significant amounts of water being pumped for agriculture, I would have serious concerns about fracking in those areas. I would oppose anything that would have potential negative impacts on our existing water tables and wells for all users.

I do support full energy independence for our country, but that may still be many years away. Currently, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and the Nevada Division of Minerals are drafting rules and regulations in regards to fracking. I would like to see those regulations first before making any decision or taking a position. Of course any fracking project proposed in Lyon County should go through an extensive public hearing process. Finally, if the one or both of the sage grouse species gets listed I would venture to say that fracking will be a moot point.

15.  If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

I would just like to express that it has been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Lyon County since taking office in January of 2011. Now more than ever they deserve hardworking experienced leadership in moving forward. We have hopefully put the difficult times behind us and we finally see signs of economic recovery. I will continue to work hard ! I believe a county’s prosperity is measured by the quality of peoples’ lives and the success of local business and industries. State and local government must apply the lessons learned from hard times to facilitate and build a prosperous economy for the long term. By working together we can achieve and secure a prosperous future and make a positive difference for all of us working and living in Lyon County. Thank you Lyon County residents for the support and opportunity to work for you and Thank You Nancy Dallas for allowing me to opportunity to share my views on Newsdesk.


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  1. politicalphd says:

    I get it now, you are trying to associate me with another person, a fellow named David Ray, I do believe. I do think he is on a few boards in the county, but, I am not he.

    So, come on up with your usual inaccurate, fabricated “info”, as you have done profusely on this web site.

    I am sure Mr.Ray will be interested in it all, as well.

  2. Milton (with the goods) says:

    I didn’t think you would want to respond to that one. LOL!

  3. politicalphd says:

    Where are all your squadrons of Arellano haters you promised you’d produce?

    Still waiting.

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    Dear Politicalphd, (Ph.D unverified)

    After your May 19th suggestions that I might be supporting another candidate in order to receive some “Perk,” or personal gain, we decided to do some research. What we found came as little surprise. We thought you might like the opportunity to share some information with our readers. Here is the question: During the last four years, how many times has Virgil named you to be appointed to various positions in Lyon County Government? Given your previous track record with answering simple questions, we have taken the liberty of preparing some possible responses for you.

    1. At least three times. (This one is my personal favorite)

    2. None. (Unfortunately, this answer is easy to disprove)

    3. Virgil who?

    4. I’m going to respond with my usual line of hysterical babble, blowviating, and hooey designed to distract people’s attention away from the original question or facts.

  5. politicalphd says:

    “Politicalphd, (phd unverified)”

    Now, THAT IS hilarious, coming from a completely clueless political operative.

    Why don’t you stop wasting everyone’s time and come clean with just which campaign you are with.

    Other than that, you are just plain useless, and people like Larry below, and others I have spoken with away from this we3b site, all agree, you are fabricating things about this candidate that just are not true.

    It just isn’t worth anyone that visits this web site, to post again on this one topic, we all agree, we don’t need to “feed the only political troll” here, YOU.

    Enjoy the silence, troll away, have fun spewing to nobody listening/reading you.

    politicalphd (confirmed PhD).

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    Dear Politicalphd, (phd unverified)

    Well, you have certainly lambasted us with facts once again. Your rhetoric is hilarious. Once again, you have managed to respond with absolutely no facts or substance what so ever. Nothing but hooey coming out of you. You had a chance to respond to Virgil’s travel expense fiasco with facts, but you chose not to. Why? Because you know I am right. You were there. Your silence on the subject of Virgil’s education, or lack there of, speaks volumes too. Looks like I have hit the nail right on the head once again. Absolutely nothing to back up Virgil’s claim of having a formal education.

    Your feeble stabs in the dark at my identity are a riot! You seem to be one of the few without a clue. There are plenty of people who are following our debate, and the overwhelming consensus is that you are getting your ass handed to you. I get emails about it almost daily. There has even been some speculation that you are running Virgil’s campaign. We certainly hope that is true. I really hate to see someone who doesn’t have a clue, so I guess I had better provide you with one. At a recent county meeting, I sat so close to you that it was abundantly clear to me why you have so much difficulty remembering what happened at those meetings. Good thing they have banned smoking in county meetings! I am preparing some more facts for our readers, so please stand by. Some of those facts are real WHOPPERS!

    Meanwhile, here’s another fact for you. I know how you just love facts, those pesky things that you can’t ever respond to, but you don’t seem to mind pressing Hunewill for.

    Fact 4. You didn’t respond to my comments about Virgil pushing for the nuisance ordinance because you couldn’t. You could not produce one fact or one scrap of evidence to support your claim that Virgil was against the nuisance ordinance. Not one quote from the MVN. Not one public statement, and not one statement made by Virgil during any BOCC meeting. Nothing. No, Mr. phd you’re not going to rewrite history in the eleventh hour with your rhetoric. There are way too many of us now, and we never forget.

  7. politicalphd says:

    jabber jaw away, you have absolutely NO credibility, and even less correct information to share.

    ou still havcen’t told any of us just whom you are working to get elected, and, we are all waiting to know. We know it isn’t Arellano, but, is it mommy, or, possibly, are you John Roemer in disguise?

    It really doesn’t matter, everyone is more than acutely aware that you are just not too educated in your ranting and vitriolic raving about only ONE candidate, when they all have faults, just like the rest of us, as they are human, but, it appears, YOU alone are not human, you are perfect, and tell us so with every attack.

    Rave on, you have proven way, way beyond any level, you are attempting to win an election for whomever, by innuendo, rhetoric, and just plain incorrect, and/or fabricated “info”, when the truth is readily available.

    Rave on, your biggest enemy is right there in the mirror, it ISN’T Arellano.

  8. Milton (with no last name) says:

    Dear Politicalphd,

    I notice that you are a little slow out of the gate with your reply to my question about Virgil’s education. I don’t blame you. There is no safe way to respond, and you seem to be running low on hooey lately. I wouldn’t want to have to reply to that one either. Tell you what, let’s revisit the topic in a few days.

    Fact #2. You tried desperately to mislead our readers with your hysterical spew about Virgil’s travel expenses. You conveniently left out the fact that Virgil was the only commissioner who was chastised at that meeting. You also conveniently left out the fact that there was some concern over the validity of his travel expense claim. Further, you conveniently left out the fact that Virgil offered to withdraw the expense claim. Now let me ask you, would an honest man with a legitimate travel expense claim offer to withdraw that claim, or would he stand up and substantiate the claim in front of everybody? So who is it that is trying to mislead people, me, or you?

    Fact #3. You didn’t respond to my comment about your attendance at the BOCC meetings over the last 12 months because you couldn’t. You knew that I would produce some of the meeting date(s) that you missed. Seems to me that an honest man, when his credibility is being called into question, would have stepped up with some facts, or proof to substantiate his claim, but you didn’t do that. I will ask you again, Mr. Politicalphd, who is it that is trying to mislead people, me, or you?

  9. Milton (with no last name) says:

    Dear Politicalphd,

    Each one will get their turn in the barrel. It just happens to be Virgil’s turn right now. Notice how Chuck had his turn during the last election? Not that the voters did themselves any favors by electing Hastings. He was just the pseudo republican candidate who they thought would screw them the least. You can relate to that mentality, cant you?

    Oh, Oh! I see the RGJ is hosting interviews with all of the candidates. I suppose I had better amble over there, poke around, and see what trolls are guarding Virgil’s propaganda on that site…

    In the mean time, you could really help us out with some facts. In Virgil’s interview with the RGJ, I see he wants the voters to believe that he is an educated man. As you know, a “belief” is something we hold in the absence of any facts or proof.
    Here’s a quote from Virgil’s interview on the RGJ:

    “…including veterinary studies and ranch management, ….I also pursued college studies in political science, management, government, philosophy and psychology.”

    So here is another big chance for you, Mr. Politicalphd. Please tell us what college degrees Virgil has earned, and what institutions he has earned them from. (So we can verify your facts)
    Good luck

  10. politicalphd says:

    Spin, twist and obstruct all you want, we all know you have to clue as to what is what.

    Yes, there are those that do all the things you are alleging, but, it ain’t Arellano. And, why haven’t you gone after any other of the candidates in this race, including the two from
    Silver Springs, and/or the rest of the board of commissioners? They also run the county, and are responsible for its economic health, laws and the like. How about the county manager, department heads, workers, all the people that also work in county government? Can’t you figure out how to fabricate untrue stories to defame them? You do it so very well about Arellano, I’d figure you’d be a pro doing it to everybody else.

    All you seem to care about is character assassinating one commissioner, nobody else, with incorrect info, and rhetoric.

  11. Milton (with no last name) says:

    Re: Time to “Man Up.”

    I can see how claiming that I have some ulterior motive or agenda might help you to rationalize my comments and discredit me. But, such is not the case. Isn’t it possible that I , like many others in this county, am just plain fed up with the lies, shady dealings, and double standards? Isn’t it possible that I am tired of the continuous assault on our wallets and our property rights? Many of us are no longer suffering from Voter Amnesia. We are no longer willing to accept the lies, half truths, and false statements made by some of our elected officials.

    If it makes you feel important to hob-nob around with the commissioners, then by all means enjoy yourself, but defending the actions of some of them is about to get a lot more difficult. You cannot rewrite history with your rhetoric, no matter how hard you try.

    Now let’s get back to the facts. Oh, I forgot. You don’t have any!

  12. politicalphd says:

    Update, wow, I found ONE person that uses HIS personal vehicles to attend board meetings he is a member of, ONE, that refuses to take both the mileage credits, nor the normal meeting fees paid to board members. That person is on the Lyon county Library Board, one of the trustees. He is also entitled to a $40.00 per meeting reimbursement/pay, plus travel mileage. He steadfastly refuses to collect pay/travel expenses funds for doing his job.


    Now, Milton, what would YOU do in a situation of working for the county, traveling in your own vehicle to accomplish/do county business, with the travel fund payback available. Would you take the bucks, or, refuse to put that burden, no mater how small, back onto the taxpayers? My thought would be you’d opt for the latter, just like everyone else does, save that one person.

  13. politicalphd says:

    “hooey, rhetoric, innuendo, radical screwballing, blowviating, pontificating, idiocy, or hysterical babble”

    Milton, with no last name, you describe yourself to the proverbial “T”.

    The travel vouchers discussion also had Ray Fierro, Vida Keller directly in it, why didn’t you include them in your babbling/blowviating above as well?

    As far as travel pay for short distances, all other departments in county government pay their employees when they drive their own vehicles to and from other venues, or, they use a county vehicle, with no travel reimbursements. Arellano, Hastings, Keller and I would assume Mortensen also use their personal vehicles to do the same, and all turn in travel vouchers for travel pay. Do yu begrudge those 5 commissioners the same compensation every other county empolyee enjoys, or is it that you just only hate Arellano?

    We still don’t know just whom you are campaigning so ardently for in these diatribes you insist on posting, is it Phyllis Hunewill (oh, wait, it is her son that is running, isn’t it, at least, on the outside), or Lupori, or Thompson? Come clean, stand up like a real man, man up and let us all know just whom it is you are trying to ram down all our throats.

    The way you spin and twist things about Arellano, is much the same as Harry Reid and his rotten band of Democrat obstructionists do to other Republicans. Since you haven’t cared to divulge just whom you are campaigning for, I, and many others here MUST assume you are a Democrat, infesting a good topic board, just to make trouble where you have NO clue as to who, what, where, how.

    Blowviate, spin, and twist away.

  14. Milton (with no last name) says:

    Dear Politicalphd,

    Long time, no hooey. How are you? Your last response showed some signs of mental clarity and original thinking, but your comparison of the candidates was, let’s say, plastic to say the least. You continue to press me for facts, so I thought I would share one with you;

    Fact #1 You didn’t respond to my comment about Virgil’s attempt to milk the taxpayers with his travel expenses, BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T. That is a fact, Mr. politicalphd. Remember last week’s BOCC meeting? Oh yeah, the meeting where Virgil sat there like a putz while Commissioner Mortensen publicly chastised him for trying to claim those trivial expenses? The look on your face was priceless, PRICELESS, Mr. phd! (I know how you like using CAPS to make your point)

    Now, here’s your big chance to prove that you are smarter than a 5th grader. Let’s see if you can respond to this fact without resorting to hooey, rhetoric, innuendo, radical screwballing, blowviating, pontificating, idiocy, or hysterical babble. Good luck Mr. phd.

  15. politicalphd says:

    Milton, Milton, Milton…the “hysterical babble ISN’T from me, it is purely from YOU.

    And, YOU made assertions, assumptions, and posted completely false
    ‘FACTS according to Milton’ here, with ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF WHAT SO EVER.

    Then, you come here and flame anyone that doesn’t blindly agree with YOUR divisive rhetoric, inuendo, and all the rest of tactics you are using, which are EXACTLY like the ones radical Democrats, like Obama and Reid use to change/spin the real facts around, and/or to malign their opponents.

    I wonder just whom it is you are working to get elected? And, what “perks” YOU, sir, will enjoy from a change in Commissioners. Just what ulterior motives do you have, and what are you in line to benefit from in another candidate being elected?

    Now, I have met Virgil Arellano, I doubt you have taken one secnd to actually meet and speak with him, and he has always been openn to meeting and speaking with anyone whom wishes to do so with him.

    As far as the Nuisance Ordinance went, I was also at that meeting in Smith Valley, and spoke with ALL commissioners in attendance, all 5, and, NOT ONE OF THEM SPOKE AT THAT MEETING,, none of them. So, to say Virgil refused to speak at that meeting, is to say EVERY commissioner refused to do exactly the same. Why didn’t you post that FACT!

    Now, is there a better candidate to do the job Virgil is now doing as Commissioner? Well, I am sure there is, but, out of the three other candidates, I see NONE that excel at being any better than Arellano, period.

    The other three are:

    Clifford Thompson, a good man, but, not up to the rigors of the job, and only concerned about water, not the various other things that make a county run.

    Edward Lupori, a laid off Lyon County employee, nothing is known of this candidate, possibly runing as retaliation to being laid off. No information on if this candidate has ever held public office, and/or worked in the managerial end of county offices/departments.

    Greg Hunewill, interview on thins site, not clear on many issues, haven’t seen any information on just what offices/departments in county government he has held, run. ONLY claim to fame is his mother was a county commissioner, and not a great one at that, in my, and many other opinions. One has to ask if Greg’s mother will be an ‘ex-officio commissioner’ vicariously, through her son, if he should be elected (this is widely felt by many people in Lyon County to be what the game plan is from the Hunewill Dynasty).


    The ‘burden of proof’ ISN’T on me, it is wholly on you, sir. Others here in this topic have called you previously, on your bogus attempts to politically, and, personally assassinate this candidate.

  16. politicalphd says:

    Milton, Milton, Milton…the “hysterical babble ISN’T from me, it is purely from YOU.

    And, YOU made assertations, assumptions and posted completely false
    FACTS according to Milton” here, with ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF

  17. politicalphd says:

    I have attended EVERY commissioner’s meeting for the last 3 full years, and, I know all 5 commissioners personally, and, I speak with all of them EVERY meeting.

    “Attending (your) fair share” of commissioner’s meetings just doesn’t cut it as far as knowing a candidate, and YOU KNOW IT. How many times have you sat down with Arellano and spoken to him abut things? I strongly doubt it has been very much, if ever.

    I do know he is firmly against the sage grouse listing, nuisance ordinances as presented back in the meeting in Smith Valley (did YUO attend that one? One of the commissioners took me to that meeting, and YOU weren’t in the car with us). Arellano has always been against increasing taxes, and has voted against same more than any other commissioner.

    Those are FACTS. You know, FACTS, also known as THE TRUTH. I suggest you make a time to visit with Arellano and speak directly to him, he will listen, and discuss things with you, unless you are some sort of radical screwball that only wants to blowviate and pontificate, as you have done profusely in this forum discussion.

    Talk with the man, don’t just get a preconceived notion/idea, then post away with no factual information.

    You might also strongly consider PERSONALLY attending other meetings, like the Planning Commission, citizen advisory boards, other meetings that Arellano also attends, so you can get an accurate impression of the commissioner, instead of the misinformation you are posting here.

    Or, do you just know everything about everybody, as you now profess to!

    • Milton (with no last name) says:

      Dear politicalphd

      Your replies are very entertaining. I notice that you have not denied any of my assertions, or offered any proof of your claims. Instead, you just respond with hysterical babble. You spend most of your time trying to convince us of what a tight, cuddly relationship you have with ALL of the commissioners and how you attend EVERY commissioner meeting. You have not attended EVERY commissioner’s meeting during the last three years. You have not even attended EVERY commissioner’s meeting during the last twelve months. I have attended meetings when you were not present.

      It seems that false claims and grandstanding are the theme of the day, so let’s talk about some examples. It’s election time, time for politicians like Virgil to grandstand, mooch votes, and try to take credit where none is due. Next time you and Virgil are cuddled up, why don’t you ask him who it is that has been working with NV Energy for more than two years to bring about the infrastructure upgrade. Was it Virgil, or was it a guy over in Smith Valley? This is an easy one. Good luck Mr. politicalphd!

      In Virgil’s interview on this site, he boasts of serving on some thirteen different boards and committees. Why is it that many of the people who actually serve on these boards tell me that they have not seen or heard from Virgil since the day he signed on? Let’s be honest, there is no way that anyone could serve on all of those boards and committees effectively and still keep up with being a commissioner. So what is it that we are paying Virgil to do, run around the county grandstanding by getting himself named to boards and committees, or, are we paying him to manage the business of Lyon County? Which one has he been doing? This is an easy one too. Good luck!

      During the nuisance ordinance fiasco, Virgil did not respond to emails or phone calls about it. At the town hall meeting, he did not speak at all, not before, not during, and not after the meeting. He just stood there leaning against the wall, silently observing the carnage that Page was being subjected to and evaluating the political fallout. It was not until he was sure pursuing the matter would be political suicide, that he and your buddy Chuck decided to back off on the proposed ordinance. Virgil has never stated publicly that he was against the nuisance ordinance and there is nothing in any of the meeting minutes to suggest that he was.

      So, how long before Virgil starts claiming travel expenses for his trips to Dini’s for lunch?

  18. politicalphd says:

    WOW, what a bunch of hooey about the nuisance ordinance. Virgil did not support it, never did.

    It is true about Arellano doing everything he possibly can, along with all 4 of the other commissioner’s, to NOT list the sage grouse, he has worked to stop the listings, and to get the BLM out of our tails on public lands. He is the person that figured out that the State of Nevada will gain between 35 and 300 MILLION bucks in revenue by taking public lands back into state control, over BLM and Federal government. .

    I wonder where all this idiocy posted here came from, have ANY of you ever sat through a commissioner’s meeting in person? I doubt it, because the amount of adverse spin and JUST PLAIN WRONG is out of control here. If any of you really want to see what is actually going on, ATTEND THE COUNTY COMMISSIONER’S MEETINGS, IN PERSON, AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES, don’t just hear some moron say something and take it as gospel against someone.

    Also, at EVERY meeting, there are TWO opportunities to voice yur opinions, it is called PUBLKIC COMMENT, and I suggest if you have something to say, SAY IT IN PERSON, AND, IN PUBLIC, TO EVERYONE, not character assassinate someone you have never met, nor, haven’t ever heard from that person the real truth, in person.

    Get off your butts, and, come see for yourselves, don’t just sit back and be ignorant, arrogant, and/or extremely incorrectly informed/wrong about someone, and the issues.

    Ask yourselves, did you hear it from that person, were you there when that person said it? If not, don’t form an opinion on things yu have no real clue regarding.

    Go to the meetings, meet the man, listen and learn, form your own well informed opinions. To do otherwise, is only a Democratic Party spin trick to confuse people.

    • Milton (with no last name) says:

      Dear politicalphd,

      First, You are wrong about Virgil’s position on the nuisance ordinance, and you know that.

      Second, throughout your post you frequently fall back on terms such as “idiocy, moron, ignorant, and arrogant” to reinforce your position. Is this a new persuasion technique? I have yet to see someone who possessed a Ph.D actually use that terminology before. Perhaps you’re starting a new style of professional writing, something like Ebonics? Or, are you full of BS as your writing technique strongly suggests?

      For your information, I have attended my share of Lyon County Government meetings, and I am not one of the “arrogant, and/or extremely incorrectly informed” people you refer to in your rant. Quite the opposite. Rather than blindly following someone, who is obviously lost, simply because of my party affiliation, I have followed the issues, monitored the votes, and read the newspaper reports pertaining to the actions of the various officials in county government. The comments I make on this site about the various candidates reflect the research that I do into the public comments they have made, and, the actual voting records and actions of those individuals.

      Speaking of HOOEY, that was quite a spiel about the Sage Grouse and the BLM. Did Virgil tell you that?

      So who is it that is really trying to mislead people? Looks as if another brain dead party line voter has been flushed out, spreading Republicrat delusions and Democratic Party paranoia. Good job Mr. politicalphd! It’s people like you who guarantee that nothing will ever change in Lyon County Government.

  19. Bill Tracy says:

    Arellano is a poor Commissioner. He has fought for the Nuisance Ordinance in Lyon County for years and wants to take away property rights, then he voted to raise taxes under false pretense after trying to scare the public. Do some research for yourself and tell us why you think he is so good.

    • Larry Simmons says:

      Bill, re-read my post and you will see I didn’t say Virgil was a good or bad commissioner. I wasn’t defending or attacking Virgil’s performance as a commissioner. I was only commenting that Milton – with no last name, made a personal attack on Lindsey rather than disputing her comments or Virgil’s performance. Milton – with no last name, in his followup to my post simply challenges me to do “homework” in order to have a dialog. I am not trying to have a dialog, I just take exception to his original post.

  20. Way to go! Thank you Nancy Dallas for inviting the candidates to comment. I wish more people do this. The questions were great and Virgil Arellano’s responses were spot on.

    The county needs leadership like this. We are working very hard to pass a bill that will bring high paying jobs to Lyon County. The bill will bring over 2500 jobs to the area. I know that Virgil has been at the front of that mission.

    On top of that, Commissioner Arellano is working to prevent Sage Grouse being listed and not allowing the Federal Government to dictate how we manage our land which is an important issue not just for us but for all western States.

    I think his leadership deserves the vote and as he said, he should be able to finish what he started. Thank you again!

    • Milton says:

      Oh cut the crap Lindsey. We know that you are one of Virgil’s shills.

      • Larry Simmons says:

        Okay Milton – with no last name, you must be a democrat as you don’t want to engage in effective dialog, but instead just want to demean those you disagree with. If you don’t think Virgil is a good commissioner then say so and give the basis for your opinions.

        • Milton says:

          Larry, you’re certainly reading a lot into my comment to Lindsey. Perhaps before you pounce on someone, you should do your homework and find out if that person’s comment might have some validity. If you are unclear on the meaning of “Shill,” you can Google it. Wikipedia offers a pretty good definition. Once you have the true meaning of the word, you might want to do a little research. For example, what is the nature of Virgil’s relationship with Lindsey? What is the nature of Virgil’s relationship with The Younger Agency in Reno? What is Lindsey”s relationship to The Younger Agency? Why did Lindsey immediately follow up Virgil’s interview with her “Gushing” remarks?

          For your information, I am not a Democrat. After you have done your homework, and if you would like to continue this dialog, I think you will find that I am quite well informed on Virgil’s antics, agenda, views, voting record, and public contradictions.

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