Keller taxes & business fee status investigated

County logoAs a result of comments made by readers of NewsDesk in regards to property taxes and business license fees relating to Commissioner Vida Keller, I made inquiries to the related Lyon County offices and the Secretary of State website to check on the validity of the claims.  The following information is based on facts as recorded on Lyon County tax rolls, Lyon County business tax fee records and the SOS website:

PRICELESS REALTY & KELLER RE-BUILDERS – Both Lyon County business licenses are currently revoked for failure to pay business license fees to Lyon County.

According to Lyon County Code 5.01.11c, business licenses are automatically revoked if not renewed in a timely manner.  This is not the first time these have been revoked for failure to pay their business license fees.

According to the Secretary of State filings, Priceless Realty’s license as a Corporation is currently revoked because the “List of Officers” was due September 30, 2011. Apparently this business is exempt from filing fees.  Within the conditions given for exemption, I am making an assumption it is because this business makes less than the 66-2/3% of Nevada’s Annual Wage.  Their license was apparently previously revoked and reinstated March 23, 2011.  Officers listed in original filing (2004) are Vida Keller and James Scott Keller.

In regards to Keller Re-Builders, I simply could not find a listing within the Secretary of State’s Entity search.  That may very well be due to my ignorance.

LYON COUNTY PROPERTY TAXES – James Scott Keller & Vida Keller properties:

According to Lyon County tax rolls (public record):

Parcel # 018-542-15 – Owe $2,733.61

Parcel # 017-024-01 – Owe $1,238.16

Parcel # 018-542-16 – Owe $4,367.11

According to Churchill County tax rolls (public record):

Parcel # 006-142-06 – Owe $248.75 (Land listed as Priceless Realty)

If provided with substantiated information, I will immediately post any changes in the status of any of the properties and businesses in question.

8 comments on “Keller taxes & business fee status investigated
  1. Linda Clements says:

    If you search the Nevada Secretary of State’s Business Entity Search page by “Officer Name” rather than “Entity Name” for Vida Keller you will pull up two for-profit corporations (RK Construction and Priceless Realty), one for-profit limited liability company (Lakeview Plaza LLC), and one non-profit corporation (Christmas for Kids) that have had Vida Keller as an officer. As far as I can tell, all have had their registration permanently revoked. “James Scott Keller and Vida Darline Keller” are listed with status expiring in 2012 as sole proprietors. (Current Nevada code does not require registration of sole proprietorships under certain circumstances.) Three additional LLCs—Nugget Holdings LLC, Silver Springs Development LLC, and SVK Holdings LLC—show up with Vida Keller or Vida D. Keller as Registered Agent; none ever had officers submitted and all were revoked in 2012. Without officers it is not possible to know how involved she was in these entities. No additional entities besides these show up under James S. Keller or James Scott Keller.
    I should note that if you are not the controlling officer or owner of an entity the fact that its status may be permanently revoked may or may not reflect upon your involvement with or management of the entity. In particular with a non-profit or an association, often people are listed as officers or directors who have only limited involvement in or control over the entity.

  2. politicalphd says:

    If you don’t live in Lyon County, you simply cannot see that it IS the lowest income county in the United States,m and, over the last 5 years of Obama Socialism, this same Lyon County has lost an extremely high number of all types of businesses, and, many residents that simply cannot find jobs in the county, because they simply do not exist any longer.

    Now, the actual residency numbers haven’;t shown a lot of that, because we have had some numbers of fully retired people coming into the county, but, they mostly live in fixed incomes and do not r4equire jobs to survive. These people also have a lot less ‘spendable income’ than those that do work in good jobs have to spend in Lyon County businesses,and, most residents do go out of the area to shop the “big box stores” like Wal-Mart, Smith’s, etc. Most residents simply cannot afford the Lyon County based higher prices for goods and food, for the most part. They simply cannot afford “buy Lyon County local”.

    The two worst areas for employment in the county are Yerington and /silver Springs, NO work for almost everyone looking in these areas, with NO clear help in sight, not short term, not long term, nothing is there for residents out of work. Real Estate is the same as any other businesses, on the skids for these areas of county, and especially the two areas mentioned.

    If a person really wants to see how bad it really is, pick up the weekly Mason Valley News, paper edition, and take a look at all the “Notice of Trustee Sale” notices in the second section EVERY WEEK. It ain’t pretty at all.

    Now, did Commissioner Keller cause any of this, NO, she didn’t, and, in fact, she and her husband are also caught square in the middle of it, just like many other Lyon County residents, that persons responding below, call irresponsible, lazy, refuse to work, and refuse to pay their bills, not because they don’t want to, but, because they CAN’T pay them, there are NO jobs to garner salaries to live on, let alone pay for other things.

    Vida Keller is in one of those extremely impacted low, to NO income areas, Silver Springs. As in any business, if there aren’t persons that have the funds to buy your product, YOU also fail in that endeavour.

    At least, Vida Keller tried to help, far past both Silver City residents, and, CMI flat refusing to speak with each other, to attempt to work out their differences, concerns, fears, with workable, viable, and equitable solutions for both sides.


    • Quest Lakes says:

      politicalphd What’s the business climate like in Wellington? (for instance, farms with specialties like organic potato and strawberry crops)

    • ssnvme says:

      You’ve got to be kidding, right? First of all, Silver Springs has been a no income community since it’s inception 50+ years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed there. So poor Vida Keller and everyone else who moved there knew that when they got there. Did they work to make it an income producing community? No. So with your panties in a wad, if Vida Keller could pay her taxes when she got to Silver Springs, she could certainly pay them now on her Commissioner’s salary, one of the ONLY decent paying jobs in Silver Springs if you are lucky enough to get elected.

      The only person(s) Vida Keller tried to help was herself and her husband by offering a compromise that the Silver City residents were not even familiar with as a last minute ditch effort to cloud the issue and push something through without a fair hearing process of a change of concept.

      And before you attack me, I lived in Lyon County for 30 years, specifically Silver Springs. Nothing changed in that entire time short of the explosion – implosion of Fernley and what is now a bunch of empty homes on what used to be a peaceful desert community county-wide.

      It is sad that you cannot ‘fix’ Lyon County. Many have tried and many have failed. It’s like kicking a dead horse.

  3. CCNv says:

    What was the governor thinking appointing this person? Did his staff even check her out?

    Here the rest of us hard working people are paying our taxes, and Vida takes a salary from the county while owing them over $8,000. Unbelievable!

    • VC NV says:

      Follow the money. How much money has this woman or her husband received from Comstock Mining or any of John Winfield’s other companies or shell corporations? She’s a puppet for CMI and should not be a commissioner due to the conflicts of interest. How do the people of Lyon County get rid of her?

    • CCNv says:

      I stand corrected. It was Fierro and not Keller that was appointed as county commissioner.

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