Kime King – Republican Candidate Assembly District 25


Assembly District 25 encompasses northwest Washoe County, including Cold Springs, Verdi, Somerset, Holcomb Ranch to the Mt. Rose Highway in the southwest. 



 There are four Republicans filed for this seat, vacated by Pat Hickey.  Kime King is the only candidate to respond to the interview request.  Those who did not respond:  Clint Jamison, Jennifer Terhune and Jill Tolles.  The winner of the Primary Election will face a Democrat in the General Election.

1. Give a brief summation of your political and professional background.

I have a strong background in many different areas that give me the unique experience in running for office.  My education has never ended after I earned my BA in Mathematics.  I was liaison to the State School Board for Alternative Education, and an unpaid lobbyist for the 2005 and 2007 Legislative Session.  I started a non-profit 501-C4 on my kitchen table that continues today.  The non-profit company was created to assist homeschoolers in Nevada.  We worked together to write a homeschool bill which was passed into law as NRS 392.700 and NRS 392.705. I spent 5 years working with “at-risk” schools in Las Vegas teaching chess and a year working in a Charter School as a tutor and teacher assistant.  Today I have my Real Estate Broker-Salesman license, and I am a small business owner.

2. Define your district – general geographic boundaries, demographic make-up and political balance.

My district starts on the North in Cold Springs then picks up again on the other side of Peavine, hugging the Sierra Mountains and the California Border. It includes Verdi, Somerset, down south through Caughlin Ranch, some of the Old South West Reno, down Plumas and Lakeside and includes Bartley Ranch, Holcomb Ranch down to Mt. Rose Hwy.    My district is Assembly District 25 and it demographics make-up is mostly conservatives, families, small ranchers and business owners.

4. Why are you running for this position? What makes you more qualified than your Republican opponent to serve in this position?

I am running for office, because in my opinion I do not feel that the people of the district are being represented by those we elect.  I am more qualified than any of my opponents, because I will not be subject to donors’ demands, back room deals, and I have a strong history working with legislatures and school districts, being referred to as the “voice of reason”.  I successfully passed several bills into law, and co-authored one of them.

5. There is a well noted and ongoing split among many in the Nevada Republican Party. Define your philosophy in regards to this ‘moderate conservative’ versus ‘tea party’ divisiveness.

My definition of “moderate conservative” is those republicans who have MOVED from the Democrat Party and joined our party.  These moderate conservatives want big government to make laws and rules to guide and control the people. They are for more taxes, big spending and extra spending on failing schools.  My definition of the “tea party” is those Republicans who want to return to the rule of law, and believe the constitution is the road map back to our liberties.  They want smaller government, less taxes, and less regulations.  I believe this rift is due to the Democrat Party’s movement towards socialism.

6. What are the three most important issues relating to your district and/or the state? How will you legislatively address them?

  • The largest issue in my district today is the passage of the punitive “Commerce tax”. Our government has been very punitive towards small businesses and has placed a restrictive tax burden on them. I am carrying the “Commerce tax” petition to get signatures to put this issue back in front of the voters in order to repeal it.
  • The second issue is the poor state of our K-12 educational system. Our legislators have raised taxes to fund education over the last 10 years, and there has been no improvement in education, no funding for new schools, no deferred maintenance on the existing school buildings, and no improvements of wages for our professional teachers. This needs to be addressed.
  • The third issue is the representation of the people by our elected officials. Legislatively we need to pass a constitutional amendment for term limits, showing some good faith to our voters, and acknowledging their Term Limits Amendment of 1998. I also hope that my campaign will set an example for our local elections to reduce the wasteful spending, and power of the purse from large businesses, unions and special interest.

6. What is your position in regards to the current initiatives? (Question 1 addresses firearms and would require that an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person conduct the transfer through a licensed gun dealer who runs a background check. Question 2 addresses marijuana. If approved by voters, the measure would legalize the drug for adults and put the tax revenue from the sale of the drug toward education funding.)

To begin with these are not legislative bills, these are ballot initiatives that will be voted on by the citizens of Nevada. I promise that I will not support any legislation that undermines the will of the voters of Nevada!

To answer the questions on my positions for these initiatives, I am pro-gun rights and I believe marijuana should be a class 4 drug.

7. What is your position in regards to increasing the minimum wage in Nevada?

Setting minimum wages will not solve our underpaid and underemployment problems.  It is difficult to encourage people to work when their welfare checks and welfare benefits provide a better living situation than any minimum wage job could.  By manipulating the minimum wage, we create greater unemployment and additional strains on small businesses.  Our minimum wage jobs should be for our high school students as an entry level position into the job market, not as a living wage.

8. Define your position on fracking and other means of oil exploration in Nevada. Do you support coal fired energy plants?

I support all forms of energy exploration in Nevada.  I would support fracking and all other means, including the support of coal fired energy. I believe the State of Nevada should require all private companies that participate in energy exploration and production be held responsible for their impact on our environment.

9. If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

Our NV Legislatures are supposed to represent their constituents in Nevada, they are not our parents, bosses, or elites who were voted into office to create punitive laws when they disagree with the voters.

EDITOR: This is one in a series of online interviews with Republican candidates.  All Republican candidates with Primary races were contacted – US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Carson City Mayor and Lyon County Commissioner. The responses are posted as the candidates presented them to me – no editing.  These interviews will be posted in no particular order and, obviously, all races are not of interest in everyone’s particular district; however, NewsDesk readership ( is spread throughout the state so all responses will be posted.  You are welcome to repost any of the interviews as long as proper credit is given to NewsDesk.

 Primary election day is Tuesday, June 14, 2016.  If the candidates in a particular Primary all belong to the same party, the winner will be determined in the Primary and go to the General Election ballot unopposed.

Dates to remember:

  • May 14 – Last day to register to vote by mail
  • May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
  • May 28-June 19 – Early voting
  • June 14 – Primary Election


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