Lyon County Commission Agenda – Thursday, June 5, 2014



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 THURSDAY, June 5, 2014

                                              A G E N D A  

For complete agenda and agenda information:

9:00 A.M.  — OPEN MEETING — PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                 

10:00 A.M. – Time Specific – For Possible Action:  Update on Nevada Lands Management Task Force, presented by Nevada Association of Counties staff

10:30 A.M. – Time Specific –   For Possible Action: Provide the County Manager, Planning Director and staff direction on the process to inform the citizens and receive citizen feedback on the content of the Draft Title 15 Land Use and Development Code (requested by County Manager)

  1. Public participation
  2. For Possible Action: Review and adoption of agenda
  3. Presentation of awards and/or recognition of accomplishments
  4. Commissioners/County Manager comments
  5. Elected Official’s report
  6. Appointed Officials comments
  7. Advisory Board reports


  1. For Possible Action: Approval of changes on Assessor’s tax roll due to corrections in assessments and review of tax roll changes
  2. For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of business license applications:
  3. Young, Larry; Ellen, Martin; 7Up/RC Bottling Company of Reno; 1000 Terminal Way, Reno, NV; Change Ownership
  4. Baptista, Lonnie; Baptista, Shannon; Cal-Coast Mfg., Inc.; 424 S. Tegner Rd., Turlock, CA; Ag Construction
  5. Ivey, Scott W.; Sunderland, C. Michael; DDP Construction Services Inc.; 1234 Tech Blvd., Tampa, FL; General Contractor
  6. Johnson, Stephanie; Lewis, Johnny M.; Elite Garage Door Service; 155 Glendale Ave., #23, Sparks, NV; Garage Door Installation and Repair
  7. Gutierrez, Jose; J IV Electric; 9411 Autumn Leaf Way, Reno, NV; Electrical Contractor
  8. Hesselgresser, John W.; JWH Tire Service; 3885 Deodar St., Silver Springs, NV; Mobile Tire Sales & Repair
  9. Briggs, Russell D.; Briggs, Cythrnia L.; Russell’s Tree Service; 3125 Snowberry St., Silver Springs, NV; Tree Trimming, Pruning and Clean Up
  10. Ferguson, Ken R.; Second Time Around-Trading Post; 720 Hwy 50, Dayton, NV; Second Hand Store, Firewood Sales
  11. Livingston, Paul; Livingston, Rebecca; Silver Spider Incorporated; 400 Hwy 341, Mound House, NV; Design & Online Sales of Motorcycle Grips
  12. Bumpus, Chandra K.; Smokey River Enterprises Inc.; 5415 Peek Ave., Silver Springs, NV; Change Corporate Officers
  13. O’Banion Todd J.; Enviroscape Inc.; Symbiotic Elements; Great Basin Trail, Smith Valley; Change Officers
  14. McTimmonds, Terry; Quenzer, Peter; The Outdoor Toystore; 5 Affonso Dr., Mound House, NV; Add New RV Sales to Existing License
  15. For Possible Action: Approve Intrastate Interlocal Contract with the State of Nevada Department of Public Safety for NCJIS and NCIC Services (requested by District Attorney)
  16. For Possible Action: Approve Forensic Support Services Agreement with Washoe County Sheriff’s Office for FY 2014/2015 in the amount of $95,835.00 (requested by Sheriff)
  17. For Possible Action:  Re-appoint Mr. John Hartley to the Lyon County Library Board of Trustees, with a term expiring June 30, 2018 (requested by Library Board)
  18. For Possible Action:  Appoint Mr. David Whatley to the Stagecoach Advisory Board, with a term expiring December 31, 2015 (requested by Stagecoach Advisory Board)
  19. For Possible Action:  Appoint Ms. Crystal Juntunen to the Lyon County Fair Board, with a term expiring December 31, 2014
  20. For Possible Action: Approve the addition/agreement of an AARP/Senior Community Service Employee at the Fernley Branch Library (requested by Lilbrary Director)
  21. For Possible Action: Accept funding award from EJC Foundation to purchase three replacement computers at the Dayton Senior Center computer lab (requested by Human Services)
  22. For Possible Action: Approve Contract for Services between Healthy Communities Coalition and Lyon County Human Services to expand evidence-based home visiting services into Lyon County (requested by Human Services)
  23. For Possible Action – Approve purchase and installation of soundproofing material for the mechanical room and District Court ceilings at the Justice Complex.  This would be funded from the public safety sales tax (requested by Public Works)
  24. For Possible Action: Approve a Safe Route to School Grant with Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) for crosswalk and sidewalk improvements in the Dayton Valley area for an amount of $50,000 and authorize staff to sign project related documents (requested by Public Works)
  25. For Possible Action: Authorize staff to spend a total of $10,098.27 from Court Facility fees to install bullet proof glass at the Dayton Justice Court. Costs include Capitol Glass Inc. for $8,500.00 and Paramount Iron & Handrail Inc. for $598.27 with a project contingency of $1,000.00 for possible structural improvements to support the glass (requested by Public Works)
  26. For Possible Action: Approve a list of projects that qualify for the use of Parks Tax funding to be completed at various parks over the next 12 months for a total not to exceed amount of $138,500.  The Central Lyon County Parks Advisory Board has recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve the list (requested by Public Works)
  27. For Possible Action: Approve resolution augmenting the budget for 2013-2014 for the Vehicle Acquisition Fund in the amount of $237,906 (requested by Comptroller)
  28. For Possible Action: Approve Memorandum of Agreement with the Lyon County Employees’ Association (LCEA) changing the effective dates of the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) from July 1 to the first full pay period following July 1
  29. For Possible Action: Accept the resignation of Mr. Paul Lanning from the Lyon County Planning Commission and authorize advertisement of a replacement member with a term to expire on December 14, 2014 (requested by Planning Commission)
  30. For Possible Action:  Approve payment to Resource Concepts, Inc., in the amount of $7,606.25 for the Bi-State Sage Grouse Amendment and DEIS and Carson BLM RMP Comments out of contingency (requested by County Manager)
  31. For Possible Action: To approve settlement of pending litigation filed by July Wright for the expenditure of $98,000.00 with funding to come from contingency. (Requested by the County Manager)
  32. For Possible Action: Review and accept travel claims
  33. For Possible Action: Review and accept County claims and financial report



  1. Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)
  2. For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of temporary liquor license application:
  3. Historical Society of Dayton Valley; Discover Gold in Old Town Dayton, Again; Old Town Dayton; Temporary Liquor Permit for: May 17, 2014
  4. Walker River Basin Communities Foundation; Annual Dinner/Auction; Smith Valley Community Center; Temporary Liquor Permit for: June 7, 2014
  5. Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendize



  1. MARTIN WIND ENTERPRISES – SPECIAL USE PERMIT (for possible action) – Request for a special use permit to utilize a commercial coach as a real estate sales office; located at 11050 West Highway 50, Stagecoach, NV (APN 15-355-20) PLZ-14-0012

       Planning Commission Recommendation: Betty Retzer made a motion recommending approval of the Special Use Permit for Martin Wind Enterprises based on the findings A through -D and subject to the 16 conditions recommended by staff.  Larry Wahrenbrock seconded and the motion passed by a unanimous vote of those members present

  1. CALVARY CHAPEL DAYTON VALLEY ZONE CHANGE (for possible action) – Request to change the zoning from M-1 (General Industrial) to C-2 (General Commercial) to allow a preschool facility within an existing church on an approximately 3.00 total acre parcel; located at 28 Enterprise Way, Dayton (APN 16-402-12) PLZ-14-0013

       Planning Commission Recommendation: Larry Wahrenbrock made a motion recommending denial of the Zone Change for Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley, after finding that a) The proposed zoning is not in substantial compliance with the adopted Master Plan land use map, b) The proposed zoning does not promote development that is commensurate with the currently permitted uses of the surrounding land and will have detrimental impacts to other properties in the vicinity, c) The proposed zoning will adversely impact the public health, safety and welfare, and d) The proposed zoning does not promote the protection of the existing neighborhood. Harold Ritter seconded the motion. Before the vote, Mr. Wahrenbrock stated that the decision to move for denial was a very difficult decision but he believes the current zoning codes that allow a church in the Industrial zoned district were a mistake.  Chairman Davies agreed with Mr. Wahrenbrock and said he hopes that this situation can be worked out when the new zoning codes are adopted so that this church can accomplish what they need to do.  He said though at this point he doesn’t see any other option but to recommend denial based on the current zoning codes.  There being no further discussion the motion passed by a unanimous vote of those members present (5 Ayes; 0 Nays; 2 Absent – Paul Lanning and Mike Hardcastle)



  1. For Possible Action:  Approve the Lyon County Silver Springs Airport Capital Improvement Plan (requested by Silver Springs Airport)
  2. For Possible Action:  Approve the Lyon County Silver Springs Airport Taxilane Construction Project (requested by Silver Springs Airport)
  3. For Possible Action:  Approve debt management policy and capital improvement plan for 2014/2015
  4. For Possible Action: To augment the FY2014/2015 Community Development Department (Planning Department) budget for salaries by $14,000.00 from Contingency to permit the hiring of the Planner position starting July 1, 2014 (requested by Planning Director)
  5. For Possible Action – Approve revisions to the Management Pay Plan.  The revisions include adding a 1% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and 2.5% to the top salary effective July 5, 2014.  The amounts were included in the 2014-2015 budget (requested by Comptroller)
  6. For Possible Action – Approve revisions to the Lyon County Personnel Policy.  The revisions are intended to bring our policy into compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and to change the policy on life insurance to match current practice (requested by Comptroller)
  7. Propose an ordinance amending Lyon County Code Title 9, Chapter 3, Water Service, and Chapter 5, Sewer Service to authorize the County to charge a groundwater impact fee; to authorize billing, administrative and language changes in the code; to require a title report and title information with the dedication or provision of any water rights to Lyon County; and, other matters properly related thereto (requested by District Attorney)
  8. Commissioner Comments
  9. For Possible Action:Approve Minutes of May 15, and 19, 2014
  10. Public participation
  11. For Possible Action: Closed Session, pursuant to NRS 241.015(3)(b)(2), to receive information from the District Attorney regarding potential or existing litigation involving a matter over which the Board has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power, and to deliberate toward a decision on the matter
  12. Adjourn


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