Lyon County Commissioner Agenda – Thursday, March 5, 2015



***27 S. MAIN STREET***


THURSDAY March 5, 2015


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9:00 A.M. — OPEN MEETING — PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                 

10:00 A.M. – Time Specific – For Possible Action: To approve, deny, revise the following components of the draft Title 15 Land Use and Development Code:

  • 15.360 Commercial and Mixed Use Design Standards
  • 15.401 Off Street Parking and Loading
  • 15.402 Landscape Standards
  • 15.403 Signs and Advertising Controls
  • 15.600 General Land Division Provisions
  • 15.601 Map and Easement Modifications
  • 15.602 Boundary Line Adjustment
  • 15.605 Division of Land Into Large Parcels
  • 15.606 Parcel Maps
  • 15.607 Subdivision Application Procedure and Approval Process
  • 15.800 Floodplain Management
  • 15.810 Public Facilities and Improvement Standards
  1. Public participation
  2. For Possible Action: Review and adoption of agenda
  3. Presentation of awards and/or recognition of accomplishments
  4. Commissioners/County Manager comments
  5. Elected Official reports
  6. Appointed Official reports
  7. Advisory Board reports
  8. For Possible Action: Discussion and direction to staff regarding legislation or legislative issues proposed by legislators or by other entities permitted by the Nevada State Legislature to submit bill draft requests, or such legislative issues as may be deemed by the Chair or the Board to be of critical significance to Lyon County


  1. For Possible Action: Approval of changes on Assessor’s tax role due to corrections in assessments and review of tax roll changes
  2. For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of business license applications:
  • Garcia, Angel Espitia Jr.; Angel’s Handyman Service; 15 Overland Ln., Yerington, NV; Handyman Service
  • Forcier, Joni K.; Brandi’s Ma & Paws Dog Grooming; 3495 Onyx St., Silver Springs, NV; Dog Grooming
  • Clark, Dennis P.; Clark Builders Inc.; PO Box 909, Gardnerville, NV; General Contractor
  • Quazi, Hashmi; Goebel, Kurt; The Converse Professional Group; Converse Consultants; 4840 Mill St., Suite 5, Reno, NV; Environmental & Groundwater Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Robnett, Eric J.; Home Energy Experts; 790 Louise St., Reno, NV; HVAC Contractor
  • King, Thomas; McKinney, James Kent; Lake Properties Realty; 42 Diamondback Way, Suite A, Mound House, NV; Real Estate Sales Office
  • Harrison, Linda R.; Linda’s Lettering and Rosaries; 3185 Spring Cir., Silver Springs, NV; Crafts
  • Lyng, Ronald T.; Network Direct Solutions, Inc.; 201 Harris Ave., Suite 7, Sacramento, CA; Telecommunications, Cell Site Maintenance and Repair
  • Young, Richard D.; Young, Denise E.; Plating Products, Inc.; 68 S. Rainbow Dr., Dayton, NV; Hardware Wholesale Warehouse
  • Kinum, Gene N.; Safe and Tactical Firearms Training; 2591 Sweetwater Rd., Bridgeport, CA; CCW Class Training

11. For Possible Action: Accept resignation of Mr. Tim Ford from the Smith Valley Park and Recreation Board (requested by Mr. Ford)

12. For Possible Action – Approve $26,795 from contingency to install additional batteries at the repeater sites (requested by Comptroller)

13. For Possible Action:  Approve request from City of Fernley to acquire certain parcels which are retention basins, open space or public streets which are held by Lyon County in Trust for delinquent taxes and authorize clerk to notice for sale and transfer to the City as permitted by NRS 361.603.  The APNs requested to be acquired by the City of Fernley may include, but are not limited to, 020-861-28, 020-173-10, 020-973-12, 022-111-04, 022-111-05, 022-121-05, 022-153-11, 022-011-19, 021-392-17, 021-392-18, 021-531-02, 021-542-12, 021-591-02, 022-481-01, 022-481-11 (requested by District Attorney)

14. For Possible Action: Review and accept travel claims

15. For Possible Action: Review and accept County claims and financial report



  1. Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)
  2. For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of temporary liquor license application:
  • Smith Valley Friends of the Library, Inc.; Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner; Smith Valley Community Hall; Temporary Liquor Permit for: March 15, 2015

18. Public participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)



  1. For Possible Action: Approve a letter of acknowledgement and/or support to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for GreeNu Commodities, LLC, application for economic incentives, including sales and use tax abatements, modified business tax abatement, personal property tax abatement and Recycling Real Property Tax. Company to be located in Lyon County (requested by NNDA)
  2. Commissioner Comments
  3. For Possible Action: Approve Minutes (available in Clerk/Treasurer Office)
  4. Public participation: It is anticipated that public participation will be held at this time, though it may be returned to at any time during the agenda. Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to state their name for the record and will be limited to 3 minutes
  5. Closed Session, pursuant to NRS 241.015(3)(b)(2), to receive information from the District Attorney regarding potential or existing litigation involving a matter over which the Board has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power, and to deliberate toward a decision on the matter (requested by District Attorney)
  6. Closed Session for labor relation discussion as allowed under NRS 288.220
  7. Adjourn

Agenda and Backup Material is

Available at



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