Lyon County Sheriff report – Week of April 23, 2017


Sheriff’s Message, Week of April 23rd

Community Friends,

Lyon County has some great crime related numbers to boast about. Over the past two years our crime rate index is down 33-percent to a rate that hasn’t been experienced since 2007. Our burglaries dropped 36-percent last year, while our recidivates were reduced by 8-percent. The LCSO worked hard to achieve this type of success, but we didn’t do it alone. These numbers are the result of good policies through collaborative efforts with our county and city partners that includes our community friends.

However, all it takes is a couple of unsupervised children to undermine and the turn around all the positive things happening in our county.  The posted pictures clearly illustrate this point. Anyone with criminal street gang knowledge knows these are “wanna be” children screaming for attention. Now they are getting that special attention from our Tri-County Gang Unit, which comprises of deputies from Carson City, Douglas County, and the LCSO. The unit will find them. This is exactly what happened to their friends last week as the gang unit arrested a juvenile responsible for graffiti in another Fernley neighborhood. Hopefully the courts will mandate the juvenile’s parents to pay victim restitution in these random acts of stupidity.

And while our burglaries have been drastically reduced last year, it doesn’t mean we have completely eliminated them (215 burglaries in 2015 to 138 in 2016). Our Dayton District deputies did a phenomenal job the past couple of weeks, as they made several arrests and clearing at least seven area burglaries. With a redefined focus on felony level street crimes, our Special Investigation Unit (SIU), formerly known as the Narcotic Unit, seems to be making multiple arrests each day for warrants, possession of stolen vehicles, illegal firearm possession, and raiding drug houses.

Some of our overall success is due to the cooperation between regional law enforcement agencies; some of it is due to good old fashion police work; and some of it is due to luck and criminal stupidity. However, we are sending a clear deterrent message to the criminal element. Don’t commit crimes in Lyon County because you will be eventually caught.

Yesterday was a first, as we had two prisoner work crews out. A sentenced female work-crew helped with a Rotary cemetery cleanup project and a sentenced male work-crew helped with another successful Fernley Mayor’s Cleanup Day. What was impressive, was seeing various children’s groups being a part of the cleanup effort.

And finally, Yerington held its annual Hoops for Heroes event, as a combined LCSO and Mason Valley Fire Department basketball team lost to a 7th and 8th grader team. In a nail-bitter game, the youngsters made the final basket with five seconds left on the clock and won by one point. If the ambulance crew put out an oxygen tank for us, the score might have been a bit different.  It was a great game for a great cause.

As always, keep the faith


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