Lyon County Sheriff Report – Week of Januarry 22, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of January 22nd

Community Friends,

Decades ago, it was rare that any police officer ever shot someone. In fact, many officers prided themselves on a career in which they never pulled their pistol out of the holster, except when at the range. Sadly, we live in a different era when our deputies have to routinely pull their pistols out of the holster for calls such as in progress burglaries, alarm calls, and “man with a gun.”

Even worse is when the person is armed, has demonstrated an act of violence, refuses to obey lawful commands, and then threatens the deputy’s safety. It leaves them with no other option. Mainstream pundits love criticizing law enforcement actions, but will not take an oath of office, put on a bullet proof vest, uniform, and serve the public; while deputies continue coping with fateful decisions.

This week our District Attorney released their final decision in the February 2016 Silver Springs shooting. The deputy’s actions were JUSTIFIED. We were confident of the final outcome because of the known facts at the scene, but it still has to go through the review process. Many have asked about the long delay. Our DA is thorough and will review all evidence prior to releasing a final case determination, which is what the LCSO wants. There were delays in forensic tests and getting DA requested items that added additional delays. Nonetheless, it was a relief for the deputy and more importantly, to finally tell the story of what happened that night, which can be read on the media press release.

We began our FY 2017-2018 budget submission review process this week. Our focus of effort for the upcoming budget cycle is equipment upgrades to address risk management in order to reduce county liability. The Lyon Sheriff Advisory Council (LSAC) is assisting in that effort through community and business support. As we move through the process in the upcoming weeks, we will look at staffing issues, which includes sworn and support staff increases.

We understand the public’s desire to increase the window service hours from 19 hours a week to 40 hours at the Dayton and Fernley substations. Remember, commissioners control the purse strings. The LCSO (executive branch) argues its case for increased funding; however, the commissioners (legislative branch) sets funding priorities based on available general fund revenues. In the end, the LCSO must develop strategies to work within approved funding parameters.

NewsDesk January 29, 2017 - McNeilAnd finally, we promoted Brett Wiley to sergeant this week. We haven’t talked much about Brett because of his previous assignment in the Tri-County Gang Unit, which he has been doing for the past eight years. He has done an outstanding job for Lyon-Carson-Douglas region in gang suppression activities. I was honored to promote this US Navy veteran and there is no doubt he will make an excellent leader for the LCSO into the future. Sergeant Wiley has been transferred into the Detention Facility, while another dedicated deputy sheriff has replaced him on the gang unit.

As always, keep the faith,


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  1. Robert Rowley says:

    Thank you Sheriff and all your deputies for keeping Lyon County SAFE

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