Lyon County Sheriff report – Week of September 3, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of September 3, 2017

Community Friends,

After Virginia ratified the US Constitution in 1788, those in opposition looked towards Patrick Henry to lead the fight of civil disobedience. The Lion of Liberty calmed the situation by stating “If I shall be in the minority……… [shall] remove the defects of that system – in a constitutional way.” Many of us opposed the marijuana ballot initiative; however, we are the minority. Nonetheless, we must remain vigilant in balancing public safety, humanistic needs, and corporate greed.

City of Fernley staff has been working towards responsible ordinances, codes, zoning and safety plans towards the marijuana initiative. The council has enacted responsible laws concerning open marijuana products in a vehicle and now they working on marijuana dispensary, cultivation, and processing regulations. The LCSO has provided best practice public safety input and those requests have been implemented.

When government fails to take responsible action, disaster usually awaits the general public. A marijuana company seems to have gotten their foot in the door with the Yerington Paiute Tribe, desiring to open a marijuana dispensary on Bridge Street in Yerington. We support tribal government’s authority in allowing businesses within their respective boundaries. However, when any business jeopardizes public safety outside of those boundaries, we have an obligation to speak.

This proposed business is in the wrong location. It is next to low income housing areas on South and Surprise Streets. The Head Start prekindergarten program’s lease was not renewed by the tribe, forcing them to relocate. This school was within the 1000 foot rule of a marijuana dispensary. Finally, these businesses deal daily with large sums of cash and are a greater risk for armed robberies. Our fear is an armed robbery shootout could occur near residential areas or next to a hospital, senior center, or two parks located across the street.

There are federal questions about whether the tribe can even place it on deeded tribal lands; however, the LCSO has no concerns if it is placed on the reservation off Campbell Lane. If the City of Yerington decides to create similar ordinances like Fernley, then the tribe has fee owned lands off Goldfield Avenue. Yerington Paiute tribal member safety is just as important to the Sheriff’s Office and why we are asking tribal members to voice their concerns to their elected tribal government.

A couple of weeks ago, the Nevada Donor Network was highlighted. This week we handled a motor vehicle accident with death on Hwy 95A between Silver Springs and Fernley. We were informed that the deceased person’s corneas were recovered and two people received the gift of sight. It does work and why people should sign up.

And finally, we hired Deputy Justin Ryan. Justin a Marine Corp veteran who served a combat tour in Iraq and whose wife is a Dayton native.  We promoted Nicole Cisneros as the LCSO’s first Control Room Operator (CRO) supervisor. Nicole will be supervising eight CROs who all work in the Detention Facility.

As always, keep the faith.


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