Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of February 14, 2016


McNeilSheriff’s Message, Week of February 14th

Community Friends,

Newsdesk February 21 - McNeil 1Approximately one year ago, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) asked for a Sheriff’s Office nominee to be considered as a distinguished citizen. Understanding DAR’s core values of patriotism rooted in American Independence, Deputy Herberth Parada was our first choice. He was presented with a DAR’s Distinguished Citizen Medal during the City of Fernley’s Council meeting this week.

Deputy Parada immigrated to the United States as a child from El Salvador. After high school and not even a U.S. citizen he enlisted in the Navy and then into the Army where he eventually earned his U.S. citizenship. Deputy Parada deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and would be awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for heroic actions in Afghanistan. He has been a deputy sheriff for approximately 10 years where he has been previously recognized for superior achievement.

Newsdesk February 21 - McNeil 2We also awarded Deputies Al Lopez and Chris Bixby with Meritorious Service Medals for their heroic actions in December as they rescued trapped occupants from a submerged vehicle in the Fernley Canal back in December. Although awards like these give special recognition, it also reminds us of the dangers that our deputy sheriffs can face each day.

Earlier in the month, our Fernley deputies were equipped with vehicle computers after many of the “bugs” were worked out from the Dayton area. Although our Dayton area is having some conductivity challenges through signal loss, so far it appears that Fernley is not having those issues.

The first Dodge Charger was recently fielded to one of our Fernley deputies. The Ford Crown Victoria has not been manufactured for several years and the all-wheel drive Ford replacement vehicle selected several years ago did not meet agency needs. With less ground clearance than the Crown Vic, its fuel efficiency was worse. The Charger’s overall fuel efficiency is rated 5 mpg higher than both vehicles with higher ground clearance that helps prevent undercarriage damage. Additionally, it was rated as one of the safer vehicles through an independent Michigan test.

And finally, as I read through the weekly Mason Valley/Leader-Courier Newspaper, they began posting a LCSO blotter. It was good to see information being pushed out to local citizens who do not use social media or the internet for information.

As always, keep the faith


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