Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 6th


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 6th

Community Friends,

This was just one of those absolutely weird weeks. It was filled full of more budget discussions, revenue generating ideas, and cost recovery solutions. We meet a company wanting to rent wall space inside the detention facility. They place advertisement signs with bail bond companies and defense attorney contact information. While it provides prisoner information at no cost to the county, it will be interesting to see the contract proposal and projected revenues.

We also meet with several BLM enforcement officials to discuss cost recovery for the public safety and criminal investigations we do on BLM lands. Our deputy sheriffs are routinely dispatched on BLM lands for vehicle accidents, D.U.I.s, felony fugitives, illegal dumping and trash reports, and for lost & missing persons. Our busiest areas included the Wilson Canyon Recreational Area; Mason Pass Road in the Singatse Range; Como Road in the Pine Nuts; Fort Churchill Road; the East Walker and Pine Grove Roads in the Wassuk Range, and those remote areas surrounding Fernley.

Additionally, our narcotic investigators have conducted mobile vehicle meth manufacturing investigations along remote areas of the East Walker and Carson Rivers as “cooks” need cold water for the process. We will also be talking with the Humbodlt-Toiyable National Forest in the future on their lands in our south county. These federally managed lands are a strain on our limited law enforcement resources as they divert assets from our primary concern, which is you.

We also discussed the public safety aspect of the horse problem in our neighborhoods and on our highways. The LCSO is extremely concerned that a horse will unexpectedly bolt and kill or injure a small child in one of our neighborhoods. These horses don’t belong in our neighborhoods and we are poor stewards if we continue to allow it. If BLM doesn’t fix the problem before the opening of the USA Parkway and the widening of Hwy 50, the potential for horse versus vehicle accidents will increase. These are real public safety concerns. We pushed BLM to partner with regional entities to promote a public safety educational campaign on how to keep the horses out of our neighborhoods and off our highways.

And finally, a November ballot initiative was brought to my attention that dealt with background checks for gun transfers between private persons. The initiative is on the Secretary of State’s website. It appears it is being funded by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. This will be addressed by the Nevada Sheriff and Chief’s Association in May, and hopefully we will come out with an opposition statement. The LCSO will publish an opposition statement in the upcoming months. While there is much debate about political candidates, this question strikes at the heart of the 2nd Amendment, and we must not stand complacent in November.

The right to “keep and bear” (own and possess) shall not be infringed.

As always, keep the faith


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