Lyon County Sheriff’s message – Week of May 29, 2016

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Sheriff’s Message, Week May 29th

Community Friends,

It is amazing to watch our dispatchers in action. The complex, technology based systems they operate to take a call, process the data, notify appropriate resources, and continue to monitor the incident while taking more calls for service is just mind boggling. While they will forever be known as dispatchers, the title of Communication Specialist is more depictive of what they do daily.

Rural county living always presents challenges, especially as it relates to technologies and keeping those systems up and running. This week was extremely challenging as our internet connectivity failed several times. Charter Communications eventually found the faulty piece of equipment. However, on Tuesday our Communication Center radios went down due to a failed battery pack condenser. Our dispatchers were really innovative as they put a dispatcher in a fire station to tone and page fire and ambulance services, while relaying specific information on a hand held radio from the Communication Center to the fire station.

A replacement part was located in the Northern Nevada region and was quickly relayed to the center around 10:00 p.m. that night. The battery pack and associated equipment failure is due to 13 year old system. This is part of the $500,000 complete system upgrade that was approved during this year’s budget. With signed contracts, we are just waiting on the vendor to complete the system build. Because of our Communication Center’s “adapt and overcome” approach at keeping dispatching services operational, the average citizen saw no interruption of services. They are our unsung heroes this week.

We now have five deputies out on the street, in a training capacity as they learn what it takes to become a patrol deputy. We are looking forward to having them complete their training to fill open positions.

And finally, I couldn’t resist sharing a photograph of my grandson.NewsDesk June 5, 2016 - McNeil report Aiden My wife said “There’s a new sheriff in town, in training.” It serves me as a reminder in making our county the best and safest place to live for all our children.

As always, keep the faith.


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