Lyon County Sheriff’s Message – Week of October 23, 2016

                       McNeil 3Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 23rd

Community Friends,

We dealt with some serious juvenile issues this week. It seems that two separate underage drivers decided to take their parent’s vehicles and elude law enforcement. Fortunately, in Fernley, none of the four juveniles, including the driver, was seriously hurt after it rolled over on a dirt road at about 3:00 a.m. In Silver Springs, we were able to safely stop another eluding vehicle as a second patrol vehicle came from Fernley to stop it. You can’t out run a radio.

However, it was the extensive shooting of Smith Valley NDOT road signs in excess of $13,000 of damage that the evidence points to juveniles being the culprits. There is no doubt they will be identified in this case. And too eliminate the rumor, the FBI is not involved, nor would it have been. The shooting of an elected official’s mailbox, as part of a larger crime, still belongs to local jurisdiction.

Like many of you, we are troubled by this type of juvenile behavior. Our collective tax dollars repair those NDOT signs; money and time that could be used for other road projects. Their disregard for the safety and property damage of others as they eluded law enforcement is just as troublesome. Their behavior is a direct assault against the rule of law. If we haven’t been talking with our children about the importance of civil society and respecting its rule of law as opposed to the consequences of living in anarchy and a collapse of society, maybe that conversation should begin.

The City of Fernley has an interesting agenda item for Wednesday night’s council meeting – whether to propose an ordinance to allow brothels within city limits. In all fairness, the council must decide either to allow or deny brothels by ordinance. Their leadership should be applauded for the courage to address this issue. Lyon County currently regulates four brothels and one strip club, all in Moundhouse. Brothels require strict legislation and law enforcement oversight because of serious unintended consequences: potential involvement of cartels and organized crime, money laundering, and human trafficking.

We have reviewed the draft ordinance and made recommended minor changes. This is an issue that the residents of Fernley must decide. Every citizen should contact their respective ward councilperson prior to Wednesday and respectfully voice the image of the community they want to live in. If the draft ordinance is proposed, you have another the thirty days to voice your beliefs before a final ordinance vote is taken.

And finally, being called a “dirty cop” from within the ranks of your own work force is one of the greatest insults that can be hurled. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as these latest emails were forensically discovered on a seized electronic device pursuant to a search warrant during a separate investigation. It looks as though the FBI Director felt the pressure of his own agency as they labeled him a “dirty cop.” At least he finally did the right thing, instead of succumbing to political pressure. Nobody should ever be above the law, even if they are seeking to become the President of the United States. Failure to follow the rule of law leads to a collapse of civil society.

As always, keep the faith.


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2 comments on “Lyon County Sheriff’s Message – Week of October 23, 2016
  1. Carolyn S Ross says:

    We deeply appreciate your informative weekly updates. The information you provide is timely and relevant for residents, and your comments appropriate! Please keep up the good work and know that you have support from this corner of the county (Fernley).

  2. Irv Stark says:

    Sheriff Al,
    I enjoy reading your periodic messages and look forward to their arrival.
    I appreciate your comments about “dirty cops”. It is unfortunate that the “dirty cop” has to be in such a high position and has the power to forgive as “unintentional” the wrongdoings of a highly placed official…one who should be setting an example to the citizens of the US. This is a legal matter, not a political matter. However, I believe politics will overrule the legal aspects and nothing will come of the new information. A truly sad day for our nation! However, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping in the end the right action will be taken.

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