Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of April 12th


Sheriff’s Message, Week of April 12th

Community Friends,

This week was National Telecommunication Week, which officially ends tonight (April 19). We need to remember and recognize our unseen heroes. Our 12 dispatchers are the only ones in the county who man the phone lines and 9-1-1 Emergency phone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Day or night, holidays and weekends, one of them is there to answer your call. Whether it is a gas leak, a vehicle accident, the unexpected death of a loved one, a house fire, dogs barking, someone hurting another person, or whatever the reason is, one of them is on duty to answer your call and dispatch the appropriate fire, ambulance or police to assist you.

Because they only get negative telephone calls, their work life is extremely stressful. This is one of the greatest reasons why all dispatch centers have trouble retaining qualified dispatchers. Nobody ever calls them just to say “thank you.” Each day during their 12 hour shift, the only voices they hear are cries for help. If you see them out and about, thank them, call them today (Sunday only, April 19th) on the non-emergency line at 463-6620, and just say “thank you for being there”, or send them a card @ Lyon County Dispatch Center, 911 Harvey Way Yerington, NV. 89447.

One last note on our dispatch center is that Jennifer Moore was recently promoted to shift supervisor. Congratulations Jennifer! It is a great responsibility you have chosen to take on. Thank you for your continued service to our county.

We have always stated that when we do things well, you will know; and when we don’t, we will also tell you. When we first looked at our cell phone bill in late February, the question asked was why do we need so many cell phones? Round one came and we found out that we were paying for seven numbers that weren’t assigned to anyone. At over $40 a month, this equals around $3,350 a year. The real question was how long did this occur? Nonetheless, these numbers were turned off. Now, onto round two by eliminating non-essential cell phones. Sometimes, I shake my head in amazement at government and how it spends someone else’ money.

It was extremely uplifting to read a citizen comment this week, when she said “We’re taking back our power, we’re taking away the power from those people that want to vandalize our homes. We get to not feel like a victim anymore.” We are seeing community citizens finding the courage to step up and make their homes and neighbors safer. Word on the street is that drug dealers are afraid to make deals in Lyon County. Not that we have eliminated it, but we have slowed down the flow of meth. That is a good start!

As always, keep the faith,


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