Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of January 17th, 2016


Sheriff’s Message, Week of January 17th

Community Friends,

A year ago, we conducted an analyses of our population densities, area distances, and reassigned staff to our more populated Fernley and Dayton communities. With only one deputy to cover all of Mason and Smith Valleys, we were relying on the Yerington Police Department and NHP (when available) to be their back up. Part of this decision’s risk management was the belief we could add the Yerington Paiute Tribal Police Department (YPTPD) through cross commissioning because they are Nevada POST certified.

Last month, the Yerington Paiute Tribe and Lyon County finally signed the agreement after almost a year of discussion. The YPTPD could now assist our deputies when needed. The agreement also has the tribe paying for dispatch services on a prorated basis, which they have been receiving for decades. This agreement benefits both agencies, especially when applying for federal grants.

As part of the agreement, YPTPD officers were crossed deputized this week. Instead of calling out a back-up deputy or tribal police officer in the middle of the night, which is expensive, they can automatically help each other out in emergency situations. We look at this agreement as part of breaking down barriers. Federal tax dollars pay these officers’ salaries while tribal members help pay our deputies’ salaries when they buy goods and services in the county. We are pooling our tax resources to be better stewards while serving all of Lyon County’s citizens.

This week, we presented amendments to the Lyon County Code on discharge of firearms in congested areas and another agenda item on Dayton’s Rolling A open recreational area. Option B was “proposed” as drafted, except for the requirement to delete the Title 10 reference. It will appear in front of the commissioners again during another commissioner meeting in February for a final vote. The final draft version will be posted on the county’s website prior to that meeting. Additionally, the commissioners directed county staff to return to the board within 60 days with recommendations on rules for the Rolling A.

And finally, Deputy Gabe Santos was awarded a lifesaving medal at the Fernley City Council meeting for his actions this past October. Deputy Santos responded to a medical call and found a female not breathing with a weak pulse. He immediately began CPR and restored breathing prior to the ambulance arriving, thus saving her life. Congratulations and well done Gabe!

As always, keep the faith


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