Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of July 19th


Sheriff’s Message, Week of July 19th

Community Friends,

We just survived another year of Night in the Country, or what we dearly term, “Yerington’s Redneck Burning Man.” It is a time when approximately 15,000 people descend upon Mason Valley, with campers full of beer, hard liquor, and scantily dressed men and women. The sights we see while working are sometimes quite disturbing. I am still struggling with the vision of two “cowboys” walking around in the concert venue while ONLY wearing Speedos: one was a US flag print and the other was a Confederate flag print.

We had one serious injury: an individual who was sucker punched on Friday night and Care Flighted out. Initially, he was in a coma; however, he is reported to be out of the coma and in stable condition. The final tally is yet unknown, but the Sheriff’s Office made around nine arrests; issued numerous citations for minor in consumption of alcohol; stopped at least 100 affrays and challenges to fight, along with several domestic incidents; and helped medical and EMS personnel with an unknown amount of calls for unconscious subjects due to excessive blood alcohol. This was with about 25 LCSO personnel working each night on the county owned lands of the event.

Our narcotics investigators were working jointly with the DEA on a drug dealer out of Fernley. Earlier this week the DEA arrested him with a large amount of cocaine and ecstasy, which was headed for the Night in the Country event. That was a good thing.

On a brighter side, in the 12 years I have worked the event, the amount of people telling us “thank you” for being there and keeping them safe was unbelievable. Citizens really went out of their way, just to say those words. It was quite humbling. At the end of the event, I am told that the net proceeds for the Boys & Girls Club is generally about $500k, which makes the whole event worth the effort.

We also held meetings with our school district superintendent and members of the Fair & Rodeo board earlier in the week. We looked at innovative ideas, trying to get our deputies back into the schools on regular and consistent basis, in order to build positive relationships with our children. We will continue to work on this throughout the summer. I really liked some of the reorganized and innovative ideas to improve Lyon County’s Fair & Rodeo this year; including the movement of the Demolition Derby to Saturday Night and having a Latino family festival on Sunday. We are committed to the event. We will be re-instituting the inmate work program back out at the event, which runs August 13-16.

As always, keep the faith.


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