Lyon County Sheriff’s Message, Week of July 26, 2015


Sheriff’s Message, Week of July 26th

Community Friends,

This week’s message is filled with many scattered bits of information. As many already know, Jeremiah Bean was convicted of 1st degree murder. The sentencing phase begins on Tuesday as to whether he will be sentenced to death, or given life without parole. Either way, our prayers continue to be with the families of these five victims as they start to gain closure.

The stats are in for the LCSO’s Night in the Country participation. We worked a total of 434 labor hours that resulted in 171 calls for service in about 2 ½ days. The most serious case was the battery with substantial bodily harm. The suspect has been identified and interviewed. The case has been closed and sent to the District Attorney’s Office, requesting a criminal complaint. Because of the delay between the crime and case closure, suspect and victim living in different communities, suspect not knowing the victim, and suspect cooperation; an arrest was not the best course of action until the DA can review the entire case. Nonetheless, with 15,000 people at the event and the seemingly impossible odds at identifying the suspect, it was citizen leads that ultimately lead to his identification. Thank you from the LCSO.

The Lyon Sheriff’s Advisory Council (LSAC) held their first meeting this week. It is a group of individuals who are forming a 5103(c), non-profit organization to accept corporations and private donations that will be used to help fund law enforcement (LCSO) with equipment. This type of approach enables tax deductible donations that are designated for a specific purpose. Donations can be made for specific projects such as K-9, mounted posse, SAR, VIPs, youth programs, technologies, and general donations. Hopefully next month, they will be ready to begin accepting donations.

During the upcoming months, we will be seeking community input with congested area boundaries. NRS 244.364 allows each county to define areas for the unsafe discharge of weapons. This rule does not impede one’s ability for self-protection, ownership, open carry laws, or CCW laws. Lyon County Code (LCC) 7.02.02 defines the current boundaries, which haven’t been updated since 1986. There has been a lot of growth since then, and because of citizen concern, it’s time to update. There are no state laws that regulate how many feet you have to be away from a house or a neighborhood to shoot a gun.

Back in April, one of our Dayton area deputies responded to the Newman Road area for a “shots fired” call. After he arrived on scene, three bullets impacted six feet away from his patrol vehicle. The morons were only target shooting, except they were in a congested area that wasn’t defined by LCC 7.02.02. That is why the legislature left it up to local governments to define congested areas to regulate county safe areas to shoot a firearm. It’s time to update it before someone gets accidentally shot.

NewsDesk August 2, 2015 - McNeil photoSaturday was an extremely busy day for the county. It was a large Dayton turnout for Laura Tennant’s Dayton history book release. I have asked her to do a research project on the Sheriff’s Office history after she recuperates. I also got out and took a Stagecoach felony meth call while our Dayton deputies were tied up with a backyard Moundhouse bear call. I was even allowed to assist last night with a Silver Springs search warrant for a felon in possession of firearms.

Many might ask about my strong commitment against meth and heroin. These drugs are sucking the life out of our communities. No family is immune to it, including mine. As I watch my grand-children this morning, it gives me the strength to continue the fight against these drug dealers. There is “no quarter” for them. I applaud the Fernley Municipal Court judge’s efforts, as she told me this week, they are going to jail if they come into my court with a meth/heroin paraphernalia possession charge. We must have zero tolerance against these two drugs if we are going to improve our county’s quality of life.

As always, keep the faith


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