Lyon County Sheriff’s Message – Week of March 29th


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 29th

Community Friends,

This week began with the Family Affair, Dayton area female drug arrests that were reported on our Sheriff’s Office Face Book page. What surprised us was the cocaine. We reported it as “presumptively positive” cocaine because of our field test kits; however, the substance still has to be tested and confirmed by the Washoe County Crime Laboratory. The very next day, a Dayton area validated gang member was arrested for drug sales. For those drug dealers who still read these weekly messages, hear my words. Our deputies have the green light, now is the time to get out of the game before your time comes.

We said goodbye to Captain Pat Soukup, who retired after 26 years of service with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. Many of our employees were influenced by his selfless dedication and tenacity towards accurate and effective report writing. I am among that group. However, what impressed me most about Pat was his desire to make the Sheriff’s Office better. Pat was asked to stay beyond his initial retirement date to help with the transition. He was extremely helpful to every new command staff officer and shared his knowledge, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I want to wish him and his family the very best in the years to come. If you happen to see Pat on the street, thank him for his service.

Many also heard about the car vandalism spree that occurred on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I don’t have the exact number of vehicles that were damaged during the two night spree, but we have approximately 40 vehicles reported so far, with an estimated damage exceeding $20,000. These vehicles were damaged on random streets in Dayton, Fernley, and Silver Springs. We have identified the subjects, one adult and three juveniles and will be requesting criminal charges. We have asked that anyone with home surveillance videos with a neighbor’s damaged vehicle, please look at your video to see if you have possibly captured any related images.

Budget hearings were also held this week. Through our command staff and operational reorganization, we were approved to add an additional deputy position to our ranks. We will not be promoting a deputy to a previously vacant lieutenant position; rather, that position was reclassified as a deputy. In the upcoming months, we will be identifying and transferring one sergeant and one deputy into our detectives unit, and two deputies into our narcotics unit where they have been operating with seriously degraded staffing levels for years.

Although we have restructured our beat areas, NO sheriff’s buildings will be closed. The Dayton area has absorbed Stagecoach and the Walker River area has absorbed Silver Springs. This reorganizational approach aligns with each justice court system and has reduced the need for lieutenants and sergeants. Two command staff officers, all of our detectives, narcotics, and gang unit will be based in the Silver Springs’ building. There will be a deputy patrolling the Silver Springs area. Each beat area will have 1-lieutentant, 1-sergeant, and 12-deputies (except for Fernley which will have 13 deputies).

The commissioners did approve approximately 75% of our $2m communication upgrade requests. We are still working the grant processes and will be seeking private financial support to finish the much needed communication upgrades. These upgrades are critically needed for both fire and law enforcement, as our communication center dispatches for both entities.

Finally, our commissioners got their first full gang briefing by the Tri-County gang unit, which is comprised of Lyon, Carson, and Douglas Counties. They received an accurate threat assessment of what really is happening in Lyon County, and not a watered down version. The local newspaper reporter was there taking a lot of notes. We will post his article in the upcoming week about what was said.

In the meantime, have a Blessed Easter


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