Lyon County Sheriff’s Message – Week of September 4, 2016

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of September 4th

Community Friends,

Our founding fathers warned us about the dangers of mobocracy. Their fear was that a rich man could use money to influence a direct vote. That fear has come to realization by a ballot initiative called Question 1, Nevada Background Checks for Firearm Purchases. Sadly, many Nevada residents will be voting to pass a law that they haven’t completely read or debated. In excess of three million dollars has already come into Nevada by Michael Bloomberg’s group in an attempt to pass this law, with simple slogans like “keeping guns out of criminal’s hands” or “common sense legislation.”

This law will not make our communities safer. It will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The criminal justice system will not be able to prosecute cases under this law because it is so poorly written. The question to ask is why? The answer is simple. Certain groups want to know where millions of legal firearms are located, so this proposed law would begin the first steps of an indirect method of gun registration. It is none of government’s business of knowing what is in your home, including legally owned firearms.

Many of you know I play bagpipes for veteran funerals, and other occasions; representing the Scottish American Military Society. My heritage forms my values and beliefs. Like many that have gone before me, I am a steadfast defender of the Bill of Rights as written. I believe it is important to understand the foundations of why 18th century men mandated that the 2nd Amendment be included in the Bill of Rights. And finally, “Let us not forget.”

As I am out of town this week, participating in my daughter’s wedding celebration, I am sharing my researched article on this topic. If we don’t understand why things were written in a way they were, then we won’t understand why it is important to defend those beliefs.

And finally, “Never forget.”



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  1. Robert H Rowley says:

    As always Sheriff McNeil thank you for everything you do

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