Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of April 16, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of April 16th

Community Friends,

Like many of you, there are times when we are frustrated by layers of a bureaucratic system. Occasionally, we get an opportunity to rejoice, especially as it relates to the young and vulnerable. This week was one of those small victories as we assisted in removing a two-year old boy from drug addict parents and placing him with a family member through an emergency guardianship order. We never lose hope, as we look at saving the world, one child at a time.

The LCSO meet with Fernley’s City Attorney, District Attorney’s Office, Lyon County Human Services, and other City of Fernley officials to discuss strategies aimed at reducing domestic violence. We believe there is a nexus between domestic violence and behavioral health, especially since acts of violence are connected to substance abuse and/or coping skills.  The Sheriff’s Office is exploring its ability to expand M.O.S.T. contacts, to include those homes where we have been routinely called to for domestic disturbances. By offering intervention assistance before the crime of battery occurs, we are attempting to help family members stay out of the criminal justice system through a proactive law enforcement/behavioral health partnership.

Our V.I.P.s held their annual awards ceremony this week as they recognized the tenured services of Mary Cullwell and Joy Thielen. These two ladies volunteered in excess of 25 years to the program. In 2016, our V.I.P.s volunteered over 9,000 hours serving communities through civil-court order services, VIN inspections, home requested security checks, and administrative service assistance. They are a valuable asset and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Our S.A.R. held their annual Bingo fundraiser last night as they get ready for what will be an interesting year. In 2016, S.A.R. volunteered over 12,000 hours, which included 38 call-out missions. This year, we will be using them at Lake Lahontan, during the expected river flooding, and with lost and injured recreationalists in the proposed Walker River State Recreational Areas that will be located in southern Lyon County.

Deputies Lorena Verdugo and Jeff Otto were recognized with letters of appreciation for their quick response to a prisoner having cardiac issues. The prisoner’s blood pressure was 199/61 and had a pulse rate of 35 beats per minute. They immediately got him transported out of the Detention Facility and within an hour, had a court ordered release. Their quick action not only saved the prisoner’s life, but saved Lyon County from the financial responsibility of an enormous hospital bill.

And finally, yesterday, the LSCO did its part in celebrating Earth Day as prisoners picked up in excess of three cubic yards of trash off a county right of way road. We never lose hope, as we look at cleaning up the county, one street at a time.

As always, keep the faith,


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