Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of June 12, 2016

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Sheriff’s Message, Week June 12th  

Community Friends,

Approximately a year ago, our new Detention Facility had its third suicide since being open for only 2 ½ years. With the potential of a federal consent decree petitioned by the ACLU, we got in front of this issue and took action. Staffing was a critical component and we were forced to use existing personnel, which meant closing Dayton and Fernley’s window service and reassigning those positions to the jail. This was a difficult decision because it inconvenienced 75-percent of Lyon County’s population to one day a week of local window service, or drive to Silver Springs for that same service.

Since then, we have had five or six jail suicide attempts, but our increased staff has been able to intercede before prisoners are able to complete the task. Lyon County suffers from some of the highest behavioral health issues per 100,000 national rates, including opiate and drug overdoses, death diagnoses related to chronic alcoholism, suicides, and DUI fatalities from marijuana. These same behavioral health issues are brought into the jail where our staff has been doing an excellent job trying to manage through a collaboration of community partners, which we believe is why our completed suicide rate has decreased over the past year.

This week, the county commissioners approved our request to hire two part time administrative clerks in the next fiscal year to open Dayton and Fernley’s window services for 19 hours a week. We will publish the new hours and days of service after we hire and train these new employees, which is anticipated around August 1st. While we can’t yet afford full time employees in each area, we are in the process of becoming whole.

And finally, we put one of our patrol vehicles into Yerington’s Car Show that had over 100 vehicles. It was a great time letting kids and parents sit in the front seats. There were a lot of questions about our anticipated K-9 program as we promoted fund raising efforts. All tax deductible donations can be mailed to LSAC, P.O. Box 1477 Fernley NV 89408. This is where we as a community can collectively make a difference.

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As always, keep the faith.


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