Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of March 19, 2017


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 19th

Community Friends,

Modifying a past presidential quote, some spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the community where they live; but the men and women who serve and volunteer in the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office don’t have that problem. This week’s message is about heroes and a glimpse into their stories.

An oxygen tank accident started a house fire. Two of our deputies heard the call over the radio and responded to help if needed. Arriving first on scene, the house was totally engulfed by fire and smoke. They checked the house perimeter to ensure everyone was safely out. What they saw was an unconscious female lying in the house. Our heroes, didn’t wait, didn’t ask for permission, and didn’t have the proper safety equipment; they just acted by entering the house and got the lady safely out.

These heroes didn’t let their job description stop them. They certainly didn’t think about having to explain the risks they took to their wives and family; or about their supervisors or Sheriff shaking their heads from a risk management concern, but who were all extremely proud of them. Our heroes depicted true law enforcement ethos through demonstrating the greatest of love, by being prepared to lay down his life for his community friends.

However, heroism comes in many shapes and forms. Our NewsDesk March 26, 2017 - McNeilVolunteers in Policing (VIP) answered a call from Lyon County Senior Centers to raise money for senior food programs. They helped collect $843 from Smith’s in Dayton, $500 from Walmart in Fernley, and $1,763 in Silver Springs this past week. VIPs along with those who gave and sacrificed to help those in need are also heroes.

While patrol vehicle accidents happen, sometimes there is an unseen reason behind it as a citizen described one this week. He and the deputy stopped at a crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross. While waiting, another vehicle rear ended the patrol vehicle. This witness firmly believes that had the deputy’s vehicle not been there, the pedestrian “may not be alive tonight.” Many may question how this qualifies as a hero statement, but to that pedestrian, the deputy was a life saver and hero.

And  finally, Business Insider reported that Nevada is the 47th worst state to raise a family. I have lived in some of the states that they claim as significantly better than Nevada and disagree with their statement. I have raised three sons and two daughters in Lyon County and know of no better place. While they are probably basing their statements on Clark County, Lyon County is one of the best places to live and raise a family.

As always, keep the faith,


One comment on “Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of March 19, 2017
  1. Linda Clements says:

    I agree with you, Sheriff, on places to raise a family. So I looked up the report, first on Business Insider and then at it’s source, which was something called “WalletHub.” I’m sure Clark County dominated the ranking since that is where most people in Nevada live. However, anywhere in the state it can be the FAMILY raising the kid who makes it a good place. For one thing Nevada ranked #2 on Family Fun activities–so you can make it wonderful by doing things with your kids! It ranked poor, however, in the other categories of Health & Safety (remember, Clark County), Education & Child Care, Affordability (NOT Lyon County, for sure), and Socioeconomic Level. Nevada ranked very bad on divorce rate…but for “real” residents? I wonder. As we all know, it’s a hard state to pigeon hole. I once thought I could never imagine moving to Nevada; now I can’t imagine ever leaving, and we did it for our kids!

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