Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of March 27, 2016


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 27th

Community Friends,

The previous week, our VIPs got to do a little “highway robbery” at the intersections of Hwy 95A and 50 in Silver Springs. They were helping our Senior Centers raise money for their senior food programs. By holding a boot, drivers generously donated $2,300 as they passed by. It is always uplifting to hear news of Lyon County citizens giving for worthy causes.

The week was spent reviewing numbers, numbers, and more numbers as we continuously look at providing more service demands with less and less resources. The time was spent in preparations for upcoming commissioner budget hearings. The Sheriff’s Office section is scheduled for Wednesday at 2:30. As we held various meetings this week, I learned that the agency does not have enough rifles for every assigned patrol deputy’s vehicle. While deputies are allowed to carry an approved personally owned rifle in their vehicle, I believe it is the agency’s responsibility to provide a self-defense rifle as they work in rural Nevada areas. These are the things that boil my blood.

On a positive note, approximately a year ago, a group of citizens formed the Lyon Sheriff Advisory Council (LSAC). We were advised they received their Internal Revenue Code Section 501c3 Non Profit status. You can visit their website at for more information on who they are and what they do. We are hoping they can raise money through corporation and private citizen donations in order to help fund needed equipment. The timing couldn’t be better in light of next year’s budget.

And finally, since we are talking about numbers. Many might remember the Dayton area burglary suspect who shoot himself in the leg with a stolen firearm last year while watching a You Tube video on how to unload it. He also got some numbers, 12-20 years as we transferred him to the Nevada State Prison.

As always, keep the faith


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