Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of May 14, 2017


                Sheriff’s Message, Week of May 14th  

Community Friends,

There is an old saying, “The good Lord willing, and the Creeks don’t rise.” And while several classic songs helped to immortalize saying into our culture, it had nothing to do water and flooding. Ironically, it originated with the 1813 Creek Nation uprising in the Mississippi Territory.

This week, the LCSO’s focus was on flood preparation as an Incident Action Plan was issued to our critical leaders. Additionally, SAR completed their boat rescue training this weekend. It is a rare occasion to issue an order ahead of any incident, but we felt it necessary to have our staff knowing future expectations. In excess of 600,000 acre feet of water will eventually move through the Walker River and in excess of 700,000 acre feet of water through the Carson River. For reference, an acre foot of water is 325,851 gallons. The water will not come down all at once, but we will continue to experience high rivers flows during the next 4-8 weeks as high mountain snow continues to melt.

The LCSO divided our incident management plan into three Emergency Operational Areas (EOAs): EOA Walker, EOA Carson East (Silver Springs), and EOA Carson West (Dayton). Tomorrow (Monday), we intent to send out a Code Red TEST message to those registered phones within the affected areas. We want you to see a test message, before any actual emergency notification has to be sent. If you don’t get a test message, you are not within the area. If you are in the area and didn’t get a message, then your registration failed, so please attempt to register again.

We don’t expect any issues on the Carson River in Dayton this week; however we will continue to monitor its river flow. Our main focus next week is on the Walker River in Smith and Mason Valleys, which includes the City of Yerington and the Lyon County Detention Facility. And while we believe the jail is on high ground, it is the waste water treatment plant that has to stay operational for us to keep prisoners there. If necessary, we are prepared to move them to another county jail.

During the past two weeks, Dustin Cooper was bound into District Court for the March 2016 murder of his wife Johnie Shadden; Shiloh Waver was bound into District Court for the May 2015 death of two year old Rueben; and James Hamrick’s District Court trial for the May 2016 murder of his sister-in-law Toni Davis is scheduled this fall. Many times, the majority of the public forgets about crime victims, but we don’t. We are making progress on the WigWam robbery, but will not release any information until all the evidence has been processed through the laboratory and the District Attorney’s Office has reviewed it.

NewsDesk May 22, 2017 - McNeil photoDeputies Shanleigh Brethauer and Andrew Bronk graduated from the POST Academy (Cat I). Shanleigh will begin patrol training while Andrew will return to the Detention Facility until another patrol position opens.

And finally, a plea for common sense and respect for the current state of the Cason and Walker Rivers, and any secondary river channels that may develop. When an individual goes into the river, we are generally doing body recovery and not a rescue mission. The force and power of the river will pin a person under rocks, undercuts in the embankment, and in brush and trees. Please stay off embankments, off bridges covered with moving water, and out of any river channel. The safety and well-being of you and your family is important to us, everything else can be repaired or replaced.

As always, keep the faith.


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2 comments on “Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of May 14, 2017
  1. says:


    The state and county have been working hard at removing any known debris in and around key locations (i.e., bridges), and where they can gain access to the river. They cannot cross private property without permission, and they have to be able to safely get equipment in and out. With almost 150 miles of river in Lyon County, this is sometimes challenging. I would contact the county manager if you have more questions.


  2. Jean Javier says:

    Has there been any attempt to see if there are any big items that were trashed in any of the rivers or waterways, including brush, that would impede the water flow? If so, has there been removal attempts made? If not, why? Who’s job is it to see that the water ways are clear of trash and garbage?

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