Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of May 28, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of May 28th

Community Friends,

During the past several months, there has been a lot of flooding discussion. And although the majority of the snow pack has yet to melt off, there is another concern. Lately, we have been seeing too many residential and wildland fires in central Lyon County and in Fernley.

In the past month, there has been at least four structure fires and two wildland fires. Living with fires in Nevada has always a constant threat, but this year there are greater concerns with elevated fuel levels, especially as we head into the summer. Chemicals and other pollutants lying on the ground around homes and in fields pose a serious health risk for our responding deputies, firefighters, and helping neighbors when it turns into toxic gases under flame and heat.

Cleaning up properties to rid it of these potentially dangerous items does a lot of good. Evidence-based studies show that well maintained properties are a deterrent for criminal activity. It is call Crime Prevention through Environmental Design or CPTED. When neighbors see neighbors beautifying properties, it becomes contagious. Neighborhood pride comes together, and neighbors begin watching out for each other. This is the real strength of any community; so compliance with enacted ordinances helps reduce crime on your street.

This week the Lyon County Commissioners adopted an ordinance that prohibits open marijuana products in the passenger compartment of a vehicle upon any road in unincorporated Lyon County. Fernley recently passed a similar ordinance. Just like its alcohol counterpart, if the state approved seal is broken, it either has to be in the trunk or in a locked box. The glove box or center console doesn’t work for alcohol, nor will it work for marijuana. Home grown marijuana will not have a state seal and therefore must be put in the trunk or locked box.

When our deputies catch someone with an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, the alcohol is seized and the driver and/or occupants are given a misdemeanor citation (ticket). Once the newly passed open marijuana ordinance has been codified into Lyon County Code in approximately two weeks, our deputies will begin enforcing the ordinance. If they observe unsealed marijuana products in a vehicle compartment, they will seize it and issue misdemeanor citations to the driver and/or vehicle occupants.

Now that school is out, summer officially begins. For us, summer historically increases our workload as people enjoy the outdoors, travel more, and many children go unsupervised. And finally, the kids at the Silver Springs Elementary School gave their SRO an appropriate end of school gift; an 8 inch Snicker’s candy bar in remembrance of when he handed out Snickers to the 1st grade class several months ago. While he didn’t earn praise from the teachers, he certainly did from the kids.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer and as always, keep the faith.



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