Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of January 3, 2016


Sheriff’s Message, Week of January 3rd

Community Friends,

This week’s message begins with the recognition of Deputy Stephanie Haas who was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for her actions in a 2014 officer involved shooting that occurred in Silver Springs. The award was given during this month’s Spring Springs Advisory Board Meeting. While some of the delay in giving her timely recognition was my fault, the assailant was found guilty by a jury trial last summer and is currently serving a prison sentence for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. What matters most in this case is that Deputy Haas responded courageously and that the citizens of Lyon County support its law enforcement by saying, “if you pull a gun on a deputy, you are going to prison.” Thank you for that support.

We reassigned our first detention facility deputy this week to fill desperately needed patrol vacancies. Deputy Mike Messman was reassigned to patrol after earning the spot through his hard work and dedication. As more of our new hires finish their detention facility training, we will be reassigning more deputies out of the jail and onto the streets.

The congested area and firearm discharge County Code discussion and possible amended language will be placed on the agenda for the commissioner meeting on January 21st. While the existing code was legislated in 1986, because of county growth, it no longer works and needs to be amended. You can find draft proposals (A & B) on the county’s website quick links section ( The final updated draft B proposal will posted this week. The only changes are one spelling correction, adding Title 10 language to understand where to find zoning definitions, and adding “historical reenactment organizations” to the exception rule. If you can’t make the meeting, please email your comments to your commissioners prior to the meeting date.

We will also be asking the commissioners to direct staff to develop a mixed use policy for the county owned Rolling A open space, recreational land in Dayton on a separate agenda item. While no finalized plan will be developed on January 21st, the county needs to develop clear rules for the property to avoid conflict and potential injury from competing users.

And finally, Dayton High School caused quite the stir this week with an inappropriate image used during a teaching lesson. I will praise the forthright leadership of Superintendent Wayne Workman, who immediately gave the Sheriff’s Office a personal apology long before the media frenzy and is handling the issue professionally. While I found the image extremely offensive and should not have been used in public schools as a teaching aid, the LCSO knows there are many dedicated school district employees and we will continue working together, making Lyon County one of the nation’s best counties to raise our children.

As always, keep the faith


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