Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of July 24, 2016

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of July 24th

Community Friends,

Every now and then we get a week of relative peace and quiet. This week was one of them. The triple digit heat wave could have easily been the culprit, forcing many people to seek the comfort of air conditioned homes. This, like its relative winter counterpart seems to help keep crime down.

NewsDesk July 31, 2016 - McNeil 2 lincoln-marijuana-dps2I enjoyed cooler temperatures in Ely by attending the Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs quarterly meeting that focused its time on guns and marijuana. It was interesting to see the number of illegal marijuana grows on BLM lands in White Pine and Lincoln counties. Most of these NewsDesk July 31, 2016 - McNeil 1 lincoln-marijuana-dpsillegal operations are connected to drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and other criminal syndicates. It’s was heart wrenching to see crime scene photographs as DTOs go into remote locations, haul in chemicals and other non-biodegradable materials, grow and harvest their product, leave the trash and harmfully impact the environment.

To them it is all about money and profit; risk versus reward. If passed, our November ballot question on recreational marijuana will only increase illegal marijuana fields. DTOs will not stop their illegal production and sales. In fact, with a large customer base, they will increase production on BLM and forestry lands where there is a water source, which includes Lyon County. We only have to look at what is happening in remote areas of Colorado, Washington, and California; and the conflict between ranchers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts versus DTOs protecting and safeguarding their illegal grows.

As many of you know, the Office of Sheriff is a non-partisan position. As one of 17 state Sheriffs, we listen to the rhetoric from the left and right, Republican and Democrat. We sort through their agendas and give fact based statements concerning public safety issues. Many of our statements may not align with individuals and politicians who are pushing specific agendas. There is no doubt that I have crossed paths with the pro-marijuana movement; however, I owe you the truth about this important question.

And finally, there is the ballot initiative on gun registration in the form of mandatory background checks between private parties and family members. This proposed law does nothing to improve or enhance public safety except to make more criminals out of citizens. The LCSO does not have the resources to enforce or investigate criminal allegations of this bad ballot initiative if passed by the voters.

I swore an oath to uphold the 2nd Amendment in that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This type of mobocracy is what our founding fathers warned us about.

As always, keep the Faith.


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