Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of March 15, 2015


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 15th

Community Friends,

Speeding on residential roads is one area we get asked by many citizens to something about. Although it is a real public safety concern, the harsh reality is we don’t have enough deputies to watch every street. At any given time, our patrol staffing levels are: one deputy covering from Bridgeport California to Mason Valley’s Wabuska; one deputy covering Silver Springs and Stage Coach; two deputies covering Dayton, Mound House, and Silver City; and two deputies covering Fernley. This minimum staffing requires 36 patrol deputies.

Although you may occasionally see some deputies doing highway traffic enforcement, it is generally on a volunteer basis and is paid overtime through a state grant. This grant mandates specific roads we are allowed patrol and enforce. In an attempt to address specific residential road concerns, we have brought out of retirement our one speed trailer. We have been placing it on problematic residential streets in order to remind drivers to slow down. We are currently looking at our VIPs to continuously move this trailer around the county. This week, I did have a citizen volunteer to purchase another speed trailer for us. Hopefully, he is good for his word.

Our patrol deputies’ primary responsibilities are preserving life and protecting property through calls for service such as domestic batteries, home invasions, robberies, and burglaries. Unfortunately, they get tied up with time consuming investigations like death investigations and sexual assaults that take them from their primary responsibilities. Through our staffing analysis, we will be shifting one supervisor and three patrol deputies into our investigations bureau: detective and narcotic investigators. This will help reduce patrol deputy’s case workload.

Part of the command staff and I got an opportunity this week to observe a full scale active shooter exercise on the UNR campus. This exercise had participants from all sectors of Washoe County’s public safety. It was built upon lessons learned from the Sparks middle school shooting last year. There were many great topics presented, and the realization that we, Lyon County, are failing to properly plan for a potential disaster. We need to put the best practices in place with our schools and involve better planning efforts with all of our county resources. The Sheriff’s Office will be taking the lead in this effort. We are targeting the end of summer at having some solid plans in place with all of Lyon County’s public safety resources and with the Lyon County School District.

Finally, I want to close this week with these thoughts. Although I may not agree with every posted opinion, I do read them. I will not become engaged in argumentative discussion, but rather, I will allow people to voice their opinions.

Furthermore, drug dealers are no better than child molesters, in that they steal a person’s innocence for greed, profit, and personal satisfaction. They are one of our primary focuses. Drug users are like weeds in a garden. They choke the life out of the garden, and must be pulled and removed in order to grow quality food. We will never completely rid our garden of weeds, but we must keep trying. For those users who believe we are wasting money in arresting them, I am more than willing to help start your rehabilitation efforts with our AA/NA jail counseling and to help improve your self-worth with our work programs; or we will help you see our county’s borders. We will no longer stand silent as we watch you suck the health out of our communities.

As always, keep the faith


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  1. Therese Cline says:

    Al, I moved to Dayton from Broomfield, CO. My impression is that there are far more patrol officers along Hwy 50 and Dayton Valley Road than I am accustomed to seeing. You can’t please everybody, and you certainly have my neighborhood covered. Thanks!

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