Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of March 22, 2015


Sheriff’s Message, Week of March 22nd

Community Friends,

This week was filled with a lot of excitement as Monday began with a vehicle pursuit in Yerington and Mason Valley. What started out as a domestic violence call, turned into a pursuit for a California fugitive from justice. After the arrest, there were reports that this subject may have been running and selling drugs in the Yerington area. Once he is done with our charges, we will be sending him back to California. One more dealer off the streets of Lyon County.

I want to recognize Deputies Al Lopez and Eric Pruitt, who were each awarded another lifesaving medal at the last Fernley City council meeting. This time, both of them responded to the Nevada Cement plant for a 64 year old man who had collapsed due to a major heart attack. Although the cement plant employees had attached a portable defibrillator and were attempting CPR, they were performing the techniques incorrectly. These two deputies immediately stepped in, and began the correct CPR techniques. After delivering two electric shocks through the defibrillator, they were able to restore a heartbeat and breathing prior to the ambulance arriving. The victim is alive today because of these deputies’ quick response and action.

Wednesday night, I had an opportunity to meet with Fernley’s neighborhood watch group. What a great group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time trying to make their community a better, safer place to live. I do want to recognize Laurie Swank for her efforts at keeping the spirit of the group alive. Thank you Laurie. The group is always looking for more volunteers, so if you are interested, look up the Fernley Neighborhood Watch group on Face Book for more information and meeting times.

Of course Thursday night in Fernley was filled with more excitement as four meth addicts began flushing all of their dope down the toilet as a search warrant was being obtained to enter the house for a robbery and extortion felony fugitive. The humor is all the work they put into stealing from honest citizens, just to get enough money for meth, and then to flush it all down the toilet. Of course there is no doubt they were selling a bit on the side, which means they have a drug debt when they get out of jail.

Finally, we closed out this week with a pursuit in Fernley. What started out as a reckless and possibly an intoxicated driver, turned into a pursuit that ended on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. The driver did cause a vehicle accident in Fernley’s city limits prior to entering tribal lands. Fortunately no one was injured. Although the driver escaped on tribal lands, he was positively identified. The passenger was arrested for unrelated warrants. We will be requesting felony eluding charges against the vehicle driver.

As always, keep the faith





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