Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of September 17, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of September 17th  

Community Friends,

There are reasonable expectations demanded from each citizen to ensure our government can secure The People’s life, liberty, and happiness. Each person has a civil responsibility of lawfulness and accountability of action. The 2nd Amendment provides firearm owners with specific protections, but with gun ownership comes civil responsibilities. Sadly, irresponsible gun owners are the poster children for those who would like to abolish this part of our Bill of Rights.

Stealing a gun by a drug addict is one of their highest payoffs. The addict can easily trade a “junk” pistol or rifle for $500 worth of drugs, usually methamphetamine or heroin. The initial gun trade is made in less than 24-hours as the stolen gun is quickly moved through the black market. Most guns usually go through Reno and then into California within 48-hours.

When victims report the theft of a gun, many do not know the serial number. Without this, it cannot be entered into the national database (NCIC) as a stolen firearm. It would be naïve to believe that organized crime groups do not have someone with NCIC access checking guns in their possession against NCIC to determine if the serial number has been reported stolen. “Clean” guns bring higher value and use. While it is not against the law to not know your firearm serial number, it is an argument used by the antis for national gun registration.

Leaving a gun in an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation for theft by a drug addict. During the past several weeks, there were numerous vehicle burglaries in the Silver Springs’ area. This week, we arrested four people in connection with fifteen of those vehicle burglaries. Unfortunately, stolen guns were in some of those vehicles.

Our request is responsible gun ownership. Write down all your serial numbers and keep it in a safe place, so you can provide the number if the gun is stolen. Keep guns that are not used on a regular basis locked in a safe to deter theft. Don’t keep guns in vehicles unless you are near it. A gun in the vehicle does not do any good if the person is sleeping in the house. Help us, help you. Let’s not give the antis any ammunition.

Contrary to this week’s reported news, a suspect who committed an Oregon homicide was arrested in Lyon County. He was found hiding in a house in Mason by our SIU with the assistance of our Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT). He was arrested as a fugitive from justice and is currently awaiting extradition back to Oregon.

Deputy Hawley is training in North Carolina with Borys, our newest edition. The two arNewsDesk September 24, 2017 - McNeil photoe establishing a great bond and we are looking forward to getting them both back.

And finally, while it is common in Lyon County to see individuals open carry guns, witnessing a person open carry around the outside of a business and then engage in a hand-to-hand drug deal will gain greater deputy attention. I guess he didn’t understand his civil responsibility of lawfulness, especially as a previously convicted felon who is prohibited from gun possession.

As always, keep the faith.


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