Lyon County weekly Sheriff’s message – Week of May 31, 2015


Sheriff’s Message, Week of May 31st   

Community Friends,

One of the greatest fears an elected official faces is the loss of a specific voting bloc. I believe that is beginning to happen. Right now, drug dealers are extremely angry because they do not like their arrest booking photographs, charges, and bail amounts being posted on our official LCSO Facebook site. One campaign promise was pushing information out to our citizens. We will continue to post arrests on the “Big 3:” drugs, gangs, and violent crimes. We are going to point them out to our citizens, and send a strong message: that type of behavior is not welcome in Lyon County. If they don’t like it, they can take their drug addiction and zero respect for citizen’s personal and property rights and move!

Our detectives have been working hard on a death investigation case involving a 2-year old child. “Rueben” eventually died on May 29th. The night he was transported to Renown for lifesaving medical treatment, Shiloh Weaver was interviewed and arrested. After the death, Weaver’s bail was increased, but the family posted cash bail. The important thing we are asking, are there any citizens who saw parenting issues between Shiloh Weaver and “Rueben?” If anyone has information, however insignificant they believe, please contact our detectives at (775) 577-5206, or Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.

We received a foundation gift of $7,374 from the Hugh and Rosetta Johnson Foundation for our effort with mental health. We will be using this money to offset our overtime costs to transport mental health patients to any higher level care facilities in Reno or Carson City. I want to personally thank the Hugh and Rosetta Johnson Foundation for their generous donation.

We are currently accepting job applications for a control room operator (CRO) in our detention facility. You can find the application link at which closes on June 12th. We will be testing in the near future for dispatchers and a part-time detention facility food service specialist. If you know of interested people, please get the word out to them.

NewsDesk June 7, 2015 - McNeil photo

The photo is of Deputy Sam Blyveis at a Smith Valley graduation party. According to Sam, four of them want to become deputies. That is a good thing.

Finally,a note about courage. Saturday, as I was driving back in my marked patrol vehicle from Dayton’s Oodles and Noodles event, I set my cruise control at 65mph on Hwy 50 in Stagecoach, when I watched an out of state vehicle pass me on the highway. I had to meet this driver who just demonstrated such courage, so I turned on my overhead lights to begin the introduction. I will leave the rest of the conversation with your own imagination.

As always, keep the faith.


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