Lyon Countyy Sheriff’s report – week of April 24, 2016


Sheriff’s Message, Week of April 24th

Community Friends,

It is always appreciative to receive complimentary letters about our deputy sheriff’s off-duty community involvement. We received such a letter from the Smith Valley Fire Protection District (SVFPD) as NewsDesk May 1, 2016 - McNeil 1they wanted to recognized Sgt. Frank Hunewill’s commitment to their 10-week Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. Sgt. Hunewill not only taught one-third of the courses, but was present at almost all of the courses. His involvement helped the SVFPD gain seven new EMT volunteers.

Deputy Jeff Peebles was recognized at the Northern Nevada DUI Task Force award dinner in the Shriner’s Hall. His recognition came NewsDesk May 1, 2016 - McNeil 2for bringing back law enforcement business compliance checks to deter under-age alcohol sales. Deputy Peebles was extremely dedicated during the past year at identifying and citing businesses and its employees that violated the law, while positively recognizing businesses that complied.

As many of you have heard, the Safe Street Task Force disrupted a major supply network this week in Reno. While the network supplied synthetic opiates for the Northern Nevada black market, this supply has dried up. Our concern is addicts attempting to steal opiates such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin (etc.) to get their fix; or, they may go from synthetic to “natural” opiates, which is heroin. While heroin use is on the rise nationally, so are the overdoses and deaths associated with its use.

We are encouraging everyone to properly dispose of unused and unneeded prescription medications this week. On Monday and Tuesday (May 2-3), we will be opening our Dayton and Fernley substation windows with volunteers so these medications can be destroyed. Details of the turn-in process can be found on the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, “Community Awareness” post, dated April 29th.

This upcoming week is the Annual Law Enforcement Week, starting with the baton relay run from Las Vegas to Carson. They should be running through Lyon County on Tuesday, May 3 – Highway 95A to Hwy 208 and into Douglas County. Thursday at 12:00 noon in Carson City, there will be a ceremony at the state memorial where CCSO Deputy Carl Howell will be enshrined. Friday, May 6 at 10:00 is the Hoff Survivor Awards, where two LCSO deputies will be recognized. This event is at Reno’s Idlewild Park.

And finally, Friday at 2:00pm we will lay to rest VIP Dan Gomes in Fernley’s Veteran Cemetery. Dan, a retired Air Force veteran, served the LCSO VIP program for many years. His death came unexpectedly and he will be greatly missed in our volunteer program.

“Aim High” Dan…………………….

As always, keep the faith,


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