NewsDesk Endorsement – Commissioner District III

NewsDesk will endorse a candidate in each of the three Lyon County Commission races.  This is the first of those endorsements – Ray Fierro vs Ken Gray.  Please feel free to add your opinion/choice by submiting a Letter to the Editor at


In the Commissioner District III race, NewsDesk supports the election of challenger Ken Gray

The incumbent, Ray Fierro, was appointed to this position by lame-duck Governor Jim Gibbons in November 2010 – to complete the term of Don Tibbals.  Tibbals resigned for health reasons.  While he is a nice young man, in his time in office (including his time on the Planning Commission) Fierro has shown a penchant for playing political games with some major County issues and ‘swaying with the political winds’ to best suit his interests – including:

  • The new Justice Complex;
  • Reapportionment of commission districts;
  • The merit pay dispute with non-association employees;
  • Land use issues;

He has shown a definite lack of a working knowledge and understanding of budget issues and an unwillingness to make the tough decisions needed to keep the County solvent during these tough times.

I feel the challenger, Ken Gray, if he uses his talents in the best interests of the County – has the needed experience dealing with budgets to be of great value to the commission and the County in this area.  His extensive military experience in dealing with tough and complex issues should also be of great benefit to the business of the BOC.

Gray made a credible effort to answer to the particular County issues noted in the question posed to each candidate.  While he does not have an extensive record in office to judge him by (a stint on the Dayton Regional Advisory Council) and – political campaign promises can many times ring hollow when the candidate is put in a position to implement them,  I recommend voters be willing to give Ken Gray the opportunity to back up his ideas/vision.  His opponent has not shown he has the desire or, more importantly, the ability to lead Lyon County out of its economic morass and into a more prosperous future.

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One comment on “NewsDesk Endorsement – Commissioner District III
  1. L McPherson says:

    Well, we do agree on Ken Gray. I believe him to be far the best of the two.

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